You’ve Been Hit By A Smoothie Skater Girl


This evening.

Asked about the incident (see below), Tánaiste Leo Varadkar told journalists that what was thrown at him was a smoothie.

He also joked that he thought the person approaching him was singer Avril Lavigne because she was holding a skateboard; and explained that he understands the gardai want to speak to him about the incident and that conversation will likely take place next week.

He also said he was just after shooting a video about the new Covid-19 restrictions when the incident occurred and [the video] will be posted online later this evening.

He also said he luckily had a spare suit.


This afternoon.

Tanaiste Leo Varadkar gets a smoothie chucked on him at some velocity for reasons too numerous unknown at an unidentified park in Dublin.

His skateboard-toting assailant then turned and legged it.

Bodacious if pretty gnarly.

Any excuse.

56 thoughts on “You’ve Been Hit By A Smoothie Skater Girl

  1. GiggidyGoo

    Hope he is as clever as Noonan, and had a spare suit handy so that he could complete his organised photo-shoot.

    1. Anti Bots

      You are an absolute shinner bot awhole. Is it okay to physically attack someone if you don’t agree with them… oh sorry I forgot the shinners are allowed to do so.

      1. bisted

        …ah here…there’s a noble tradition of pouring milkshakes over populist right-wing politicians…it’s not as if she hit him with a flagpole…

  2. Charger Salmons

    But yet everyone here cackled like hyenas when Nigel Farage got milk-shaked.
    Shove your fake outrage where the sun don’t shine.

    1. eamonn

      I have difficulty not having a chuckle over Nigel and the milk shake to this day.
      whilst I might not be the one to douse Leo in coffee, I have no difficulty finding reasons why one might feel so inclined.

    2. Nigel

      It must be difficult for you knowing that most people don’t seem to think Varadkar’s anywhere near as much of a horrible little toerag as Farage.

    3. scottser

      I wouldn’t worry too much about the outrage, charger old cock. Leo has all the YFG troops registering their disgust on all the usual comments sections this evening – how many of these guys comment regularly on here? Sod all, I’d say.

  3. Scundered

    We need serious consequences for the type of scumbags who carry out these acts, no matter who the victims is, you can’t have it ok for one side and not the other, physical assault is never acceptable.

    1. Anti Bots

      Yeah that’s right. He probably did it just to get votes? Seriously. What is wrong with you people. Its okay to be violent as long as you don’t agree with their politics.

      Similar comments were made on here about sexual assault of politicians. No condemnations.

      Go to Murica if you want to think like that. You will have lots of friends.

        1. Anti Bots

          No I didn’t despite you trying to twist it below. “Not cool.. but good for poll numbers”, as if he tried to gain poll numbers by being assaulted…? Assault of anyone should be condemned outright and not laughed, sneered at, or saying they deserved it.

          1. Nigel

            Vinny doesn’t have to think it’s staged in order to also think it’s not cool and regret that it’ll be good for his poll numbers.

  4. Just Sayin

    Would the person have done this if they weren’t wearing a mask?

    Whose idea was it for us to wear masks?

    Maybe think again.

  5. George

    The worst thing is how much Leo is going to enjoy giving out about this. He’ll have his fingers crossed for it to be a member of Sinn Féin.

  6. Daisy Chainsaw

    How long before the usual conspiracy freaks start squawking about it being a False Flag inside job?

  7. Joe

    Doesn’t matter what political leaning the skateboardist had or whatever reason that Varadkar was doused, it will be still be blamed on the Shinners by the FG bots.

  8. Pee Pee

    ‘Tánaiste in TEA-SHOCK!’ And then they’ll have a sexually suggestive pic of a semi naked Leo Varadkar behind a semi naked Michael Martin. Both drinking cups of tea with their pinkies hanging out.

  9. Gabby

    Unladylike behaviour is unladylike behaviour. It has nothing to do with right, left or centre. If she came from the Fatima Mansions area, she’d be called a gurrier.

  10. Frank

    this is so fake.
    totally staged.
    I’m just surprised the girl wasn’t wearing a ‘i love sinn fein’ tshirt

  11. Johnnythree

    Staged on the day they have to have the ‘don’t know what they are doing with covid so they are shutting the capital down’ conversation.

  12. Liam Deliverance

    Varadkar said he thought at first it was Averil Lavigne, unfortunately it wasn’t her he said, he did have a spare suit, not a fan of his in any sense but shouldn’t have to be subjected to that. Assailant was thinking of many politicians who have been custard pied or egged in the past?

    She looks no more than 18, no real harm done, maybe Varadkar can show some magnanimity and let this one slide?!

    1. Liam Deliverance

      Sorry, didn’t mean to repeat the above from the article, there must have been an update to the article that I hadn’t seen :-(

    2. GiggidyGoo

      Says a lot about his thinking when all that goes through his head is a list of celebrities, no matter what his situation. It’s a wonder he hadn’t a phrase from a song to describe it.

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