“It’s Very Clear People Don’t Want This Conversation To Happen”


This morning.

A planned discussion on mask-wearing on RTÉ 2FM’s Jennifer Zamparelli Show has been scrapped following criticism on Twitter.

Via Independent.ie:

The presenter sounded clearly wounded on the show, as she announced: “Yes, I put out a tweet without thinking about the words I used,” but she added: “The intention of my tweet was very different to what was interpreted. I wanted your reaction on the weekend [protests].”

The presenter said she understood that her using the word “discussion” had “set off anger and hurt” adding “but to be honest it [anti-mask views] really shocked me, it shocked me as someone wearing a face mask since before we had to.”

“It’s very clear people don’t want this conversation to happen,” she said. “Judging from the reaction, we will not be doing this item today.”

‘An emotional 24 hours’ – 2FM’s Jennifer Zamparelli axes face mask ‘discussion’ due to public outcry (Independent.ie)

Pic: RTÉ

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66 thoughts on ““It’s Very Clear People Don’t Want This Conversation To Happen”

  1. Charger Salmons

    It’s RTE.
    Would you really expect anything different ?
    RTE and the Establishment are basically a human centipede.

    1. scottser

      was that you giving the antifa lad a belt with your tricolour, charger?
      i must say, the beer belly/tracksuit combination really suits you.
      you’ll be calling us all ‘pedos’ next..

    2. Tom Six


      I believe a “human centipede” requires at least 3 participants.

      Perhaps add TV3 in there in the form of Martin King.


      Tom Six

    3. M

      Chomsky called it in the 80’s. [Actually it was mostly Herman but never-mind]


      “Flak” refers to negative responses to a media statement or program. It may take the form of letters, telegrams, phone calls, petitions, lawsuits, speeches and bills before Congress, and other modes of complaint, threat, and punitive action. It may be organized centrally or locally, or it may consist of the entirely independent actions of individuals.

      If flak is produced on a large scale, or by individuals or groups with substantial resources, it can be both uncomfortable and costly to the media. Positions have to be defended within the organization and without, sometimes before legislatures and possibly even in courts. Advertisers may withdraw patronage. Television advertising is mainly of consumer goods that are readily subject to organized boycott.


    4. Charger Salmons

      ” The problem, as Zamparelli conceded, was she appeared to be inviting anti-maskers to explain their rationale, such as it is. ”

      Unbelievably this is the view of the Irish Times.
      Imagine being a newspaper which didn’t want its readers questioning the validity of government policy.
      They’re basically laughing at you.

  2. White Dove

    I wear my mask as for me it is not unduly traumatic and therefore a small thing to do for the possible safety of others.

    But I respect the freedom of speech of others who do not want to do so.

    There is a worrying movement to restrict this freedom of speech and I don’t agree with it.

    1. Micko

      Dead right

      If an opinion or action is “morally correct“ then it should also be robust enough to invite debate about it.

      Not good

      1. SOQ

        So the old twitter bullies win again. Ban – Censor – Silence.

        By a group of clowns who never wore a mask when there may have been some benefit in doing so- but DEMAND everyone complies now.

  3. Just Sayin

    Masks don’t work




    Seriously how stupid / afraid do you need to be to not even allow a discussion of the facts.

      1. SOQ

        Yes imagine trying to sell that one.

        Err- ok so we have changed out minds- muzzles don’t prevent the spread of infection but we still want you to wear one because they will definitely contribute to community immunity- we are sure this time.

        Sorry about that.

    1. Cian

      Okay, I opened one of these links and it says:
      Unlike the public wearing masks in the community, surgeons work in sterile surgical suites equipped with heavy duty air exchange systems that maintain positive pressures, exchange and filter the room air at a very high level, and increase the oxygen content of the room air. These conditions limit the negative effects of masks on the surgeon and operating room staff.

      I’ve never heard of operating theatres having “increase the oxygen content of the room air”.
      A quick google says, yes the air is filtered, and yes, the pressure is slightly higher [so if there is a ‘leak’ or draft, then clean air leaves the surgery rather than dirty air coming in]
      But… it is ordinary (filtered) air; the oxygen content isn’t any higher.

      So I looked up sott.net and it says: “Signs of the Times is a news and opinion website that tends to focus on conspiracy theories and pseudoscience. They have quite a bit of legitimate news, but some of the outrageous stories overshadow it. (D. Van Zandt 1/31/2017)”

      How do you decide who you can believe these days?

