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  1. Shayna

    Yay! Zig ‘N Zag are back with The Turkey, D’Arcy and Dustin. Hmm! – the long Winter nights will simply fly by. Go raibh maith agat ar an RTÉ!

    1. Andrew

      Ray Darcy’s back to his level, a sidekick to puppets, who have more personality than he does.
      Ray gets the guts of €500,000 per annum, let tat sink in.

    1. SOQ

      Scientists at loggerheads over UK’s approach to new Covid-19 restrictions

      Two groups of prominent scientists write open letters with conflicting advice on how to tackle virus


      A quote from a recent interview with Professor Carl Heneghan, Oxford University:

      “And let’s be clear the high quality trial evidence for cloth masks suggest they increase your rate of reinfection.” This is what Dolores Cahill and Judy Mikovit have been saying all along.

          1. Milk teeth

            Cheeres interesting. I want to try and find more of that interview. Helerious the poster posts a BBC clip with defund the BBC as his profile mind

      1. Nigel

        I could believe that about masks, given variable standards for face coverings, and lack of expertise and experience in how to use and clean them properly and effectively, but, um, reinfection with covid would surely be big news, whatever the cause, so, at the very least they’re burying the lede…

  2. Formerly known as @ireland.com

    Bozo thinks he is channeling Winston Churchill but it is more like Winnie the Poo!

  3. Formerly known as @ireland.com

    Bozo: “A struggle humanity will win!” – just without the help of the Tories. I don’t see Bozonaro lasting “6 months”.

    1. V AKA Frilly Keane

      He’ll hang tough till Christmas / New Year

      By which point he’ll have been PM, won an 80 seat majority, got his Get Brexit Done

      Then step down and go back to being a multiple gigging ££££££££ earning MP
      And leave his sorry mess for someone else to deal with

      Wouldn’t be surprised if his book advance is already agreed
      Easily 8 mill plus

      1. Charger Salmons

        I’ll remind you of this in four years time when he’s fighting the next general election.
        Getting Brexit done is just the first part of ambitious plans he has for his premiership.
        They include a change in the traditional imbalance between the north and south of the country – all those red Wall seats that fell to the Tories last December.
        And a re-structuring of how the country is run which is why so many senior civil servants are being quietly shown the door in Westminster.
        C-19 has thrown these plans off- course and I have a lingering suspicion that Boris is personally suffering some long-term physical effects of catching it.
        But the idea he’s going to walk is palpable nonsense and one that would terrify the Tories.
        Many of MPs owe their seats to his stunning triumph last year.
        They know it but more importantly he knows they know it.
        Boris is still box office baby which is why the 8 million big ones is about the only correct thing in your post – you can bet Boris is keeping a diary.
        As the old political saying goes – keep a diary and it will keep you.

          1. Charger Salmons

            I’d respond in kind V but your chums at BS protect you from the knockabout stuff with their comment ” approval “.

          2. Vanessanelle

            Ah poor Charage

            that’s what GAA people call getting the excuses in early

            For your own sake
            Know that every word I post here get’s put onto the Naughty Step before it appears

            as for your chums at BS protect you from the knockabout stuff
            you haven’t a clue what your talking about bhoy


        1. Brother Barnabas

          if we were to hold commenters to what they said four years ago – or four months ago in your case – youd be squeezed dry now, charger

          how’s your “the EU dont care about the backstop” assertion faring?

          hehehe x doh

          1. Charger Salmons

            ‘ how’s your “the EU dont care about the backstop” assertion faring? ‘
            Slightly better than your ‘” the EU have our backs ” muppetry.
            Heh x €17.5 billion.

          2. Charger Salmons

            Of course you didn’t petal.
            Just like your imaginary fight with Dominic Cummings.
            And your imaginary lady friends.

        2. ian-oh

          Stunning triumph.

          OK, lets call it that – for him at least. For the UK it was the final nail in their once great coffin.

          Don’t worry though, I’ll be kind to the English refugees over the next four years, a 7-8 year stay in Direct Provision (more if we can prove they voted Tory) with some lovely defrosted Aramark ”meant to be lasagne but your guess is as good as mine’ and only Ros na Run for them on d’telly.


