‘Pretending It’s For Our Safety, When It’s Really To Enslave’


From top: Van Morrison; Lyrics to his anti-rona protest song No More Lockdown

This morning.

Via The Guardian:

Van Morrison has described the British government as “fascist bullies disturbing our peace” in one of three new tracks he has written to protest against safety measures to prevent the spread of Covid-19….No More Lockdown also condemns “celebrities telling us what we’re supposed to feel”…Morrison said the songs would be released every two weeks, starting with Born to Be Free on 25 September.

Over to you, Jedward.

Van Morrison criticises ‘fascist bullies’ in anti-lockdown Covid songs (Guardian)

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You hum it, we’ll play it.



79 thoughts on “‘Pretending It’s For Our Safety, When It’s Really To Enslave’

      1. Gabby

        I’ve passed by Jim Morrison’s grave near the entrance to Cimetière du Père-Lachaise in Paris. I went to the grave of Chopin instead.

    1. SOQ

      Yes- Ian Brown, Laim Gallagher and now Van Morrison. All wealthy people of course so free to speak their minds. Seriously- that would make for an interesting band.

      Have you bought Jedward’s new record yet? I think you should- support the team and all that.

      I believe it is a masterpiece in err- hairdressing.

  1. Andy Pipkin

    Maybe Van should have a chat with the thousands on this island that have lost loved ones, before coming out with this poo.

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, he’s noting but a curmudgeon old fart!!

  2. Specific Gravity

    Goddamnit, Van.

    He just keeps making it harder to separate the artist from the catalogue of art and be still able to enjoy it. This was a recent beaut, and probably the final straw for me:

    “For a moment I consider telling him to grow up. But I am chastened by the presence of his managers. Instead I look him in the eye and tell him that I am not trying to psychoanalyse him, that his music has simply meant more to me than any other throughout my life. There is something that moves across his face but I could not name it. “Aehhh,” he breathes. “Well, shall we end it there?” I say, and stand and shake his hand. As I do I look at the notepad. In the top left hand corner he has drawn an angry rectangle”


  3. Porter

    “No More Lockdown also condemns “celebrities telling us what we’re supposed to feel””

    You tell them Van! We don’t need these out of touch millionaires divorced from reality using their platform and decades of accumulated goodwill to tell us what to think. We need to listen to more people like you.

  4. Clampers Outside

    So are all the Right wing, and Left wing govts around the world using lockdowns ALL in the same “fascist” boat now?

    Is the day the word ‘fascist’ has truly lost all meaning for Van the Man… Jeez…

    1. SOQ

      Not true Clamps- just look at the US- the Democrats lockdowned way harder than republicans.

      Even on here you can see it- the Left love a bit of good old authoritarianism.

      1. ReproBertie

        Aren’t the Republicans following the lead of the President who is denying the science in public but agreeing with it in recorded conversations with reporters?

      2. Nigel

        The US right love equating public health measures as authoritarian while applauding a president out to criminalise dissent, undermine the democratic process, exrtend his stay in power beyond that legally allotted, after deliberatley and murderously channeling federal pandemic support away from states that did not vote for him. You are beyond ridiculous.

      3. Formerly known as @ireland.com

        @SOQ – cos telling people to vote twice is the best way to defend democracy!

        The Democrats are hardly disciples of Marx, although, as per the comments in another post, it appears Marx did predict this pandemic and instructed governments to lockdown hard :) .

    2. scundered

      Sadly I reckon the left are a lot closer to that line of thinking these days, as they push for more governmental control of your speech, thinking and thrive on identity politics, whereas the right leaning focus on the freedom of the individual, both sides are very similar though at the extreme ends. But the centrist voices don’t get the same reach on media so they are ignored. Scary times

      1. Nigel

        Jesus Riverdancing Christ. Even if your thinking is that the pandemic is not as bad as feared, good faith would suggest that the actual recommended public health measures were proposed and executed in good faith, with failings largely due to incomptence and inexperience. The worst failngs – apart from countries caught early – have come from countries where the leadership wanted to deny the seriousness of the virus in the case of the US, or who just wanted to take some kind of short-cut – the UK. Equating public health measures with deliberate authoritarian fascism is potentially deadly in undermining public response to measures taken against future crises. We SHOULD be paying way more attention to the sorts of institutions – public and private – who treat these crises as opportunities for profit and/or the exercise of social contol, but NOT at the cost of destroying our ability to respond to aid crises. Instead everyone’s fecking around about bloody masks taking away their freedoms.

