7 thoughts on “North American Moochers

  1. Slightly Bemused

    Not just North American, we have some here, too.
    I must admit one thing this situation is good for is not being guilty giving no money to moochers. Met someone in the street I know well, and like previously he asked me for euro. I told him these days I put all my money in the bank, and use the card Not 100% true, but I did have no cash on me.
    And I know Chris Pissed feelings on this. This guy mooched, and never gave back.

    I should have said “Any Excuse”

      1. Slightly Bemused

        When I returned from a year working in Zagreb, I was walking on Grafton Street, and a moocher approached with a sign, in bad Emglish saying something along the lines of “Bosnian refugee, please help”. Bosnians and Croats understand each other, closer even than Irish and Scots Gaelic.
        Feeling sympathy, I asked brightly where he was from, starting with the almost universal ‘how are you?’ (kako ste – native speakers, forgive any errors, it has been a while)
        The sign was dropped, and the lad left in a hurry. Honestly, I think he was Irish, just playing on the sympathies of the time.

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