This afternoon

Following an often emotional discussion on RTÉ Radio One’s Liveline about Covid hardships – and against the backdrop of the parliamentary golf outing…

SR tweeted:

This (above) is the last time I saw my Da alive. You can just about see his hand in the window. That’s my mom shouting up to him. I remember feeling physically sick at this scene.

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13 thoughts on “Last Words

  1. Jdawgs

    This actually makes me angry about so much stupidity. Very sorry for your loss in a horrible time.

    1. monty

      It’s not stupidity it was criminality
      And must be treated as such

      This government is unfit for purpose and Micky dee must make a move to instruct dail to be recalled and dissolved
      He had the right as president

      It’s gone beyond a joke

    1. monty

      if There is such a thing as tears of anger I have them

      Last week we had to put down our dog

      He was our baby
      Riddled with arthritis he could not manage stairs so living on our business premises was impossible due to us living upstairs
      We had him in Dublin as we worked to save our business during covid

      We could not see him and sadly last Tuesday we rushed to Dublin to be with him as the vet put him down
      I know that’s nothing compared to your mother son husband

      But we played the game and live with the guilt so anger is nothing compared to what I feel as my heart was wrenched from me as he died

      And on my wife’s life this is true

      This lot must go if not removed

  2. Johnnythree

    I heard this on liveline. This Govt has blighted so many people. I am so sorry that this was the last time you saw your dad. X

  3. Daisy Chainsaw

    Every single sleeveen at that hotel do who holds any position in public life should resign, not just from the cushy perks of the job like minister or leas ceann comhairle, but from the position itself. We don’t need that sort of people in power so they should be fired and byelections called to replace them.

    The hotel also needs to be held accountable for not cancelling the dinner in the first place. Eyewitness accounts say that there was no social distancing and people greeting each other by shaking hands. Guests staying in the hotel had to run the gauntlet through them to get to lifts so the management there will be as culpable if any guests fall ill with Covid 19.

  4. Liam Deliverance

    That’s terrible, very sorry for your loss and the unnecessary trauma

    The 1/1 of that tweet

    “My sister buried her husband in May.
    There was 18 of is allowed in the church.
    We couldn’t console or hug my sister.
    We done our bit in probably the hardest circumstances.
    If folk believe , or don’t believe the current restrictions then fine, but the utter clusterfupp* of..”

    *self censored!

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