Come all ye.

Over the past four weeks, we – you and I – have been through the 1970s with a fine tooth comb, careened across the 1980s mullets flapping and navigated the 1990s and Noughties with some dignity despite the ‘mom jeans’ and ‘boot cuts’.

But now we have arrived at the terrible Teens.

We knew this day would come.

What’s your favourite underrated/obscure gem from the decade just passed (2010-2019)?

Here’s mine.

Reply below to be in with a chance of winning a throbbing €25 Golden Discs voucher.

The winner will be chosen by my barber.

Please include video links if possible and it would be great if you could say WHY you like the song.

Lines MUST close at 4.45pm 10pm Sunday.

Nick says: Good luck!

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77 thoughts on “Win Nick’s Voucher

  1. Andy Pipkin

    These are 3 sisters from England, I think I gave them their first gig in Ireland!! (Probably why I love them so much)
    Amazing vocal harmonies, but what a song, I could have picked loads, but I went for this because of the brilliant video!!

  2. Rosette of Sirius

    There’s so much great music from this decade it’s trick to pick one out but in line with the underrated/obscure motif, I’ll lead in with Shakey Graves.

    Shakey Graves (Alejandro Rose-Garcia) hails from Austin, Texas. In 2014 he released a wonderful album called ‘And The War Came’. It’s a gentle minimalist Americana sound that really appeals to me but yet the record is modern and has a real depth and substance to it.

    The track that made my top ten tracks of the decade playlist is ‘Family and Genus’

    Here’s the original track;

    And here it is performed live on the fantastic Austin City Limits

  3. Nicorigo

    Courtney Barnett -History eraser-

    Hands down the best lyricist of her generation, Courtney Barnett’ s songs are about the everyday and the mundane, all that comes with a deadpan delivery and still you can air guitar and head bang on her tunes.
    Here’s a little ditty off her first EP. Catchy tune advisory.

    1. Clampers Outside

      She is a super lyricist, deadly, and she kicks rock bum! :)

      A crackin’ sound live too!! Should be way bigger and well known!

        1. Muchacho Gordo-Delgado

          Hi Andy, I love your contributions too. Can I ask a favour? Can you include the band name and song title in your posts? My browser takes about 20 minutes to bring up each YouTube link and clip and it’s driving me to distraction :-(
          Gracias amigo!

          1. Andy Pipkin

            I’m back Clampers!!
            I savoured ever last drop, well done again last week!, really deserved cracking tune!.

  4. scottser

    Alas, being an old fart means I know very little about recent music. Except for this pair – Larkin Poe. The missis keeps telling me I spend waaay too much time watching Megan Lovell’s lap steel tutorials when I don’t have a lap steel. Yet.
    Here’s bleach blonde bottle blues for your edification and delight:

  5. SOQ

    IMO one of the most underrated groups of this era is London Grammar- Hannah Reid has one of the most perfect singing voices I have ever heard. I could pick a number of their songs as to my ears they can do wrong like-

    Wasting my Young Years-
    Hey Now-
    Nightcall –

    But the Judah remix of ‘Strong’ melts my heart every time.

    London Grammar- Strong

    1. Clampers Outside

      Great choice! I was listening to the ‘If You Wait’ album leading up to their appearance at EP a few years back.
      I was anticipating a live show a bit downbeat, wasn’t sure if I’d enjoy it but wanted to give them a go live… Boy did I have that wrong.
      Energetic and uplifting, the buzz from the crowd, and the band buzzing too was infectious! She was infectious and really brought the crowd on. Super gig. It was my fav show at EP that year :)

    2. Will

      Incredible, incredible group and her vocals . Not sure they are underrated, are they? (Asking for a friend.)
      Hell to the Liars is so powerful. Truth, (indeed) is a Beautiful Thing. Nice to be reminded of them anyway and if anyone doesn’t know them… London Grammar.

  6. eamonn

    Here’s one from the gene dudley group
    from this very day in 2014 (released 18/09/2014)
    No Trouble On The Mountain
    Under or over rated – you must decide
    I first heard mario biondi doing this gem, then i hear this version
    simply put, it has loads of sass. Biondi’s version is well worth a listen too by the way.

