Is The Sun Over The Yardarm?



Toner’s Yard at Toner’s Lower Baggot Street, Dublin 2.

Orla asks:

What other pubs with decent beer gardens are there in Dublin [that are currently open]?



8 thoughts on “Is The Sun Over The Yardarm?

  1. Neil Murray

    Last time I was there, 3 weeks ago, I had barely sat down when we were told we didn’t have to order a pizza each, as if they were doing us a favour. The booth beside me had 6 guys, they didn’t order as much as a packet of peanuts between them during the the 2 hours we were there. Hopefully they’ve raised their game.

      1. JEH

        Oh get off it. It’s a lovely pizza. Follow the rules and order some food. That’s the one part of this whole debacle that is incredibly straight forward. Drop 9 beans on food, then you may order a pint.

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