‘Neither Left Nor Right’

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Dr Marcus de Brun urges people of all politics to join next Saturday’s rally against rona restrictions organised by Yellow Vest Ireland and Health Freedom Ireland at Custom House Quay, Dublin 1 at 2pm.

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123 thoughts on “‘Neither Left Nor Right’

        1. E'Matty

          It is. You wish to use a violent terrorist orgnaisation to silence citizens who dare deviate from the government dictated line on an issue. Apparently, you think a demcoracy is when everybody obediently follows government dictats and instructions, with no room for dissent or laternatvie viewpoints, and that violent organisations should be unleashed on those who fail to obey. That ain’t demcoracy pal and you’re displaying all the hallmarks of a right little fascist. Are you Far-Right?

          1. E'Matty

            @Nilbert – “for ‘Government dictats’, read science-based health measures” yeah sure, the measures introduced by the government have all been based in real solid science. Can you tell what the science was behind their policy of sending sick elderly patients back from the hospitals to the nursing homes with strict instructions not to test for Covid? Given we knew in January that the elderly were the most affected group, can you explain how the governments “science based approach” resulted in 80% of deaths occuring in nursing homes? You seem to be under the misapprehension that whatever the government decides is sciene based simply because they proposed it and anything that deviates from that isn’t science as a matter of course. I’m not sure you really undertsand what science is.

  1. Bruce Wee

    His followers on his twitter account is enough to but me off….would love to know his answer but I guess you just have to attend…

    1. f_lawless

      “A doctors bottom line is do no harm”. Indeed. Considering the devastating effects that the policy of rolling lockdowns is having on society – particularly the less well off – with seemingly no strategy beyond “2 weeks to get this under control” and wait for a vaccine; and NPHET rigidly stuck in tunnel vision, refusing to acknowledge or adjust policy according to crucial new evidence about the virus as it has emerged, we need more medical experts like Dr De Brun with the principles and bravery to challenge this groupthink and help rally public support for alternative courses of action.

    1. Vanessanelle

      The man is not an idiot
      Far from it in fact

      Dr Marcus is presenting facts, that are published and available to all, and accompanying them with his own qualified opinion
      And he does it Independently

      Free from the influence of Big Pharma and MMS and Government
      can you say that about a few other Doctors you never heard of till this year?

      Whether you agree with his opinions or not
      Whether you trust him as a physician or not
      That’s entirely up to you

      But the man is not an idiot

      1. b

        well, he may not be an idiot but he’s purposefully aligning himself with the plandemic, anti mask, ‘bill gates invented COVID’ mob

        and THAT is idiotic

          1. SOQ

            Is your child suffocating in a face nappy “idiot-adjacent” because the parents of one next have served a ‘notice of liability’ against the school Clampers?

          2. E'Matty

            Idiots? Are they the lads and lassies cycling around town on bikes, driving in cars by themselves or walking around in the fresh air, all whilst wearing face masks? Met a fella cyclin up Ticknock with a face mask on. Was hilarious watching the eejit wheeeze and pant his way up the hill. There’s plenty of comic value to be gotten from the herdy types who believe whatever they’re told to believe, to be fair.

          3. SOQ

            If it is such a thin piece of cloth then why is there three layers?

            When every school in Ireland is served with a ‘notice of liability’- north and south- then this child abuse will stop.

        1. E'Matty

          @b, or perhaps he’s absolutely spot on and many of those protesters are too, you’ve just been conditioned by the media to view all those protesters as mad Far Right loonies. The media labelled them all Far Right and people like you simply adopted that labelling when describing them. It’s so easy to demonise and dehumanise a group when their views are different to your own. You’re probaby even one of these people warning ogf the dangers of the rise of authoritarianism and fascism worldwide. Oh, the irony never ceases to amuse….

          1. Sham Bob

            ‘conditioned by the media’ – that might fly if the words and opinions of the protest leaders weren’t there for all to see on social media. So currently there appears to be an attempt to modulate the message and put some distance between them and the full-on fash/racists, but the rest of us are required to forget everything we’ve seen online in the past year for that to work.

