It Won’t Let Me Snitch


This morning.

Flagrant non-mask-wearing on the Dart.

Anon writes:

Used the Report Anti Social Behaviour text thing on the Dart. Weird reply….

No one likes a grass.

Or do they?


99 thoughts on “It Won’t Let Me Snitch

  1. Janet, I ate my avatar

    would fecking the phone out the window be an option if you caught them taking unsolicited pics of you ?

    1. Rob_G

      If you were taking a photo of your friend in a park, and I happened to be in the background, could I smash up your phone for taking ‘unsolicited’ pictures of me?

      You take photos of whomever you like on a train (unless someone from Iarnród Éireann asks you to stop); its a public place, a person has no expectation of privacy there.

    1. george

      Yeah, not bothering to wear a mask, some people.

      I was on the Dart once since the pandemic started. There was some little tyke eating chips. Felt like throwing him out the door myself.

        1. george

          Correct you can’t throw someone off a dart from 2metres. That’s why masks are needed on public transport as social distancing isn’t possible.

      1. Janet, dreams of big guns

        What’s the problem ? Unless he was chewing with his mouth open…
        it’s the sillies screaming their life story into phones or playing games with the sound on that are the ones truly guilty of anti social behavior.

        1. Brother Barnabas

          pandemic or not, eating on public transport is not nice. unless it’s a picnic, you eat at a table, seated, with cutlery, tablecloth and napkin. no excuses.

          1. Janet, dreams of big guns

            ah it’s not ideal but maybe the wee fella was starving, it’s when people leave the rubbish behind them I get annoyed

          2. Janet, dreams of big guns

            I get fierce hangry, always have a back up banana in the bag, get the spins/nausea otherwise

          3. Brother Barnabas

            ever had cornbread? a recent obsession for me. an old lady, sort of neighbour (5 miles away), makes it in an earthen oven. I’ve incorporated her house into my running route- get it every morning, eat it sitting on a rock outside her house. will be the thing I miss most when I leave here.

          4. Janet, dreams of big guns

            and why not ?
            I keep a mashed spud in a ziplock bag in my running belt for the long runs, jelly baby for dessert

          5. Boj

            I’m sorry, when I see ‘facebook-ey’ comments like that I’m reminded of a scene from Bedazzled where the male character is hyper-sensitive. Hilarious.

          6. Anne

            unless it’s a picnic, you eat at a table, seated, with cutlery, tablecloth and napkin. no excuses.

            I’ve incorporated her house into my running route- get it every morning, eat it sitting on a rock outside her house.

            hmmmm. Savages in glass houses n all that.

  2. Junkface

    At least some of the windows were open. Fresh air helps a lot, but by the time winter comes, this will not be an option.

  3. Micko

    What a sad dope.

    Haven’t the boo boos to approach the person and give out to them?

    Don’t worry you can try to grass them up via text message.

    Pathetic and weak

    1. m

      Or people could just wear masks…..
      You’re a real rebel without a cause, wouldn’t kill people to take a bit of personal responsibility

        1. m

          I really don’t, explain it to me please
          Some of the Covid rules just don’t make sense, probably a waste of time wearing a mask,
          but if it could save a life, its worth the try

          1. Micko

            Ok then. – “reporting to the authorities”

            If ‘rats’ is too juvenile for you.

            Does that make it better or any less of a really pooey thing to do?

          2. Rob_G

            If any of Micko’s neighbours is reading this: if his house gets burgled, don’t ring the Gardaí, just let them at it, as Micko does not care for “rats”.

          3. Rob_G

            Geez, I can’t believe that some loser “ratted” on those politicians and judges flouting the COVID regulations – snitches get stitches, am I right, Micko?!

          4. Micko

            Don’t really get the burgled house analogy there Robert. You might want to rethink that one.

            With regards to the politicians in the public eye that are telling us one thing while quite blatantly dong the opposite.

            Well, you can also see how that position is nuanced and very different from trying to report someone on public transport. And when that didn’t work for the poster above, they tried to shame them on Broadsheet.

            In fact, the best thing about the politicians being caught out is it highlights the fact that the majority of them (over 60) don’t really care about the regulations.

            Not because they think they are above it, but because they know it’s absolute rubbish and are not scared.

          5. Rob_G

            You are right, the analogy is not so hot: burgling someone’s house (while unfortunate) is unlikely to contribute to the deaths of many of our fellow citizens; whereas not wearing a mask could very well result in someone causing the deaths of one of their friends or neighbours.

  4. d

    that person should be taken to room 101 for retraining.

    governments are now learning how to oppress people. Get fellow proletarians to turn on each other. divide and conqueor.

    1. Brother Barnabas

      there’s another law requiring you to cover your genitalia on public transport

      where will it end ?

      1. Janet, dreams of big guns

        in fairness there’s only one end your banana should be going on public transportation

    2. Clampers Outside

      BLM are training people that way already… Just Google “BLM saluting” and you’ll find a few videos of black and white BLM numpties screaming and abusing random people for not saluting…

      Forced conformity, forced compliance with a political movement… When did we see that before… Hmmmm…

      They twisted.