  7. eamonn

    Spilly Walker (David Kitt )
    let the freaks come out at night.
    I like this one because it skips along, it makes me think of Jekyll + Hyde in an odd way.
    Now that i listen to it on you tube, it is not exactly as I remember it, however.
    Once upon a time, I knew someone who used to chant” Let the Looper out, let the looper out” at certain times. As an exhaltation to shake it down and be free.
    This tune recalls that person – that they may be well and happy to this day.

  8. eamonn

    Laura Seiija and the hawkmen
    Keep on workin
    From September 2014
    Why do I Like this – I Just Do
    Jangly, sassy and so very true – nothing in life is for free –

  9. eamonn

    Gregory Porter
    1960 what ?
    2012 – how time flies, this still sounds fresh to me.
    What a voice, a mix that adds another element lifts it adds a dark groove.

    I am going to soak up the evening sun and give thanks and praise !
    I might be back, that remains to be seen + heard.

  10. Muchacho Gordo-Delgado

    Although released commercially as ‘Forget You’, the original, much more gritty version was called ‘ F You’ and captures the true meaning and sentiment behind the song.
    CeeLo Green, ‘F You’. Warning NSFW
    Interesting Fact – CeeLo Green is one half of duo “Gnarles Barkley”, along with Danger Mouse.

  11. Andy Pipkin

    Right so, back after the last supper(very enjoyable),

    So here is an utterly sublime track from the brilliant Louise & The Pins, put a gig on in Dublin for them and they were fantastic, unfortunately Paloma Faith nicked their bass player who was a co songwriter

    Please enjoy

  12. Andy Pipkin

    It kills me when I’ve been fortunate enough too witness such amazing homegrown talent as Hidden Highways that never got the recognition they should have, Tim’s old style vocals , but then when Carol Ann starts singing, well, it just melts me!!!

    Utter brilliance!

  13. Clampers Outside

    Research Chemicals by satirical Stockholm punks Viagra Boys is nothing short of genius. 

    This song really captures the frenetic madness of youthful drug experimentation. Of the song and of such experimentation one line stands out… 
    “You know it’s working when everything feels wrong”. 

    I remember when first listening to this track and loving the energy, the guitar, the vocal delivery and thinking ‘is he glorifying this…?’ 

    ‘No’ is the answer. 

    But I knew the song was really working when I felt excited by the music and yet it felt wrong at the same time until I understood the satire… It’s a genius, proper well cool, punk rockin’ kick ass choon :)

    These guys should be huge and they are damn well bloody brilliant live.
    Sebastian Murphy (eh… Stockholm? ‘Murrphy’? Hah!), the vocalist, assumes the persona of the characters he sings about on stage. He is truly theatrical in his performance delivery, and the band is damn tight. You won’t need drugs, nor booze for that matter to lose yourself and go effin’ mental on the floor to these guys :0)

    Opening verse… 

    “It’s getting hard to breathe
    You’re feeling like you’re gonna die
    They told you it was just like weed
    That this could happen your first time”

    And the video…. has the bang of “I don’t give a f…” about it :) 

  14. Clampers Outside

    Another heavy sound in this one… 

    World Crust by Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs (who are due to play Whelan’s Nov 28th) is like stepping back to the early birth sounds of thrash metal via Kill ‘Em All with an Ozzy Osborne sounding vocal… But with quite a unique, imo, vocal style. I

    World Crust is the stand out track on the album, Viscerals, for me as it’s sound takes me back to those early days of thrash. They kick ass man! I’ve gone to see bands just to hear one track live before, and I’d do it again for World Crust :) 

    And to see them perform it in a small venue like Whelan’s would surely be one loud sweaty thrilling experience…. \m/,

    I had all that typed and then found out this wasn’t released until April 2020… :/ ahhhhh nuts!

  15. Otis Blue

    A sweet 12 minute ramble as though penned by Raymond Carver. Small moments are documented. Big lessons are learned while a fraught and father — son relationship remains unresolved.

    Wilco – One Sunday Morning (song for Jane Smiley’s boyfriend)


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