It’s As If They’re Not Scared


What’s wrong with them?

Have they stopped listening to Tubs?

We may never know.

This afternoon.

Non-cowardly but reckless and infuriatingly panic-free ‘young people’ in Stephen’s Green, Dublin 2 and Dublin city centre.

Earlier, at the Oireachtas Special Covid-19 Committee meeting,..

…Professor Kirtsin Schaffer of the Irish Society For Clinical Microbiology, warned…

…that society is starting to verge into two directions and we have to try to bring society together again.

She said for young people the virus is an abstract term and they feel deprived of their social interactions.

We must change our approach and become more open and transparent because, she said, the younger generations have had enough.

On the other hand the elderly and the vulnerable are terrified, she said.

Don’t know they’re born.

Warning that Ireland at start of second wave (RTÉ)


29 thoughts on “It’s As If They’re Not Scared

  1. Billy Big Sliotars

    Cast your mind back to 2019 when young people were acting like they were the first generation to give a damn about the environment (as long as giving a damn meant they weren’t inconvenienced in any way, shape or form).

  2. Micko

    And sure why would they be scared? About 111 people under 25 have died in Ireland with this thing. It’s a minor issue to them. That’s the reality.

    Stick “ireland start of second wave” into Google and click on news and roll back a few pages and you’ll see all the dodgy predictions about the second wave starting or not starting going back over the last couple of months from all the medical experts. It’s hilarious. Even Varadkar got in on it

    They’re like dodgy cult leaders predicting when the world will end. No one has a elfin clue.

    1. John Smith

      I think you meant ‘111 people under 65 have died’ not ‘under 25’, Micko. A typo, I’m sure.

      The current figures on Wikipedia, for deaths to 22 Sep, are:
      Total under 65 -123
      Total under 35 – 6
      Total under 25 – 1

      The HPSC figures to 20 Sep show 137 people under 25 admitted to hospital, 8 of these going into ICU and 1 death.

      As you say, it is a minor issue for most young people, unless they have a significant medical problem (or very scared parents).

        1. John Smith

          It’s one of the problems, Micko, isn’t it, getting accurate figures? Allowing for the couple of days difference, the Wiki and HPSC ones are pretty much the same. CSO (series 11 is the latest) is up to three weeks behind but more accurate, I suspect. It also doesn’t include probable/possible figures. However, it does give deaths by county and lots of other info. As you say, whichever figures are the more accurate, the figures for all under 65s and especially for under 25s are very small.

  3. John Smith

    As one of the so-called ‘elderly and vulnerable’, my fear is that I am going to be expected to live out the rest of my life (be it long or short) in a world where I cannot see family and friends and am expected to stick something over my face in shops and other settings, etc, etc. I want to be free to make my own choices and take the risks that I choose to take.

    Yes, some of the elderly and vulnerable and many other people, too, have been terified by all the propaganda, etc, and that has been a deliberate policy. It will take a major effort to bring those people back to normality. Being open and transparent alone will not be enough for them – it will come too late – and the young people don’t need it, anyway, they are already making their own choices.

    1. Micko

      But John, “you’re being protected for your own good” they will say!

      When did we start to have such distain for older people’s ability to think for themselves?

      They raised us for Christ’s sake!

      1. Janet, dreams of big guns

        I see this all the time people talking to their elderly parents like they are children or telling them what to do and how to do it, it’s foul behavior. Unless the have dementia etc they know their own mind whether you like it or not.
        My Day wants to clean out his ears with the car keys, wear the same wolly jumper all year, watch the neighbors with binoculars, feed the dog biscuits until she bursts, roar at the telly, not wear his hearing aid, use the same tea bag ten times, burn his rashers for lunch , it’s all up to him

    2. Tony

      @ John

      With respect, nobody’s forcing you to do anything John. It’s health advice. If you want to travel around on buses all day with your nose hanging out the top of your mask, you can. And if you want to visit your friends and family and hang out in their houses you can. You’re not being oppressed. You’re just living in a pandemic where you’re being asked to be considerate of your own health and those around you. Like the rest of us cranky oul tossers!

  4. scottser

    look at them there, not a care in the world with their rock solid immune systems. when i was their age we were all told that if the nukes didn’t kill us then aids would, and and if you weren’t in a full time pensionable job by the time you were 21 then you would die on the streets, eating out of dustbins in a puddle of your own p1ss.
    don’t know they’re born is right.

    1. Spud

      Plenty of research suggests outdoors is very low risk.
      Much higher risk in a restaurant or pub, no matter how much hand sanitiser is on the table.

  5. Murtles

    Well if the government weren’t so inept at delivering advice about Covid without a U Turn or some sort of conflicting advice 5 minutes later, maybe people might understand the message trying to be put across. The Level 3 restrictions put in place in Dublin does not match the Level 3 restrictions outlined in their Living with Covid manifest. It’s like a little from 2 most of 3 and a sprinkling of 4. So if raised to Level 4 in coming weeks confusion will abound.

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