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20 thoughts on “Roothless

    1. scottser

      that’s a tiny spoon you have there. would you like a bigger one?

      1. JEH

        Don’t know if this is a serious comment or tongue-in-cheek, but people seem to be under the impression that having food delivered to your door is a luxury, not a right. if the delivery cost is too much for you, go collect it yourself. Simple.

        1. Q Celt

          Surely home delivery is a basic human right alongside broadband, in fact what’s the point of broadband without home delivery

        2. JEH

          …whoops. Now is mine tongue-in-cheek. Meant the opposite obviously. That people think it’s a right rather than a recent luxury.

  1. Rob_G

    I’m very sorry to hear that worker lost his job – particularly given the circumstances- but swiping in/out for another worker is gross misconduct; anyone doing that would be let go from their job, be they Brazilian or anything else.

  2. Mobi

    This happens a lot.
    Some Brazilians have EU passports and can work here so they share the Deliveroo accounts with friends without EU passports.
    You would often see the names don’t match ie a female name for a guy.
    Nothing else Deliveroo could do here. They need to protect themselves as well.

    1. milk teeth

      ‘Nothing else Deliveroo could do here” haha are you for real? ‘Its impossible for this company to some how check that the person doing the work is the person we think is doing the work”. Of course they can but they don’t want to.

      I mean a really straightforward answer would be regular facial recognition check if they wanted to just sue the app instead of actually having an office or supervisor in a town. It’s not hard.

  3. Neil Murray

    Oh, so they don’t want the rules don’t apply to migrants? Really? If someone else did it they’d loose their job, tragedy or not.

  4. J Dizzle

    I know the Delivaroo workers don’t have an easy job and maybe make the minimum hourly rate. Most of them don’t register to pay tax, therefore the money they take home isn’t the worst.

    1. George

      Clearly you don’t know much about being poor. The amount of money Deliveroo workers make would mean they’d be paying minimal tax especially if they were properly treated as PAYE workers.

      1. J Dizzle

        Who said they are poor? Most are Brazilian Migrants happy to amke a few quid to live here. Most of these are self employed and aren’t registered to pay tax. That’s all my point is. Delivaroo are not contributing anything to the exchequer I’d say

    2. Daisy Chainsaw

      They’re not registered as employees, they have to claim they’re self employed so the company doesn’t have to pay PRSI etc for them It’s a scam.

    3. JEH

      The articles I saw back from 2018 that analysed this (can’t find anything more recent for Ireland) said that they make about minimum wage (10 euro an hour). At 10 euro an hour, whether your paying tax or not is irrelevant since you’d be basically paying no tax anyway aside from maybe USC or PRSI.

      Your comment obfuscates the point and makes it seem as if they’re living high on the hog because they’re not paying taxes. If all of that is cash-in-hand, they’re keeping a marginal amount in PRSI and USC which wouldn’t shift anyone’s standard of living by much.

  5. John F

    “because he let Thiago Cortes use his account the night he was killed”
    why exactly? The circumstances of Mr Cortez dying are tragic but are completely irrelevant here. Allowing somebody else to impersonate you is gross misconduct, deliveroo were within their rights to cancel his contract.
    I don’t fully know how their drivers work for them, to the best of my knowledge they are not direct employees. Rather, subcontractors. So I don’t think letting him go is the correct terminology here. They have just decided they don’t want to work with him in the future, which all things considered, is understandable.
    There tweet ends with calls for (a decent living wage plus stable contracts of employment).
    On the surface, this does not seem too bad. However, scratch a little deeper, and things become a lot murkier very quickly. If all low paid workers were entitled to permanent contracts and higher wages regardless of business levels. How many small shops, restaurants, takeaways, filling stations etc, will close? And how many more will never open because it’s too big a risk for the owners?
    Also, what will happen to things like rent prices and product prices. The product prices are definitely going to go up because the cost of doing business would be higher and that ultimately will be passed onto the consumer. Rents would likely rise because with their new-found money. Delivery drivers et cetera may want to rent out a bigger place or in a better location etc. they will be competing against the people already looking in this price bracket, and ultimately the increased demand will lead to higher prices.

  6. Mick

    It is total poo gaff delivery have people working for them and that they gave to be contractors… as far as I’m aware this sharp practice of dodging taxes is illegal in this state.
    The building trade used to work entirely like this but us being weaned off the practice…

  7. Joe

    As others said taking someone’s account is gross misconduct.

    On demanding minimum wage… Firstly if they work enough hours and efficiently enough they will earn this and more. Secondly if they did employe each person, the selection process would be stricter so many of the immigrants they are trying to help would probably be left with no job and zero income.

    Ask for better commission rates if needed but don’t try change the whole system. Also don’t forget all the tips they will get. Even before deliveroo, delivery drivers got most their income from tips. I did it for a long time myself.

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