31 thoughts on “No More Talk Of Darkness

  1. GiggidyGoo

    Ah brilliant. You can get those in Mr. Price. Maybe put some gauze in the mouth and nose holes, and you’re good to go.

      1. Micko

        The fact that this study was even conducted is hilarious.

        “Ummm… we need some of that juicy Covid funding. I know – what about testing how glasses protect you?”

        What a fuppin joke

        COVID 19 – The new GDPR

      2. Just Sayin

        Of course a solid barrier like glasses / goggles / visor will prevent some droplets from hitting eyes, nose or mouth, depending how much they are covering.

        A cloth mask will absorb some, but let some in as it’s essentially porus (or we couldn’t breathe through it.

        But what of the virus that was absorbed by the mask?

        Does it disintegrate on impact?
        No it stays there until the droplet evaporates and then the virus is either inhaled or exhaled.

        But hey maybe everyone is taking off the mask withn 15 mins, the time it takes to get damp, and never putting the same mask back on without first boiling it or washing with detergent.

        In which case them might be deemed to work, but not very well really as plenty of virus still goes through or around them.


        1. Micko

          “Of course a solid barrier like glasses / goggles / visor will prevent some droplets from hitting eyes, nose or mouth”

          Exactly, of course they do, No bloody study required. The fact that it was even commissioned should tell us everything we need to know about this whole Covid thing.

          It was a gross overreaction that has now been hijacked by various private companies, governments and other interested parties for their own needs and we would be very lucky to get this sh*&e back under control.

          Or we could just continue to argue about it…

          1. SOQ

            There is no reason why you cannot wear a visor instead of a mask on public transport is there? Those new ones that sit round the ears like glasses are very comfortable apparently.

          2. Cian

            Visors and face shields

            If you find it difficult to wear a cloth face covering, it’s okay to wear a full face visor or face shield instead. They are not as good as wearing a face covering, but you’ll still get some level of protection.

            The visor should wrap around the sides of your face (ear to ear) and extend to below the chin. Reusable visors should be cleaned after each use and then stored in a clean place until needed.


    1. millie madonna

      So can not eating well, as well as pollution, and not exercising regularly. There are many factors which can affect your immune system.

      I wonder if women who wear niqab or burka find their immune systems adversely affected by covering their mouth and nose.

    2. ian-oh

      Yawn, do ye lads ever give it a rest.

      Masks protect others, they prevent it spreading if you are infected. If you and the other person are wearing a mask the transmission possibility is reduced to a very significant degree.

      But keep on calling people morons, it really makes your argument that much more attractive.

      1. Listrade

        Let’s be clear in how we message masks. For the record, I wear one. But:

        1. Face Masks = CE marked PPE. Proven and tested if worn correctly to varying degrees depending on the type.
        2. Face coverings = everything including above as well as “home made” and face shields. Currently latter two are on theoretically effective, however, no consistency in type, material, etc. No CE mark. No means of knowing if effective. Probably are, but there’s no way of saying if the t-shirt you converted to a mask protects anyone.

        Also, current policy is wrong. Face coverings should be an additional measure in combination with physical distancing, not where physical distancing can’t be maintained especially with untested and uncontrolled manufacture of face coverings. The use of non-PPE masks was always a concern as it leads to complacency and reduction in using the other more effective controls of contact, distance, ventilation and hygiene as well as how people wear them and handle them. All of which we have seen.

        By making masks a “political” issue, we’ve neglected the actual controls we know work. By messaging wearing masks where physical distancing can’t be maintained, we’ve made lack of physical distancing OK as long as I have something covering my mouth and nose, even if that covering has no control over its manufacturing and use.

        1. Micko

          “By making maska political issue?”

          We’re letting the government away with murder. (Literally, if you look at the nursing homes)

          I’ve said it before, the government are laughing at us all arguing over restrictions, wearing of masks, who’s having what house party, who’s going on holidays to what country, who touched their mask, who’s wearing them under their nose etc.

          They are laughing at us all.

          All the way to the bank

    3. Fakenews

      So why do surgeons wear masks?
      Surely surgwons as a coort would have higher rates of illness based on your dumbottom assertion.

      This pandemic has exposed the vast amount of morons that exist in plain sight.

          1. Just Sayin

            Yes that’s the theory of why surgeons wear masks.
            It does seem like a good idea, but if you look at the science to see if they do indeed work in an operation theatre, then you will see that they don’t.

            They make things worse (only by a little bit though)


            If anyone on here has any evidence to say that surgical masks do work to reduce infections in an operating theatre, then I’d like to see it.


            I suppose it’s reasonable to assume that most people on here think that surgical masks do help in an operating theatre, and if so it’s a reasonable assumption that cloth masks could have some benefit.

            But sadly they would be wrong on both counts.

          2. Just Sayin

            No Nigel, they’re mostly just doing what they’ve always done.
            (Regardless of the fact that their information is incomplete)

            Prove me wrong I dare ya!!!

          3. ian-oh

            Good man Just Sayin, quote a ‘naturopathic doctor’.


            Should I take some homeopathy treatments for cancer?


    1. Brother Barnabas

      he’s mocking you
      he’s mocking me
      he’s mocking SOQ
      he’s even mocking bodger
      and frillz too
      he’s mocking all of us
      wouldn’t you really like to administer him a sharp kick to the tibia?

      1. ian-oh

        No, I’m more stern word type of guy.

        Violence will only become necessary when the dead walk.

        And even then, I shall be kind to the ex living, they shall be serenaded back to their dreamless sleep by some miggledy poetry and hot cocoa.

          1. millie madonna

            He’s flourishing and I’m working on a very nice addiction to coffee. It’s been excellent so far.

            He is, in my unbiased opinion, the best young man to ever grace this earth, and nothing I’ve seen has yet proved me wrong.

          2. ian-oh

            For you I’d throw in a shot of a decent 12 year old whiskey in with it too!

            Ah hell, we’ll make it 18 year old and I’ll drop the poetry recital as well…


      2. Just Sayin

        Pointing out facts using science is hardly mocking.

        I often agree with SOQ, yes I’ve pestered Bodger to do more investigative journalism and bring on more people like Ivor Cummins. Vanessa seemed to keep an open mind on the last ‘on the telly’ I certainly don’t ever remember mocking her (I quite like her actually)

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