      1. Nigel

        If you think that’s bad (it is – bad way to build a movement) wait’ll you hear about people driving cars into crowds of BLM protestors and even shooting them dead just for exercising their right to free association.

  5. JoeyJoeJoeShabadoo

    This is the same sort of person that would slip a message to the Gestapo of the people staying in the attic

    There’s lots of reasons why someone might not have a mask, one being they forgot it, another being them had the virus already. The most frustrating aspect about this virus is the jobs worth treacherous mentality of a large contingent of the citizenry.

    “ Put an Irishman on the spit and you can always get another Irishman to turn him”

    1. f_lawless

      How does the person taking photo know the girl isn’t exempt under the legislation?

      Reasonable excuse

      6.Without prejudice to the generality of what constitutes reasonable excuse for the purposes of Regulation 5(1), a person has reasonable excuse if –

      (a) the person cannot put on, wear or remove a face covering –

      (i) because of any physical or mental illness, impairment, or disability, or

      (ii) without severe distress”

      1. Janet, dreams of big guns

        this includes my niece, I’d smack them a new botty if they were taking pictures of her

          1. Janet, dreams of big guns

            I’m not an anti mask loon :)
            I’m occasionally violent when defending a disabled child from gombeens upsetting her

      2. Ian-O

        Because outside of people on the ASD spectrum, most peoples opposition is down to severe stupidity, selfishness or usually both. I see this place is a lodestone the neo medical luddites.

        That person might actually have a genuine reason, but most don’t. Pathetic, whiny snowflakes all.

          1. Micko

            Well Mille,

            It is actually a pertinent question. It’s a way to determine which camp Ian-O falls into.

            Was he:

            a) Wearing a mask before it was mandated and was already conscious of the risk to older members of our society and therefore he is an altruistic person which I have no beef with. Fill your boots as they say.


            b) He wasn’t wearing mask previously to it being mandated and now falls into the ‘i’m wearing one because the goverment are telling me to’ group and he has now performed mental gymnastics of herculean proportions that makes him now think that he is now somehow “saving the world” by wearing a mask, and as part of that charge he now has the right to tell anyone who doesn’t agree with “him” (ie. the government) that they should be wearing a mask.

            See, simples – right?

      3. John Smith

        And the law does not apply to children under 13, a fact of which many people do not seem to be aware.

        A friend of mine is unable to wear a mask and I would be disgusted if someone were to put his picture on the Internet, to shame him. Tale-telling on one’s ‘neighbour’ is bad enough but doing so when you do not know the person’s circumstances and when you have no right to ask about them is the modern-day version of the witch-hunts.

    2. hansel

      Just a minor detail here JoeyJoeJoeShabadoo, having had the virus already is not a good reason for not wearing a mask. You can get Covid19 more than once.

      I’d agree that the most frustrating aspect about this virus is the way it appears to segregate us into people who either think along the lines of “I will do whatever I can to try not to spread this to vulnerable people” and people who think along the lines of “if I ignore this awful reality and go on with as little disruption to me as possible, it will just go away or someone else will fix it”.

      1. Micko

        “if I ignore this awful reality…”

        Ah come one now.

        We havn’t had over 10 deaths a day since May. We’re down to a handful a month now.

        At what point are we going to admit that this thing never really happened?

          1. Micko

            Yeah go on.

            But sure, you keep pretending you care about “vunerable people”.
            It’s about keepnig those nasty germs away from yourself.

            Bet you a tenner your social media profile has a picture of you in a mask. Just to let everyone know how “right on you are”.

          2. hansel

            I’m in work now Micko.
            We’re keeping food on your table and drugs in the chemist for you.

            I don’t use social media though, and my google picture is an animal.

            Not sure how you can send the tenner, but would appreciate if you could try and see things from my side, in lieu of that.

            I certainly can see things from your side. It’s an absolutely crap year and I’ve put my life basically on hold for the last 6 months, working 7 days a week. Like some kind of drone, to keep food and drug production going. But that’s absolutely nothing compared to the healthcare staff I know.

            Who wouldn’t want to wish it all away. What I wouldn’t give for a small slice of “normal”.

          3. hansel

            Yeah for you Micko. You’re hardly producing them yourself!

            If you’re not going to try to see things from my side, perhaps you could send me the tenner after all?

            I’m not a hero, I’m one of the thousands of people who produce food and medicine. If we stop, the food and medicine stops. But the healthcare staff ARE heroes.

            Saying that “this never really happened” or that people like me are “pretending” we care about vulnerable people…that’s not what I’m doing Micko, that’s what you think/hope I’m doing.

          4. f_lawless

            I think you’re revealing yourself as lazy and snobbish in your thinking there Hansel. Rather than ignoring the awful reality, there are plenty of people who have been paying close attention and in their own way are confronting this awful and distressing reality as they currently see it:

            – A government that is actually prepared to inflict prolonged fear and suffering on citizens in order to protect its political reputation.
            – People so terrorised by the media’ that they’re incapable of making a reasoned assessment of the current risk
            – The politicisation of science
            I could go on..

