Vintage, filthy, 8mm CIÉ porn

Ciarán Cooney, of Irish Railway Archives, writes:

Some archive clips I’ve edited together of the CIÉ summer excursion trains to Youghal during the 1970’s, filmed by the late Joe St Leger, featuring Carrigtwohill, Killeagh and Mogeely…

Irish Railway Archive

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5 thoughts on “Youghal Might

  1. GiggidyGoo

    Isn’t there something kinda romantic about those railway stations?.
    As kids, we used to walk down to Gorey station to see the Goods Train (or ‘Guts’ train as the older kids used to try frighten us with) arriving in and backing up its carriages onto the sidings. We used to get inside the carriages sometimes (hole in the roof of the ones that carried grain) for the laugh when they had been disconnected. The Station Master would come after us the odd time and we’d run like hell.
    On the platform there was a weighing scales for crates etc. One of those with the arm that looked like a ruler, with sliding pieces to get it to balance. Free to use.
    As well there was a machine for making a small metal nameplates, on the platform
    No tea / drinks etc. though
    Two trains a day each way on the Wexford-Dublin line. Great way to pass an hour on nice yellow summer evenings.
    Once a week, a horse-drawn trailer would load up in the CIE Store at the station, and would make deliveries in the town. Sometimes the ‘driver’ would let us accompany him. (Had my first taste of alcohol on one of the trips – Babycham – at age 12 :-))
    We even were allowed into the signal box sometimes when the trains were arriving.
    Nice people, no bullpoo.

      1. Steph Pinker

        Ditto, GG and Lush. I’ve sailed to Youghal and stayed in the Imperial Hotel on a few occasions, and it’s a lovely hotel, but there’s the added aspect of its historical importance; in the 18th century the hotel was a coach-house on the old Bianconi line – the old granite stables are still in the coach-yard at the back of the hotel and there’s a beautiful stone clock tower on the main street; for such a small coastal town, it’s quite memorable and there’re many locals who know the history of the area.*

        * Don’t mention Vikings though :)

        One more thing, the hotel isn’t haunted :(

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