        1. scundered

          If you care to read again, I wasn’t referring to the pandemic, that was just your assumption. Besides the masks issue is not specifically a left/right divide, I believe in wearing a mask and would consider myself more of a conservative, in the same way I know plenty of left leaning friends who refuse to wear one.

          1. Nigel

            I took my cue from the comment you were responding to, apologies if I took you up wrong.

            As for your last line, that’s no surprise – many of the anti-mask contrarians here reject any suggestion that they’re of or associated with the right quite strongly, though I find it hard to reconcile rejecting group efforts for the overall good of the community with any left-wing viewpoint.

          2. Junkface

            It is strange the way the anti-vaxx movement has been with the left wing middle class for years before the right wing, tied in with the Alternative medicine crowd. Then after Trump was elected the right wing became more anti science, anti intellectual and anti-vaxx. Now both the left and right wing share the same stupidity and mistrust with regards to vaccines. Maybe someone has already written a paper on this for social sciences.

          3. Nigel

            The right has aways been anti-science – in the US they’ve been trying to get an alternative theory to evolution into school textbooks for years, and most of the opposition to action on climate change has come from the right (funded by oil.) Alternative medicine has always been wishy-washy, never as rabid and hateful as anti-vaxx sentiment on the right. My guess is that left-wing anti-maskers will just keep moving rightward, since the wall of disinformation from the right overwhelms everything.

            (Well no, the right hasn’t ALWAYS been anti-science, but they turn on it when it interferes with capitalism.)

          4. Scundered

            Nigel, you don’t seem to realise that capitalism has produced the most significant scientific leaps than any other ideology, so the “anti science” angle is a bit stupid

  5. newsjustin

    Backing singers will harmonise with:

    “Do your own research
    Do your own
    Do your own
    Do that sweet, summertime, research.”

  6. Nigel

    If you truly think your government is out to enslave you, then you have an evil government and need to do something about it. Whether your government is evil or not has no relevance to whether the pandemic is real or not. Either the pandemic is real, in which case public health measures are essential, or it is fake. If it is fake, then all governments are equally evil and equally committed to the agenda of enslaving the global populace, since they have all conspired together in manufacturing the crisis, even governments, and national parties within countrries, that are intrinsically hostile and ideologically opposed to such an extent that I doubt you could get them to agree on the table settings at the Annual Evil Government Dinner Party And Roast.

    1. SOQ

      The pandemic was real but the public health measures are were not essential- otherwise why is WHO now lauding Sweden’s approach?

      1. Nigel

        ‘Not essential’ in terms of a global pandemic, something that hasn’t happened in over a hundred years, and certainly not in our globalised and connected modern world, simply means valuing lives more than property and profit in terms of protecting as many as possible in the face of something which has the potential to be incredibly deadly. Only when this is all over will we be able to properly asseess the effectiveness of the response and modify and develop plans for future crises accordingly. Suggesting they are intrinsically authoritarian exercise is deeply irresponsible and reckless.

        1. SOQ

          But it is an intrinsically authoritarian exercise- just look at the scenes coming out of Melbourne.

          I know someone who is living in Peru and they went completely nuts altogether- with the highest rate of fatalities in the world to boot- so go figure.

          1. Nigel

            Emergency public health measures are not intrinsically authroitarian – if the government exercising the measures are themselves intrinsically authoritarian, then obviously that will determine how they’re enforced. I also suspect that the more heavy-handed the response, the more disastrously they will fail.

          2. Formerly known as @ireland.com

            @SOQ – I am in Melbourne. I love my freedom as much as anyone else. The state government tried to target specific areas for lockdown, they tried a less severe lockdown, the case numbers kept going up. There were lots of idiots, who seem to have the idea that the virus won’t impact them, or that it is fake — no idea where they would get that idea from (!!!). So, the state government was forced to go hard. The cases have gone from 700 per day to about 45 per day. The rest of Australia is pretty much virus free – a small number in Sydney but it is not growing exponentially. The problem for Victoria is, that the rest of the country has closed their borders with us. The only way to open them up is to be on the same level as them. Imagine if central Europe was virus free, apart from one country. That country would have to get rid of it, to get back to normal trade/movement with its neighbours. Even today, after 7 weeks of harsh lockdowns, there is a story of an infected person visiting five different households (when none are permitted), some beyond the 5km exclusion zone. This has led to at least 34 cases, 2 in hopsital. So, 5 million people are sacraficing so much for idiots to stuff it up. Have the police gone too far in some situations? Yes. Do we need the police to enforce things where you’d expect people to do the right thing? Yes. Hopefully, we get rid of the virus and we can become like NZ, Western Australia, South Australia and other places. The economy can really recover.