      1. Just Sayin

        Oxygen content in any occupied room drops as people breathe in oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide.

        If the room ins’t sealed then convection currents through vents / under doors / open windows will allow in fresh air so the occupants don’t die. (though they might find it a bit stuffy)

        Pumping in fresh air (high in oxygen) rather than relying on convection, will increase oxygen content by virtue of the fact that this action will push out some of the already breathed air (lower in oxygen).

        In any case eventhough operating theatres have pumped air to allow the surgeons to breathe easier through their masks, that still doesn’t mean that the masks actually work.


        And if masks don’t work against bacteria in an operating theatre, how the feck do we expect them to work agains a virus in LIDL.

        How come we didn’t kill any LIDL workers during the initial lockdown (when WHO said don’t wear masks)

        Most of us stayed in all week except for essential trips like grocery shopping.

        Grocery store workers were exposed to the great unwashed for the whole of lockdown withouth any effect on them.

    1. SOQ

      Masks don’t work madam- otherwise countries where they are not mandatory should have way higher rates than they do.

    2. John Smith

      @ Madam X

      Articles showing how terrible the effects of Covid-19 can be do not address the reasons for opposition to the enforced wearing of masks by those who are serious in their study of the matter. These people are not fools, though they may be stigmatised as such. They already know (and are saddened by the facts) that Covid-19 is a very vicious illness for some of the people who catch it and that it (or, sometimes, the treatment for it) can have long-lasting serious effects or, of course, that it can be fatal. (In that, it is like many other diseases, of course; terrible for some but not too much of a problem for most people.)

      What is in question is whether the wearing of a mask is effective in preventing the spread of the virus and, as the discussions in Broadsheet have shown (with lots of links having been provided for both sides of the argument) there is no medical consensus on this, despite the Government’s claim that there is. In fact, some authorities point to reasons that indicate the wearing of masks as being not just ineffective but counter-productive.

      The term ‘anti-masker’ is used as a term of abuse, to belittle those who dare to question the Government’s claims and policy. Generally, it is used in such a way as to suggest that the person is anarchic and/or stupid. Some people who oppose the enforced wearing of masks, no doubt, are anarchic or lacking in knowledge, etc, as are some of those who support it – neither side is exclusive in this respect! However, very many of those who oppose the Government in this matter will have thought about and studied the evidence a lot more thoroughly than the large section of the population who weren’t wearing masks until they had to and are now, effectively, sticking something over their face – with no consideration regarding how to handle and use a mask properly so as to prevent the spread of anything that might be deposited on it during use – until they they allowed to stop.

      1. Sham Bob

        I don’t see a reason not to have the discussion, it could lead to better mask use and people understanding why they should be used – it went on before the WHO changed their advice, in a less febrile environment, when people advocating a culture change in mask-wearing were up against establishment opposition and could point to the successes of the Czech Republic and Asian countries where mask-wearing was widespread. Advocating mask-wearing with information on how to wear one might have lead to more people using them properly, rather than just putting them on to get into a shop. Those who I would label ‘anti-maskers’ could already be seen on social media well before our mask mandate, reposting dodgy science from die-hard MAGA profiles – and tied it into anti-vaxx, 5G, Bill Gates, Soros, the full house of alt-right bingo.

        1. Micko

          I’m anti-mask Sham Bob and I don’t believe in any of those conspiracy theories you mentioned.

          A lot of people I talk to feel the same – a silent majority I’d say.

          A silent majority made up of all those people who weren’t wearing a mask before Aug 10th – who have now been forced to.

          1. Sham Bob

            Micko – I’m no mind reader but I’d say the silent majority just want the whole thing to be over and aren’t exactly gung ho on whether masks work or not, not being experts. You must know, unless you’re only looking at studies that support your view, that there are studies that support masks? So why would you expect the average person using the same search engines as you to be vehemently anti-mask, of all of the anti-covid measures?

          2. SOQ

            Maybe you mix in different circles Sham Bob but I have yet to hear one person say they like wearing them- plenty who say they hate them mind.

            Micko’s point is valid- if they are so pleasant to wear, why did it take legislation or guidelines? Forcing someone to inhale their own carbon monoxide goes against our natural instincts- it is a by product, the same as urine.

          3. Commenter #1

            “forcing people to breathe their own carbon monoxide”? Who are you hanging around with, Autobots?

