She’s back!

This afternoon.

Berlin, Germany.

Thunberg, who along with other activists delivered Merkel a letter with 125,000 signatures calling on leaders to do more to cut emissions, said people should “step put of their comfort zones” and be brave enough to tackle the problem.

“We told her we face a climate emergency,” Thunberg said of the meeting with Merkel. “We want leaders to step up and treat this as an emergency,” she said at a press conference.

Greta Thunberg Is Back and Telling Merkel to Declare Climate Emergency (Bloomberg)


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27 thoughts on “How Dare Flu

    1. SOQ

      Great- just got rid of the CoVid virus and the Greta virus is back.

      Still, is a sign they are running our of plausible CoVid scare stories I suppose.

          1. NobleLocks

            …she also triggers minorities to LEAP to her defense in laughably high numbers too it seems…

    2. Rosette of Sirius

      In the next 5 to 8 years Zeds and Millennial will form the largest voting demographic in Europe and the US. It’s already well on its way. Boomers are starting to die out and over that same period a significant % of X gens will be pensioners. Read irrelevant from a marketing perspective.

      They have to give her and those like her the time of day because if they don’t, they’re toast.

        1. Johnny Green

          only a shared hatred for Trump is allowing the DNC,pretend it’s united.
          an old man trying lead a young party and country.
          will bannon get a tv at tombs tonite to watch Joe’s acceptance speech,he cuts deal for sure,x goldman,has only one loyalty,to himself.

          1. NobleLocks


            Trump wasn’t elected because people wanted to vote for him, he was elected because they didn’t want to vote for Hilary.

            And I love the “climate deniers” line… like there’s an organization called “Climate Denying International” where all of the White Males can join to deny things. Oooo those bogey man White Males! How bad are they!!!!

          2. Nigel

            SOMEbody must have voted for Trump, or else the level of fraud that assisted him was orders of magnitude hgreater than even the most big-eyed conspiracy theorist could dream of.

            Yes, though it’s actually called the Republican Party.

          3. bisted

            …it’s no good NobleLocks…Nigel cannot countenance the possibility that crooked Hillary lost the election because she was hated by her own side who decided that she was so far ahead in the polls that they didn’t vote…

    3. Nigel

      What raional leader would fail to act on a well understood and clearly-flagged crisis that’s been approaching for decades?

  1. Eoineyo

    Oh no, it’s not the right time to talk about Greta.
    This could tip certain non sheeple over the edge, it’s bad enough there are not more enlightened enough to see “what’s really going on with covid 19”, “masks don’t work”, 5G, “the scamdemic”, “I’ve done my research if you want to know about it google it yourself” etc etc.
    Please sheeple question everything except the opinions (facts) of visionary’s like Gemma or Ben or John who are working tirelessly to expose the corrupt state one video at a time.

      1. NobleLocks

        Yes, it should be properly prioritized so that we don’t have the ridiculous scenario where our children are not bawling crying about how they’re all going to die in a few weeks because the climate is warming over the long term. Wait, was that the extinction rebellion gob-sillies or Greeeeta, their alarmist, opinion and hearsay drivel is hard to separate?

        Personally, I reckon we should stick to getting our information from accredited Climate studies in MULTI-VARIED analyses and that aren’t led by 15 year old children or insane lefty uni-varied analyses “rebellion-istas”

        Very, very few people are denying climate change is a thing, what a lot of us are doing, however, is being adult about it and not falling for the sound byte bull of the extremists.

        1. Nigel

          This must be some new, passive and indolent form of ‘listening,’ more like someone snoozing during a emergency procedure briefing in an airplane then when the plane starts going down telling people putting their masks on that they’re only scaring the children.

  2. Gerry

    Merkel could start by reversing her move away from nuclear power. France produces 70% of its electricity from nuclear and has much lower carbon emissions as a result.

    In the future the decision may be made for us, thorium reactors have the potential to be 20 or 30 times more efficient.

    1. paddy apathy

      The thing with mini-nuclear, fusion and thorium reactors is that they’re always 5 years away from fulfilling their potential of cheap global energy. There are 1 or 2 experimental mini-nuclear reactors, fusion is still theoretical and there are no operational thorium reactors worldwide. Climate action requires a more immediate solution than nuclear power can ever offer.

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