    2. Tony

      Haha – the Annual Evil Government Dinner Party And Roast.

      I’d say if they booked Van to play at that, he’d show up, the greedy old scrote!

    3. Just Sayin

      Yes some governments are evil, but ours is mostly just incompetent.
      Either way we need to do something about them.

      That won’t happen until enough people realise Sweden got it right (apart from nursing homes, which they admit) and we got it wrong.

      It’s impossible to say how long it will be till we reach that tipping point.

      At that point the MSM will savage the government and their current darling experts.

      They will do this
      1: for sales / clicks i.e. money
      2: to overshadow their pathetic current behaviour.

      Currently project fear is great for clicks / sales.
      Also they wont criticise government for fear of losing those public service Ads (telling us all to wash our hands etc…) And they need those Ads as regular advertising is down due to business struggeling to survive.

      1. Nigel

        We don’t really know who got it right, not yet, all we know is that it’s a world-wide experiment using people’s lives, and we will need an honest, expert, thoroughgoing accounting of the results in order to formulate future policies.

        I don’t care what the MSM will say and do.

        1. Just Sayin

          Maybe we don’t who will have had the best strategy till it’s all over.
          But we have plenty of data to see who has gotten better results to date.

          “we will need an honest, expert, thoroughgoing accounting of the results in order to formulate future policies”

          You can’t possibly believe the people currently in charge of this chaos are in any way likely to provide such an accounting.

          Though I do agree with you that is exactly what we need, though sooner rather than later.

          My only interest in the MSM is to hope they will accelerate this process (though they will do it for their own pathetic self serving reasons rather than a desire to do good)

          1. Nigel

            The people in charge? Hell, no (with caveats – they’re not all monsters.) The scientists, doctors, epidimiologists, sociologists and all the other relevant expert professionals with an interest in publich health and safety? Yes.

      2. SOQ

        I genuinely hope they do Just Sayin but the problem is that MSM are as likely to cover it up because they were the original scare mongers, rather than the Government.

        And they are still at it- Cancel Christmas? Christmas is a calendar date and will happen no matter what.

        1. Cian

          “the problem is that MSM are as likely to cover it up because they were the original scare mongers, rather than the Government.”

          When have the MSM ever refused to flip-flop if changing their perspective makes them more money.

  7. f_lawless

    Noteworthy article by a group of high-level experts:

    A few quotes:

    “..Non-exponential growth of the epidemic curve was the first clue that preexisting immunity to SARS-CoV-2 may be ubiquitous. Hundreds of outbreak graphs later, it turned out that the pandemic never behaved as if the virus was foreign to most people.

    China, a country of almost a billion and half people, eventually registered less than 5,000 deaths, and South Korea (51 million people) – about 300. The obvious explanation for those negligible mortality rates – highly prevalent preexisting immunity – was widely ignored. The world chose to believe that the tough lockdown in Wuhan, along with restrictions in other parts of China, somehow eradicated the virus.

    The miracle in South Korea was explained by extensive testing and contact tracing, which wondrously succeeded, for the first time in medical history, to arrest the spread of a respiratory, often asymptomatic, infection. Over 125 million Japanese would later see about 1,500 deaths, with neither lockdown nor much testing. That was explained by order and discipline, or face masks, or bowing instead of hand shaking…”..

    “…if most immune systems can recognize SARS-CoV-2, it makes no sense for any government to treat or model the virus as a new infection. Any rational government should urgently invest effort in conducting surveys of cross immunity and other types of preexisting cellular immunity, which cost next-to-nothing compared to the funds spent on PCR testing, contact tracing, and of course, lockdowns.

    In short, it is extremely likely that most of us are at least partially immune to Covid-19. Let’s accept this fact and try to quantify it. Continued self-destruction is a bad alternative. “

    1. SOQ

      And that f_lawless was the mistake the mad modellers made to begin with- that is was really novel and nobody had ever been exposed to anything like it before.

