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The votes are in.

Last week, with an exotic €25 Golden Discs voucher on offer, I asked you to name your favourite song not in the English language?

You answered in your hundreds.

In fact, it was a best-ever voucher competition and an amazing playlist of fabulous foddin choons.

So many, I have to give away TWO vouchers to two winners.

Third Place:

Place des Grandes Hommes By Patrick Buel

Johnny Keenan writes:

‘Back in 1990 when my sister came back from France, she brought back a VHS with French songs. She thought it might be of benefit to me and my brothers, in learning the language and culture. One song/video stood out. Beautiful melody. It was in black and white, and you didn’t have to know French to follow the story. Which was grand for me. It’s about a reunion. I never thought about it in 30 years, until today.The VHS is long gone, school days over, family and friends move on. Turns out the video for the song is in colour. With the passing of time you really do see things in a different light…’


Con te Partiro By Andrea Bocelli

Janet dreams of big guns writes:

‘I used to love having this timed for when I turned the corner onto the Seine [Paris, France] at the crack of dawn, the light, the emptiness and all that beauty just for me with this reaching crescendo in my headphones, well it would bring a tear to a glass eye…’

Joint winner:

7 Heures Du Matin by Jacqueline Taieb

Smith writes:

‘This tune really captures the effortless cool of Nouvelle Vague France. Jacqueline Taïeb of Tunisian descent blazing a sexy, powerful, feminist, rock n roll trail.’

Joint Winner:

Sweet Lullaby by Deep Forest

Mr P writes:

A song I fell in love with in my early 20’s knowing nothing about it…Little did I know that I would end up in the country it came from [Solomon Islands] and lived there for a couple of years in the south Pacific Ocean… give this 1.5 minutes of your life.. it is beautiful, here is a recording of an islander singing the original traditional version:

Nick says: Thanks/merci/danke/grazie, etc.

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5 thoughts on “Found In Translation

  1. Slightly Bemused

    It was indeed a great competition and some fantastic songs, some old friends but many new ones! Thank you to all those who posted. And thank you for the rabbit holes some of them caused :-)

    And congratulations to Mr P and Smith – two wonderful tunes and worthy winners!

  2. yupyup

    It was one of the best yet. Really interesting. Some fantastic contributions. Fair play to the winners. I actually somehow missed Sweet Lullaby the first time around.

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