Meanwhile, In Clifden




This morning in Clifden, Co Galway.

Flooding in Connemara as rainfall warning issued for northwest (RTE)

7 thoughts on “Meanwhile, In Clifden

  1. Mr .T

    Sitka spruce strikes again!
    Why anyone advocates for planting that I will never know – has almost no benefit to the environment other than “carbon sequestration” – plenty of very visible negatives, such as how barren and empty the forests area, very little wildlife can live in them, and very little other plants can grow in/around them, unlike a conventional (native) forest.

    1. Cian

      I think they are realising this and changing their model (albeit slowly). For example

      Gerry Murphy, managing director of Coillte Land Solutions, said Irish forests in the mid-20th century had been planted mainly for maximising timber production, but the aims of forestry programmes had evolved since then.

      Some 20 per cent of the area under Coillte’s management is now designated primarily for biodiversity, while it had also increased recreational access under initiatives such as the Dublin Mountains Partnership.

      The conversion to official recreational use means the nine forests will gradually move to continuous cover forestry, which will see the removal of commercial species and introduction of non-commercial native tree species in some areas. This may involve “limited” clear-felling as well as natural regeneration.

    2. Daisy Chainsaw

      Because it’s grown as a crop, like spuds, barley, rapeseed etc and sold for profit like any crop. After felling takes place, they’re legally obliged to replant, but it doesn’t have to be a conifer plantation.

  2. Joe

    The Greenwash party want a massive roll out of useless wind turbines (senior party members have skin in the game) , a minimum 2000 tons of cement per turbine, to industrialise pristine hillsides and destroy the environment. If you think what bad forestry has done for Clifden you ain’t seen nothing yet!

    1. Q Celt

      Life cycle analysis shows turbine are carbon negative.
      Plus cost per MW works out less than thermal as no fuel, water or chemical costs. Capex for 1GW gas CCGT is around €1. 2B, €1.2M per MW before opex costs circa 4% Capex per annum. wind turbines around €1.3Mper MW almost no opex cost and no CO2.

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