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Trainman Blues – Poor You

Fight the power.

Trainman Blues is the brainchild of Ireland’s Richard Farrell (top right) and Denmark’s Laust Nielsen (top left).

Richard says:

“Poor you is a song about oppression in all its forms. Be it racism, capitalism, homophobia, prejudice or narcissism, oppression needs to be spoken against, and here it is, in our voice.

Given the current climate of unrest in the US, we’d like to use this song and video to pay tribute to the Afro-American culture that we all love so much.

From the earliest recorded blues artists such as Mamie Smith, Robert Johnson and Son House, to all those unrecorded artists before them, whose names and sounds we do not know, on to all those whose names and music we do know.”

Nick says: I hear that lonesome whistle.

Trainman Blues

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