          1. Anyone

            And these refugees must recite d’Article 44.01 of d’Bunreacht na hÉireann, ‘as Gaeilge’ in Tipperary vernacular ‘bhoy’, through an Uilleann pipe dressed only in FG-approved yellow dresses and brown brogues, wearing a P3 mask –

            “In the Name of the Most Holy Trinity, from Whom is all authority and to Whom, as our final end, all actions both of men and States must be referred, We, the people of Éire, humbly acknowledging all our obligations to our Divine Lord, Jesus Christ, Who sustained our fathers through centuries of trial.”

            Then force them to listen to Ryan ‘Tubs’ Tubridy all day while reading the comments of this website.

        3. Alexander the Great

          Well done old chum
          Thanks for the lols and for keeping the empty dullards here occupied
          Of course you can get a little obstreperous now and again, we all do, but your trolling is far superior to most

          1. scottser

            is this what you’re reduced to charger, answering your own posts?
            you should just hang it up now lad, it’s painful to watch.

          2. Charger Salmons

            Empty dullards indeed old sport.
            There are a few contributors on here who appreciate my oeuvre and they’re generally ones a fellow can have some fun with… even old Brother BarneyRubble.
            The Mickey Michaels I simply ignore.

          3. GiggidyGoo

            Sad life there Mitty. Reduced to self-conversation. Sure Have Inferiority troubles meter 8.7. A bit of space left still.

      2. Toby

        Actually, the IRA will probably take him out. They have a good track record of kicking Brit butt and he would be a popular target.

  4. bisted

    …there’s Micheal McNamara, TD and chairman of the Health Committee on RTE proposing the herd immunity solution…off course he’ll only be asking questions…step down Broadsheet pro-sickness warriors…you’ve won…your work here is done…

    1. Micko

      Looking like Michael McNamara is going to have a very interesting sitting of the Oireachtas Special Committee at 10am this morn

      Featuring Dr Johann Giesecke from Sweden, Dr Samuel McConkey and Dr Tomas Ryan.

      The latter who got into an argument on last nights Prime Time

      Should be a good watch – a bit early for popcorn, but sure I’ll give it a go…

    1. Rob_G

      No child should be allowed attend any public school without receiving the required vaccinations*.

      If their parents don’t want to vaccinate their kids – fine, they can homeschool them themselves.

      *unless there is some legitimate medical reason not to do so

      1. Janet, dreams of big guns

        does that include a rushed vaccine that is not held liable for any side effects ( like the swine flus narcolepsy )
        just so you know I am not anti vax, have had a tonne of them myself but not sure if want to pump the kids with an untested formula for something they themselves are not high risk for.

  5. tmh17

    i see one rule for the gaa and one for all other sports per the examiner, seems to make sense that kids can’t play an outdoor match for an hour at the weekend but can wander around shopping centres for hours ? you wonder why the government is losing public support as this crisis continues

    1. Junkface

      I’m glad she can afford it, unlike everyday people who have had their careers destroyed due to woke mobs.

        1. Junkface

          I have yet to see an example of JK Rowling encouraging abuse towards Trans people, or anything close to nastiness towards them. This seems to have exploded from a comment she made on twitter that a person with a womb is called a woman or something.

          1. Nigel

            Oh I’m sure she wouldn’t dream of it. But if we’re talking about people less rich, powerful and far more vulnerable than her being victimised by hate mobs on and off line, I tend to think of trans people.

            Nonetheless she’s the hero we need to protect us from the threat of trans people.

          2. Toby

            You are right Junk. But people like Nigel scour the web looking for offence (never their own, but someone else’s) and then charge in like a stupid white knight trying to steal some relevance for themselves. Its disgusting, self serving nastiness.

          3. Junkface

            The threat is actually (former men) encroaching on women’s rights. There are plenty of intellectuals writing about their concerns relating to that and how children and young teens are opting for Transitioning without realising what they are doing. There have been a lot of 20 to 25 years olds (who began treatments between 2014 and 2016) confirming this now, ones that were lucky enough to go back and realise that they were experiencing mental health issues, not body dysmorphia.

