Kilruddery House, Bray, County Wicklow

Last night.

Via The Irish Socialist Republicans (ISR):

Irish Socialist Republicans engaged in a direct action against British Imperialism and Colonialism in Ireland, by highlighting the ongoing robbery of Irish Land by Imperialist Aristocrats.

Anti Imperialists chained shut the gates of the 800 acre Killruddery House and Gardens in Bray Co. Wicklow, and hung a large banner across them that read ‘Dispossess the Robber Barons- Saor Éire Anois!’

Kilruddery is currently in the possession of the self styled ‘Earl of Meath’, Jack Brabazon and his heir, Anthony, the so-called ‘Lord Ardee’.

These people have no right or legal claim to the land. Their British Imperialist titles are an affront to the People of Ireland. Their possession of our land is based on violent robbery during the conquest. Kilruddery and its land belong by right to the Irish People.


Earl of Meath?

Top pic

11 thoughts on “Ruddery Cheek

  1. Ragamuffin

    I have very little patience for a protest of this nature in 2020, as it’s all part of our interesting and complex history. If we want to promote a lasting peace in Northern Ireland (be that a transition to reunification or contiuination of the current system), we need to respect each communities right to exist. Move on with your outrage to the current ruling classes in Ireland, FFFG bear more responsibility for our problems than the Earl of Meath & co.

  2. Jonsmoke

    The only people we hate more than the robber barons are the fecking Socialist Irish Republicans
    And the Republican Socialist Irish
    And the Irish Socialist Republicans.
    The Irish Socialist Republicans….fecking splitters
    We are the Irish Socialist Republicans.
    Oh, I thought we were the Peoples Socialist Republicans
    Peoples Socialist Republicans…c-huh!
    Whatever happened to the Peoples Socialist Republicans, Reg?
    He’s over there


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