          5. Micko

            I do see your point in fairness hansel

            Things are crap for everyone. And I even agree with your initial post. This thing is turning people against each other – not good.

            The issue I have is that your initial post placed people into two seperate categories

            Person a) Good person – wearing a mask and thinks they are saving people.

            Person b) Bad person – burying their head in the sand and hoping someone will make it go away

            The situation is more nuanced than that.

            Everybody wants the same outcome – for life to return to normal.
            We are all hoping for the same goal, we just have difference of opinions on how to achieve that. That’s all.

            Fair? Now as promised – where do you want your tenner sent to? ;-)

          6. Brother Barnabas

            but, in fairness, micko, is it govt policy/communication that’s turning people against one another ? dont the signs reminding people to wear masks include a line about not judging or embarrassing those who can’t wear them ?

          7. hansel

            f_lawless, I disagree with you strongly here.
            I consider your description of people “in their own way […] confronting this awful and distressing reality as they currently see it” as being textbook “wilful ignorance”: dealing with the problem by carrying on as though it’s not there.
            Or as I put it more crudely “if I ignore this awful reality and go on with as little disruption to me as possible, it will just go away or someone else will fix it”. It’s a fairly normal human response.

            With regards:
            – A government that is actually prepared to inflict prolonged fear and suffering on citizens in order to protect its political reputation.
            – People so terrorised by the media’ that they’re incapable of making a reasoned assessment of the current risk
            – The politicisation of science
            These are absolutely real, valid concerns. The government can be totally wrong, the science abused, the media hype scaring people. It’s fine to question things (as you clearly are, here) but there’s a subtle difference between that and saying “this isn’t really happening and it’s all hype, practically nobody is dying”.
            It’s not for me to say “I’m going to do my own thing and do LESS than what the health experts recommend”. From my perspective that appears like mé féinism.

            Micko, agreed with your post entirely and my language in my initial post was crude.
            It’s not good people and bad people, you’re right. It’s all just people and we’re all trying to get back to normal.

            I think you can appreciate that I’m completely fed up of my current situation too. Gestures of “open defiance” don’t seem productive to me.

          8. SOQ

            Gestures of “open defiance” are the ONLY productive thing against this stupid superstitious mask wearing rubbish. It does not impact the spread of CoVid-19 in the slightest.

            As for the original post- why is this clown allowed to remain anonymous? If they have such confidence that they are justified in their actions then why do they need to remain anonymous?

            Why someone is not wearing a mask is none of your damned business- you have no right to inquire as to someone’s private medical conditions.

          9. hansel

            I disagree with you SOQ on all counts! lol
            On masks, medical experts the world over are recommending them. They may turn out to be wrong, but what if they’re not? What have we got to lose?

            On gestures of “open defiance”, they haven’t proven productive to date, that I know of? Unless you know of some example? In general: at best they’ve done nothing and at worst they may have endangered people. But the most gestures of “open defiance” that I’ve seen have been bars. Which I guess you could say has been productive for their pockets but pretty much nothing else.

            On the original poster, I’d defend anyone’s right to anonymity. Surely we can argue the merits of the content, rather than the person behind it? And to give them some minor credit: they opened up an interesting discussion here!
            (Though I don’t agree with their original “reporting” action at all)

          10. SOQ

            medical experts the world over are recommending them

            No they are not.

            Professor Carl Heneghan Director of the Centre for Evidence Based Medicine at Oxford University for example- one of the top people in his field- is dead against them. Sweden’s state epidemiologist Anders Tegnell has said the evidence in favour is “astonishingly weak” and see’s no point.

            Just because our own crowd have played a game of ‘monkey see monkey do’ does not make them right- as time will tell.

          11. hansel

            I think we’re at cross-purposes there SOQ, I’m not saying “there’s universal agreement” (far from it!) rather I’m saying that Ireland isn’t doing a total solo run on this one.

            As you say yourself: “monkey-see monkey-do”.

          12. SOQ

            Absolutely- it is Sweden who is doing the solo run and at this point they are well ahead- and the economic bill has not even arrived yet.

          13. Cian

            ” it is Sweden who is doing the solo run and at this point they are well ahead- and the economic bill has not even arrived yet.”

            in what way is Sweden “well ahead”??? apart from the number of COVID deaths per 100,000 (either full population, under 65, or over 65).

          14. SOQ

            You still recording people’s comments from this site Cian?

            Strange how you can recount word for word what individuals type but cannot provide the post and comment number eh?

        1. Rob_G

          “We haven’t had over 10 deaths a day since May”

          Christ – imagine being so glib about 300 of your fellow Irish citizens (and human beings) dying for any one cause – especially from something that is as easy to prevent as by wearing a piece of cotton over your face for the 20 mins that you are on the DART…

        1. Brother Barnabas

          soq, you’re going to have to wootie-woo your tinky-winky to the boopety-woopety bonanza, in my opinion

  6. Termagant

    Train 8314 going south. Some effwit taking pictures of people sitting quietly minding their own business and reporting them for antisocial behaviour. Unclear at this point if performance art or perpetrator truly is as oblivious & profoundly petty as seems.

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