          4. Cian

            “Forcing someone to inhale their own carbon monoxide goes against our natural instincts”

            What on earth are you talking about?
            If you are breathing carbon monoxide you have more serious problems than masks.

            If you mean carbon dioxide, read on:
            Breath in…. Nasal cavity, Pharynx (part of the throat behind the mouth and nasal cavity), Larynx (voice box), Trachea (windpipe); and lungs are filled with air.
            [the Oxygen / CO₂ exchange happens in the alveoli]

            Just before you breath out: the air in the lungs has reduced oxygen and increased CO2… but the air in your nasal cavity, pharynx , larynx and trachea (the ‘tubes’) is still fresh air!

            Ok, breath out.
            Just before you breath in: the lungs are ’empty’… but the air in your nasal cavity, pharynx , larynx and trachea (the ‘tubes’) is the ‘dirty’ air from your last breath!

            As you breath in again, the ‘dirty air’ of that tube is the first bit into your lungs!

            Every breath you take – you are re-breathing the end of your previous breath. It is perfectly natural and normal.

          5. SOQ

            Ok fair point carbon dioxide- spelling mistake- but you do breath it out and while wearing a mask you do breath a certain amount more of it in again- because it is trapped in the mask.

            This is the reason why people with advanced COPD for example- cannot wear masks? It is the repository equivalent of urine. I must be really hitting the mark these days Cian- if your stalking is anything to go by.

          6. Cian

            nope, you’re just talking through your botty!
            Yes, people need to breath a little deeper – which may cause problems for people with limited lung capacity. But, no, it isn’t against nature.

            Will you define what a “second wave” is? You have said there won’t be one… but haven’t defined what it is you say won’t happen.

          7. SOQ

            @ Cian- People are inhaling their own carbon dioxide- FACT. As for second wave, it is up to you to outline why you think it will happen- BECAUSE IT HAS NEVER HAPPENED BEFORE. I really am getting tired of your side stepping so answer the question or just bog off.

            @ Fred- There was NOT 357 new ‘cases’ Over 200 in Dublin today- there was 357 / 200 PCR positive tests which is very different, because PCR tests can return up to 90% which are previous infections.

            Watch the hospital admissions, ICU admissions and facilitates- that is all that matters.

            Oh and once more for Jesus- MASKS AND LOCKDOWNS DON’T WORK- otherwise why is there no difference in the data between countries which did masks / lockdowns and countries that did not?

        2. :-Joe

          I agree with your point about better communication and understanding so the public are collectively on the same page. You’re 100% on the money and I think although it’s the main problem it is typical of a non-political system that does not have the capacity to care enough to take responsibity for solving real societal problems any more.

          Politics in the west as we once knew it, in an internationalist social democratic sense from the 20th century is already dead. – Journalism on it’s knees following close behind.

          You’ve also got to take into account that there is an information war going on online and that’s far and above on top of what the average member of the public uses daily on their devices to communicate and interact with each other online.

          Also, the fact that social media systems are designed to attract your attention for as long as possible. The algorithms and systems underpinning these platforms have figured the fastest route to successfully converting your time and data collection into profits is to enrage you and everyone else so you will keep clicking away like obsessively deranged mental patients hell-bent on revenge.

          Your looking for retribution through banging your thumbs 24/7/365 on the latest 5G flagship spying device that is also stealing your data for various other bad-actors and agents of negativity for short term profits and surveillance.

          I heard Luke O’Neill explain how masks do help and that it is official and accurate advice and he’s likely correct but the F-f/g government have bungled this so badly since the beginning from the nursing homes scandal onwards and the sheer lack of direction, communication and any obvious pro-active assertiveness based on science and common sesne.

          Add all this together and is it any wonder that the whole island is all over the place?..

          I wear a mask, a bandana/ folded cotton t-shirt going into shops, closed spaces or travelling with others because everyone else is supposed to under law. I respect other people’s rights so it doesn’t matter what I think personally and until I see hard credible evidence I’m happy to go along with it for the moment and the sanity of everone as a whole society.

          At the same time, so much of this is being expoited around the world to advance already and some long running agenda’s for all kinds of nefarious dirty deeds by various powers and influences. The glabalised, wholesale, commercial and corporate banks being the main offenders along with the military industrial complex being another who have gained billions, close to a trillion in another massive transfer of wealth since the fakery and robbery of public wealth into private hands by quantative easing, post the 2008 financial crisis.