            Abigail Shrier wrote a book on this and has done many podcast interviews and discussions. Same goes for Jonathan Haidt

          4. Janet, dreams of big guns

            I don’t have any problems with mixed facilities, toilets/ showers etc, they often were at french municipal pools, people should be able to behave no matter what gender they are or were,
            I think the sports issue is a valid one, no matter how much I train I’m not got to be able to out run a similarly trained man’s muscles in a sprint ( mind distance now is another story as the old female fat storing eventually has potential to pay off ),

          5. Nigel

            Toby, I don’t have to scour anywhere, I just have to reply to comments here with my own point of view to provoke responses like yours.

            Junkface – ‘former men’ are not encroaching on women’s rights, which is an odd way of putting anyway it if the overall goal is for men and women and everyone trans or non conforming to have the same rights.

            ‘A lot’ seems a bit vague, and such cases are difficult and deserve support and understanding, but should not be used as a pretext to deny treatmeb to people who have gender dysphorhia.

            All of this underlines how increasingly marginalised and targeted the trans community is, as spearheaded by a rich, popular woman now being portrayed as a heroic crusader.

          6. Nigel

            Janet, trans people undergo years of hormone therapy They do not have the same sort of muscle mass or chemical makeup as cis men. As proof of this – they have been competing in women’s sports for decades, and only a tiny handful dominate in their particular events. That’s my understanding, anyway. As with the idea of ‘men sneaking their way into woman’s spaces’ – trans women have been using women’s spaces for decades, only now suddenly has it become an issue.

          7. Janet, dreams of big guns

            thanks for your answer, like I said the woman’s spaces part is not an issue for me ,
            the bigger stronger frame part is what I’d be concerned with as a sporting advantage, I guess even with hormones I find it hard to believe there would not be an advantage,
            much as I enjoy a good wrestle with the male body, even the surprisingly lightly muscled ones are stronger than they look…I have done a lot of research ;)

          8. Rob_G

            “They do not have the same sort of muscle mass or chemical makeup as cis men.”

            – this is categorically incorrect; someone with XY chromosomes and can identify as a woman and start competing in women’s sports the next day, without undergoing any treatment

            “and only a tiny handful dominate in their particular events. That’s my understanding, anyway. ”

            – that’s fine for you to say, as you won’t be competing in any of these events; what if you were a female UFC fighter and found yourself in the ring with a M-t-F trans athlete who had previously competed as a man? It’s downright dangerous, nevermind the sporting implications.

          9. Nigel

            Rob – exactlly how many times has either of your hypotheticals actually happened? To quote Sean Connery in The Untouchables – ‘Who would claim to be that who was not?’

          10. Nigel

            Janet – many top cis atheletes have unique hormonal body chemsitry that allows for greater performance. It’s a feature of competitive sports, as much a random act of genetics as size and shape, not a bug, If they’re going to standardise and regulate body chemistry beyond screening for banned substances – well, I don’t know how that would work without being wildly discriminatory.

          11. Janet, dreams of big guns

            I have very high testosterone levels myself 40 percent higher than the average lady, always easy for me to stay trim and see fast muscle growth…I’m still very much all woman,
            have you ever been up close in either a friendly or indeed non friendly tussle with someone who although your height and weight is just stronger than you because of their sex, well I have for both and it can be very frightening if non friendly.
            When you experience that it’s very real.

          12. Janet, dreams of big guns

            I guess I’m saying the high testosterone, long legs, being relatively lean, a stubborn mindset all give me advantages in running but they remain advantages within the realms of my gender.

          13. Rob_G

            Nigel – my very specific, second hypothetical is not a hypothetical, it refers to a real person – Fallon Fox.

            She fought an XX woman and broke her skull, still in the first round.

          14. Nigel

            How does that fit in with incidences of injuries in MMA? I mean, was it a notable one-off, or did it get attention because she’s trans? Does she regulalry inflict serious injuries like that on her opponents?

