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Dublin city, 1956

One of a selection of noir-esque images from famed photojournalist Peter Bock-Schroeder, now available online.

In 1956, Bock-Schroeder spent several days walking through Dublin and documented the everyday life of the capital.

Ireland By Chance (Peter Bock-Schroeder)


Boycott Foreign press?

in 1954, a British journalist, Honor Tracy, condemned Donerail, County Cork parish priest Canon Maurice O’Connell for spending the then exorbitant amount of £9,000 on his parochial house while there was so much poverty in the village.

Following The Sunday Times’ apology to O’Connell, Tracy sued it and was awarded £3000 in compensation. In response some 3000 of Doneraile’s parishioners marched in the village in support of Canon O’Connell,…

Good times.

Thanks Mark Geary

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8 thoughts on “Hard-Hitting Column

    1. bisted

      …easy…three for the PP…three for the contractor…and three for the young Tracy one who’s over in London trying to make her way in journalism…

      1. The Old Boy

        The rather convoluted history of the proceedings are well set out in an Irish Times article from 2014 with the headline ‘They do be saying we’ve built the finest parish priest’s home in the country’. I seem to be prohibited from posting links.

          1. Brother Barnabas

            it’s one thing for you to be duping bodger, but quite another thing for you to be teaching others how to do it

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