      It is very strange times when expecting your immune system to do what it was programmed to do, has become a conspiracy theory.

      1. Nigel

        The herd immunity thing isn’t characterised as a conspiracy theory, but rather, absent a vaccine, as a Stalinesque reduction of human deaths to acceptable statistics.

        1. SOQ

          Community immunity is the most natural and normal response our bodies can collectively muster- and without immune systems, vaccines would not exist.

          Transmission will happen regardless of any and all measures- remember ‘flatten the curve’? No government, politician nor police force can stop a bloody virus- all they can do is slow the infection rate down so that the health services can keep up.

          And there in lies the Irish problem- the health service was creaking at the seams before any of this started- and all they did was pay silly money to private hospitals and City West. Oh and cancel near all other treatments of course.

          1. Nigel

            It”s natural in the sense that it will kill off the weak and vulnerable while the herd (may) survive. It’s not good policy.

          2. Just Sayin

            @Nigel, a herd immunity strategy doesn’t mean just letting old / vulnerable die.

            A proper herd / community immunity strategy would be to protect / isolate the vulnerable at the start. Impose rules to protect them in hospitals and nursing homes.

            Allow the young fit active people to become infected by going to pubs, clubs and just mingling. Restrictions imposed on them would be like no visiting nursing homes etc…

            The young people the super spreaders of the virus would soon be infected and immune and then become super supressors rather than super spreaders.

            After the most active people in society are infected the rate will drop and the restrictions relating to the vulnerable can be removed.

            The vulnerable are of course still at risk of catching covid or any other influenza like illness, same as they ever were, so they should exercise common sense precautions during flu season, same as they always did.

          3. Rob_G

            Under your solution, no pregnant women, diabetics, old people, or anyone with asthma (along with their families) can go to work, leave the house, or interact with anyone for the next two years – well, that sounds workable.

          1. Janet, dreams of big guns

            not exempt from going through all medical visits alone, getting bad news alone, being alone after emergency procedures, after labour no matter how it went and during most of it, but none of that matters if you can have a pint with a 9 euro meal

    2. Nigel

      ‘Let’s accept this unproven theory as fact.’ How can anyone clamining to be a ‘high-level expert’ get away with saying something like that?

  8. Eoin

    He’s 100% correct and will be remembered for being on the right side of history. Unlike the kool aid swigging clowns who seem to believe everything the propagandizing media tells them. Wake up! Pay attention to the ACTUAL science and you will see that the state response is totally overblown. And several elderly people hospitalized is not a pandemic and does not justify draconian, authoritarian lockdowns of society.

    1. Formerly known as @ireland.com

      I think a few epidemiolists are worth listening to. Peter Doherty has a Nobel prize for Medicine.

      He has a team of specialists:

      None of these people are suggesting the virus is fake or that we have over reacted.

      I suggest you volunteer to work in ICU if you are sure it will only infect old people, or it is not that dangerous.

  9. eamonn

    It strikes me that our govt (and other Govts) are faced with a virus which they cannot hope to control, not even in their dreamiest of dreams. So in order to preserve the illusion of being on top of everything, they opt to impose controls on the people, where you can go, how long you can stay, how much you must eat….. at least that shows authority

    The trouble seems to be that the virus doesn’t recognise the power of government – regardless of the scale of our leaders and co-leaders egos.

    Imagine a Govt that came out and said, we cannot really help you “beat” this virus but we are actively preparing the health service to deal with what we fear may come.

    I do not have any suggestions, or ideas to offer. I don’t think I will be turning to Van, Noel, Ian or the two Jeds for sage guidance to fill the void.

    The sun is shining, and the weather is uplifting, be glad about that.

    1. Nigel

      This would make more sense if they simply ignored it or if everyone tried, and carried through, the Boris Johnson herd immunity approach. Governments don’t shut down economies just to exercise the illusion of control, not even the most stupid and evil of them. The most stupid and evil of them try to ignore it, blame other countries, or look for short-cuts. Also, democracies go into pandemics with the gorvernment they elected, not the government you wish they’d elected. With this sort of broad international crisis set to become more common in the future, people would do well to remember that.

  10. Formerly known as @ireland.com

    Australia’s ABC radio just quoted Van the Man and a response from Jedward. I didn’t see that coming.

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