Lidl trainers.

Previously only available in Finland.

Going for up to 500 big ones on eBay.

Available in Ireland alongside other Lidl ‘merch’ in November.

Take that, Yeezy.

10 thoughts on “Box Fresh

  1. Rob_G

    I was raging when i missed out on the flip-flops in the same colour scheme…

    Also, while they are fresh AF, I would be surprised if any actually sold for €500.

  2. Gabby

    In downtown Shanghai you can pick up a pair of genuine fakes for the equivalent of 15 euro. Also fake Gucci handbags. Fake Swiss watches a specialty.

  3. Ian-Oh

    Ye should get Ye on here.

    He’d fit in nicely with all the alt/far right, naturopaths, amateur quacks and conspiracy theorists that have become yer standard.

    He could call us sheep or something and we’d all laugh and until we realised we might as well change the name to 10chan or even 14chan and put a MAGA banner up instead if the dog.

    Good times.

    Unless yer not a paranoid wreck about about every single little thing.

    1. Scundered

      Disagreeing with a lot of the narrative driven main stream media does not automatically make people any of the things listed above, it is worrying how basic levels of debate have been largely lost in very recent times, society needs to get back to respecting the necessity of balance in media, and move away from the absolute s***show of name calling when someone has another opinion, which achieves nothing. Sam Harris has a lot of great content discussing this and the need to get back to healthy respectful debate where people are willing to have their minds changed, by exploring in depth any manner of subject no matter how controversial.

      Good ideas will always overcome bad ideas in a healthy arena of debate.

    2. Anyone

      Is that necessarily the Irish way? Basic levels of debate? Meaningful exchange? That’s the rub, it’s been parochial partisan positioning in real life so why would it be different on Broadsheet? Vainglorious sneering, one-upmanship, calling people you disagree with ‘ratlickers’ ‘4Chan’, ‘Donkeys’ and ‘alt-etc’, just reinforces your own prejudice. While morbidly entertaining, it hints at deeper insecurity and fear. Fear is a tool and some of them here have fear, and atrocious grammar. “The smart way to keep people passive and obedient is to strictly limit the spectrum of acceptable opinion, but allow very lively debate within that spectrum” said the older bipedal Chomsky. Here, ‘lively’ debate is distilled via an Irish taste for invective, blame and provoking the other. Not a lasting impression for a given topic. What about you at BS towers having a specific posting guide and a better grip on things?


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