  6. millie madonna

    Remember the days when the papers had little to no comments, except for Memes’ midnight meanderings.

      1. V AKA Frilly Keane

        So what did ye make of it anyway

        I thoroughly enjoyed it
        One of the best cake weeks ever

        Loving Lottie – my 1st tip for the final
        Reckon Hermine is one to watch
        Same with last night’s SB Peter

        Knew yer ‘wan Lurieka was heading home the moment she opened the bottle of bubblegum essence in the Signiture
        Fake flavours are a bad start

        Rowan had me in stitches, so hope he gets a good run

        Not sure I like Noel being Mattie’s support act
        But tis early days – producers had a lot to get into e1

        But looking good

        Great Signiture tbh, but Cork people have a great relationship with Battenburg which probably helped my overall impression

        And if anyone is wondering, if I was asked to do a cake bust of anyone – t’would probably be Wogan

  7. Rosette of Sirius

    Found on facebook. It’s both funny and true….

    Brexit Trade Talks: UK: We don’t like our deal

    EU: Why not?

    UK: We only get 95% of what we want

    EU: It only gives us 95% too. That’s how negotiating goes

    UK: We want a new deal that gives us everything we can think of

    EU: But you signed a deal

    UK: Don’t care, we hate you

    EU: Bit rude

    UK: We elected people to go to your meetings specifically to say we hate you

    EU: And how is Nigel?

    UK: Not happy?

    EU: Why not?

    UK: TV has dried up. So we want a new deal, and we want the deal in 3 weeks, or we cancel our existing deal

    EU: Wait, what?

    UK: You heard. Give us 100% of what we want in 3 weeks, or we break the law and walk away with 0% of what we want

    EU: Er suits us!

    UK: Wait, what?

    EU: Perfect. Do it. Walk away. Take Nigel with you.

    UK: No, hold on, wait: you have to negotiate, so Boris can win

    EU: Why? Right now you have 95% of perfect, and we have 95% of perfect. If we renegotiate, you get more but we get less

    UK: That’s right

    EU: But if we don’t negotiate, we still have our 95%

    UK: Woah, hold on

    EU: And you have nothing

    UK: But Dom didn’t superpredict you’d say that!

    EU: And if we don’t have a deal, we don’t have to put up with you **** on our lawn

    UK: The Daily Mail made us do it and then ran away!

    EU: I just found this spine. Is it yours?

    UK: Welp!

    EU: So we’ll just sit this one out

    UK: Fine, we’ll go and make a great deal with the US

    US: Yo suckers

    UK: We are here to get a lovely big trade deal

    US: Sure thing. Obey existing deals, and give us 100% of everything, plus 51% controlling share in the NHS, and you get, let’s see, 60% of what you have now

    UK: Not good enough, we have a Special Relationship

    US: Bye

    UK: What?

    US: Bye. Talks are over, the Special Relationship is over, your country is over. Bye

    UK: But we haven’t got a deal, and we told everyone it would be easy!

    US: It is easy: we are 26% of world trade, making deals with EU (20%) and China (17%). We don’t need your 1.8%. No deal: easy

    UK: But we really need a deal, the EU outsmarted us

    US: We know. Some of us can read. Not Trump, obviously, but the rest of us. Try India

    UK: Hi India, remember us?

    India: Oh ****, these guys again

    UK: We want a trade deal

    India: And we want to vastly increase the number of Indians who can live in the UK

    UK: We can’t do that. Turns out we’re, like, properly racist

    India: That is brand new information!!

    UK: So can we have a deal?

    India: Sure, fine. Join the queue

    UK: Who’s in front of us in the queue?

    India: EU, USA, China, Brazil, Korea, Canada, Australia basically everybody. We’re kind of a big deal now.

    UK: So you’ll be ready to negotiate in, what: 3 weeks?

    India: Ha ha ha ha ha

    UK: What did we say?

    India: 3 weeks? Try 3 years. This **** takes ages, bro

    UK: But we had a timetable of 3 weeks with the EU

    India: And how did that work out?

    UK: Erm

    India: Try Brazil

    UK: Hi Brazil

    Brazil: We ArE oN FiRe!!

