‘Intimate Profiling’


From top: Johnny Ryan, Of the Irish Council for Civil Liberties; Helen Dixon, Ireland’s Data Protection Commissioner: A video explaining Real-Time Bidding (RTB)  and ‘the biggest data breach in history’

This morning.

Google and several data brokers are violating the EU’s privacy rules by harvesting people’s personal information to build highly detailed online profiles including some firms’ collection of information on sexual orientation, health status and religious beliefs, according to a report published today.

Via PIltico.eu

The accusations — from Johnny Ryan, a senior fellow at the Irish Council for Civil Liberties, an NGO — come 18 months after Ireland’s privacy regulator began a probe into how Google collects and shares people’s online information for its advertising business.

Several other European data protection authorities subsequently received separate complaints into so-called real-time bidding (RTB), a system by which advertisers use data to target people with paid-for messages when they surf the web.

Ryan said the real-time bidding system, which broadcasted web users’ online behavior and habits to multiple advertising companies and data brokers, infringed on the region’s privacy rules that required data to be kept secure and used proportionately.

The [Irish Data Protection] Commission has failed to stop that ongoing biggest data breach in history and as a consequence people across Europe and in Ireland are exposed to intimate profiling including of health conditions and political views and location over time, because the RTB system leaks that data into the data broker market,” he told POLITICO.

Google and data brokers accused of illegally collecting people’s data: report (Politico.eu)


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  1. :-Joe

    Great work by @JohnnyRyan and the Irish council for Civil Liberties…

    People, wake up and stop using gurgle and facederp etc..services and apps etc.

    It’s not difficult to find better alternatives and have some uncommon sense….

    Many small simple changes add up quickly over a short period of time as you form new and better habits…

    For one, STOP saying / typing “gurgle” instead of the using the word “search”..

    If anything, you should at least be trying to promote a better internet by saying DuckDuckGo or DDG for something that respects your data and privacy while giving you unfiltered, organic and honest search results..

    Only the mass herd at the most risk use use and rely on these tools

    No?.. Ok fine, keep being an eejit and the cause of the problem…


      1. :-Joe

        You’ve asked me this same question in the same way at least twice before…

        I think it’s safe to say you are either a slow learner or in fact just lacking in imagination and creativity?… Either that or you’re slipping into dementia, alzheimers or something similar.

        Do you know what the term “right wing” or “establishment apologist” means, to name just two of the more polite and respectful ones?

        – As an example for you to go and learn about it in more detail.

        At least know yourself first if you want to understand others..


        1. Cian

          I feel that by stooping to playground names detracts from your argument.

          If you act like a child don’t be surprised if people don’t take you seriously.

          :-C ian

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