          In response to the conspiracy theory comments..

          Bill Gates is involved in many patent and intellectual property dealings that have damaged many peoples lives. Take the situation with monsanto and the rural farmers in india as one major example. The history of his career is a litany of shady acts from bullying and dodgy legal dealings to people indirectly losing their livlihoods and sometimes their lives. Avoid the noise and go look it up for yourself with duckduckgo.com for five minutes, not hard to find the facts.

          Faucci the face of the WHO in ‘murica is and has been gates’ number two man for a long time fronting on many projects and interfacing with the public on their behalf. Again not hard to find out about the facts.

          gates and the ‘murican government( i.e. taxpayers) under the direction of gates/faucci are the two largest funders of the WHO. Think about that for a minute and then ask yourslef is the WHO even a credible organisation that can be trusted at all?…

          To make it even more strange and have you suspicious of tin-foil conspiracy theory and risk being laughed at..

          The main science advisor to bill gates(Apparently).. Boris Nikolic is known as a science specialist in tranplanting organs between species and also expertise and an obsessive interest in transhumanism that resulted in many patents being filed by gates for technology that integrates into the human body. Some as strange as harnessing the electrically generated power of the human body to mine bitcoin..

          Nikolic, although he denies knowing about it originally, also apppears to have been made an executor on jeffery epstein’s will and 500+m estate. I personally think this is because epstein courted all the top scientists as part of whatever information gathering and operations he was involved in for possibly multiple different security and intelligence services.

          George Soros is a billionaire who has used his substatntial financial power and influence to meddle with a lot with different groups of people, mostly for the benefit of his own wealth or the wealth of who he supports.

          5G is just an upgrade in bandwidth and capability of 4G. – Some interesting consequences around IOT and “smart” public spaces to follow, ie Surveillance capitalism and civil liberties / human rights etc. etc.

          Real conspiracies are going on all the time and have been since humans existed.
          – Just because someone is paranoid does not automatically mean they are not in fact under threat at the same time.

          If you say you don’t believe in conspiracy theory then you are saying you don’t believe in learning or knowing about a huge amount of information and facts about the stories of human history.

          Just be skeptical and remeber it’s fine to just sit on the fence, you don’t always have to join a team.

          EDIT : I went on a bit there but whattya gonna do?.. Just blame it on covid19 insanity madness…


      2. Junkface

        Good post John Smith. I think it would be good if everyone could discuss things in a civilised way without getting furious at each other. Imagine if there was no social media? Most of this conflict would not be happening.

      1. Janet, dreams of big guns

        and I’d just like to say with such natural beauty she could probably let her skin breath a little more and be just as pretty

    1. ian-oh

      In a nutshell.

      I remember her pathetic attack on Peter Casey around the time of the presidential debates, I wouldn’t be someone to defend the guy but she made a rather shameless and unfair attack on him and it seemed to me that she was piling on with what she said was a comment he made (apparently she asked him about direct provision and he said ‘whats that’ – irrespective of what you think of Peter Casey the idea that he wouldn’t know what direct provision is is nonsensical, its all over the media on a regular basis.)

      Do a search of Peter Casey Jennifer Zamparelli, the tweet is still up.

      There is plenty you could challenge the guy on, no need to invent things. But then she seems like a shameless RTE stooge so not sure what I would expect from her.

  4. :-Joe

    The idea that a discussion cannot even take place or more importantly that it appears the media is unequipped to deal with finding a platform for the public to engage with where a reasonable and sensible debate around the issues can take place is nothing less than disturbing and worrying for the future.

    We are all being polarised into extreme opposition to each other and finance, politics, media and everyone else with the power and resposibility to take positive action remain quiet, absent and anonymous in the face of it all.

    Head for the calmness in the centre folks and sit on the fence until the insanity dies down or cancels itself out around you.


    1. White Dove

      Great comment, couldn’t agree more.

      We are being divided and distracted in a masterful way. There are genuine people on both sides and then there are people who are I think playing the game of divide and distract for their own sense of power or possibly for other reasons.

      It is hard to believe our government and media is as stupid at dealing with this crisis as they seem to be. Some probably are stupid and some have an agenda that we do not know about. Maybe it’s just that of pleasing others who will help them get on but what is those others’ motivation?

      There is a rat somewhere smelling bad. If anyone finds out whose it is please share.

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