    UK: Maybe we can trade you some fire engines?

    Brazil: We LiKe bEiNg oN FiRe, iT’s OuR tHiNg NoW!!!

    UK: Shall we try New Zealand?

    Brazil: I aM So DrUnK!!

    UK: Yeah, let’s try New Zealand

    UK: Hi, New Zealand

    NZ: Hi, Crazy Uncle

    UK: We’d like to sell you some lamb

    NZ: Sorry, it’s very noisy here, cos we still have a working economy. Did you say you want to sell us some lamb?

    UK: Yes

    NZ: Hold the line, gotta tell Australia this, they’ll **** themselves

    UK: Hi Australia, wanna trade stuff?

    Aus: We wanna offload Rolf Harris and our worst ever PM. What can you give us for them?

    UK: We’ve already got them

    Aus: That was easy! So what can you trade?

    UK: We can send you some racists

    Aus: I think we’re sorted. Try Russia

    UK: Hi Russia, we have loads of lovely things we think you’d love to own

    Russia: We already own them

    UK: You don’t own Boris

    Russia: True. We rent him by the hour. £160k for a tennis match

    UK: We really need a trade deal

    Russia: We know. We made you need one. Try China

    UK: Can we please have a trade deal?

    China: And you are…?

    UK: We’re Great Britain

    China: Great, you say?

    UK: Well once

    China: It’s not ringing any bells. Do you have another name?

    UK: United Kingdom

    China: United, you say?

    UK: Alright, smart arse

    China: So you want a trade deal?

    UK: Yes, but first we demand you obey international law

    China: What happened to your deal with the EU?

    UK: We broke international law

    China: Have you been drinking moonshine with Brazil again?

    UK: We’re very tired.

    China: Why did you leave the EU?

    UK: We couldn’t deal with foreigners telling us what to do

    China: What do you want?

    UK: A deal

    China: With who?

    UK: Foreigners

    China: And why can’t you get one?

    UK: Cos we don’t know what to do

    China: Were you dropped as a child?

    UK: We just want a trade deal worthy of our status

    China: You’ve got one

    UK: No we haven’t

    China: Yes you have

    UK: Why won’t anybody take us seriously?

    China: Would you like to buy a mirror?

    UK: Finally, a deal!

    China: You had a deal worthy of your status, with the EU. You don’t need to renegotiate deals: you need to reassess your status. You’re not a mighty nation, you’re a small, wet, heavily indebted island on the edge of a globally important trade bloc, which you just left, you tit

    UK: So, what do you suggest?

    China: Aw, mate. You already know

    EU: Hi there! Here to rejoin?

    UK: Yes, and on the same terms as before

    EU: Oh, I don’t think so. Say goodbye to your rebate, hello to the Euro, and bonjour to the Schengen area. Welcommen!

    UK: We hate you!!!

    1. Charger Salmons

      I particularly like the way you are so devoid of imagination,wit and creativity that you post someone else’s entire Facebook post because you don’t have the intelligence to create one yourself.
      HlIreland’s higher education system hard at work here.
      No wonder there isn’t a single Irish university in the world’s top 100 any more.
      Even the University of Nowhere Important gets in.

      1. Rosette of Sirius

        What exactly do you think this place is?! Pretty much everything posted on Broadsheet was linked to and copied from elsewhere.

        I think I’ll create a subreddit just for you and share your rapier-like racism and disdain for the natives with the world…

        I’ll think I’ll call it r/IdiotOnBroadsheet

        1. Charger Salmons

          Very little stuff on here from serious contributors is copy and paste.
          And if it is it’s either to illustrate or back up a point being made.
          Of course as someone as lazy and uninspired as yourself I can see how it appears otherwise.
          You’re in that coterie of camp followers for whom I apply the dross filter.
          Every forum has them.

          1. Rosette of Sirius

            Charlie, as you’re wont to say, if yer ‘splainin’, yer losin’…. Like Bozo, I suppose… Yeh didn’t lick it off the ground it seems…. Totes hilar… Yeh big fraud.

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