Cry Threedom [Updated]


This afternoon.

Dublin city centre.

Ahead of Level 3 restrictions expected to be announced by the government this afternoon.


RTÉ News understands that the Cabinet sub-committee on Covid-19 has agreed to adopt all of the National Public Health Emergency Team’s recommendations – including a move to Level 3 for Dublin and a ban on indoor dining for the capital…

Cabinet sub-committee on Covid-19 approves NPHET recommendations (RTÉ)


32 thoughts on “Cry Threedom [Updated]

    1. V AKA Frilly Keane

      Agnes’ made theirs today
      The craic and the glamour took over the Village
      Plus all the dotes in to open their Credit Union Accounts

      In fairness all the outfits were still pretty much spot on

      Can’t say the same for many of the Mammys and Daddys mind
      Some of those shirt buttons were under severe pressure

      But still a great day all round

      Make the most of it Bert
      And if yer manno wants to get the new Chelsea kit (◠‿◕)
      With his spondoulies
      Let him

  1. frank

    My prediction for ‘the cabinet meeting’.
    Dublin will not enter phase 3 rather it will go to phase 2.75 meaning phase 3 will not need to be enacted but increased vigilance will need to be adhered to. Special phase 2.75 for Dublin means that while the rest of the country can become less vigilant, a 0.75 increase is needed in Dublin.
    It’s easy to remember, much like the 15 w’s. Sing a long….
    Culchies are grand. Go mad. Ye Huars.
    As for the Jacks go back to 2.75. Back with the Jacks back back
    Except if you’re a culchie in Dublin.
    Don;t go back to the bog and kill your nana.

  2. Johnnythree

    Govt cannot do anything right. Sledgehammer. Go get testing fixed like every other developed country.

      1. Johnnythree

        mmmm, not really. We never did hit the numbers and our response is too slow. I don’t care about the UK.

  3. wearnicehats

    There is a very significant elephant in the room here for all casual workers in the hospitality industry. Under the old Temporary Wage Subsidy scheme an employer could afford to keep their staff on a good wage and get €350 of it back within 2 days, regardless of their hours worked. Under the new scheme (EWSS) employees are once again being paid by their hours worked as per pre COVID days. They are also taxed in the old way. Worse is that the employer now only gets €203 of that back and has to wait 4 weeks to get it. These employees came off the emergency payment so have no parachute. Restaurants and cafes will now be necessarily cutting staff hours to the bare minimum – assuming that they will even stay open. The old scheme made a takeaway only option just about viable for many businesses – the EWSS doesn’t afford that flexibility. We can only hope that someone has thought about this before they cancel indoor dining..

      1. wearnicehats

        Arthur – the EWSS is a prediction to the end of the year. Yes, you are required to review this at the end of each month but, ultimately with the constant threat of lockdown hanging over your head, anyone who sees any chance of being closed for a few weeks should continue to claim the EWSS

        The reason is an important distinction in the regs –

        When you review your situation you take in to account actual figures. So on 1st September you look at your turnover for July & August and go darnit – I’m only 20% down. BUT – you must also factor in your projections for September to December. It’s perfectly reasonable to expect that you might be closed for 3 weeks and, hey presto, you’re back on track again.

        Crucially you are able to re-register for the EWSS if circumstances change. If you came off the EWSS then get back on now. If you didn’t register then get on to ROS and register. And register for the July/August sweepback.

        I suspect that something like the TWSS might come back in this week so look out for registering.

          1. wearnicehats

            Arthur. It’s not complicated at all. If your accountant uses Thesaurus or Sage it’s all worked out for them using downloads directly from Revenue. I know how it works. Any accountant who says otherwise is really just being a bit lazy.

            I agree that the 6 week initial wait (it’s 4 weeks thereafter) was a mistake on the Revenue’s part and the government’s staycation tax-back scheme was a massive missed opportunity. I do think that the TWSS was a good working solution and it may well be that this lockdown brings it back.

            The advice that I given clients in a similar position is, if you can afford to close then closing is by far the most cost effective short-term financial solution. Unfortunately that option is really only open to people who own their own premises and/or have little or no inherent debt and healthy cash reserves. The debt warehousing option, whilst tempting is a huge minefield. Kicking the VAT man down the road will never end up well,

            I’m not sure why “Family” businesses would be any more or less inconvenienced by all this than a non-family enterprise though?

  4. Just Sayin

    Does that mean I have to eat my dinner in the garden, Am I allowed to eat in the shed if not indoors proper?

    1. wearnicehats

      Am I reading a different article? The headline is “Dubliners advised not to travel outside the county for either domestic trips and overseas journeys” and the only use of the word “restriction” is directly attributable to Eamon Ryan

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