        2. :-Joe

          Idiots really?…

          “Plandemic” = A documentary and buzzword based on the many very real intentinal efforts to reshape the western economy to be more competitive with China through increasing “surveillance capitalism”.

          “Anti-mask” = Many people have and believe in scientific proof that they don’t make a difference. Many of these people only changed their minds recently, when the claim of proof with scientific proof was communicated to reinforce the idea in the mainstream that masks can actually fight the virus as well as prevent spreading.

          I thought that was interesting timing to say the least, tell the plebs/serfs what they need to hear etc. but I wear a mask anyway just to keep-narrow minded dope’s and the law happy at the same time.

          If you think gates is some kind of benign billionaire philanthropist getting a raw deal from the media and conspiracy theorists then you really are an alpha-prime eejit, far worse than these notinal idiots you think are beneath you.

          All they represent is anger, frustration and the very real fear of more incompetance and mismanagment wreaking even more havoc, damage and death in their lives by this useless F-f/g duopoly for the wealth of elites and bankers first in a growing non-goverment anti-democracy .


          1. E'Matty

            Well said. These imbeciles who think Gates has turned into Jesus Christ himself are utterly deluded. The guy who was despised for years for his ruthless and monopolistic business practices and comes from a Eugenics loving family (an Anglo American elites ideology that never went away), suddenly transformed into Gandi and wants to save the poor of the world they believe.

            Here’s a guy who’s organisations have been calling for a decade of vaccines (The Global Vacine Action Plan 2011-2020), global mass vaccination campaign (launched at Davos World Economic Forum Jan 2019), with a global biometric ID for every human (ID2020 – “an electronic ID program that uses generalised vaccination as a platform for digital identity). The ID2020 Alliance held their Summit entitled “Rising to the Good ID challenge” 19 September 2019. A month later in November 2019 The John Hopkins Center, World Economic Forum and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation ran a pandemic table top execise involving top global business, government, military and public health leaders that simulated a global coronovirus pandemic.

            When the coronavirus “pandemic” did emerge towards the end of 2019 and into early 2020, who did the governments of the world turn to for guidance? The World Health Organisation of course. Who were the top sponsors of the WHO in 2019? No.1 the United States. No.2 the Gates Foundation. Now that Trump is pulling US funding (actually redirecting through the Gates Foundation), the Gates Foundation is now the prime financial donor for the global health organisation calling the shots.

            Just by pure coincidence, Bill has been free to focus fully on his “philanthropic work” having resigned from the Microsoft board in March 2020 (what timing!) and has since predicted that things won’t “go back to truly normal until we have a vacccine that we’ve gotten out to basically the entire world”.

            “We feel there’s been over a 20-to-1 return yielding €200 billion over those 20 or so years” Gates told CNBC’s Becky Quick on “Squawk Box” from the World Economic Forum in Davos when discussing the return on investment made by the various Gates entities from vaccines.

            People may be interested to note that Irish man Michael Ryan, who we see on our tvs speaking on behalf of the WHO, worked with the Gates Foundation in Africa on their vaccine programmes. The prominent vaccine being touted by our media, the Moderna RnA therapy vaccine, was co-founded by Julie Sunderland after having led program-related investments for the Gates Foundation which provided financial support to Moderna.

            Conflict of interest anyone?

        1. Vanessanelle

          and you tried this before too Rob

          My position hasn’t changed one bit
          I’d rather everyone focused on the Government’s management of the Pandemic
          Since January

          and ignored all this masker v anti masker activity

          1. Anti Bots

            This is the doctor who ran away when the virus first appeared. He’s not a real doctor. Just because you “interviewed ” him does not make him a real doctor. He must obey the Hippocratic oath, not run away from it.

    1. E'Matty

      @Col, yup, The supposed Left have become the voice of authoritarian government policy, with the supposed Right being the challengers to that exercise of authoritarian power. The supposed Left now perfectly aligned with the global billionaire class, while the supposed Right attacking the elites. It’s the upside down. The key thing to remember is that right and left are simply two cheeks of the same ar$€, and both are actually pretty full of poop. Divide and rule is all it is.

      1. SOQ

        What is interesting is the way that nationalism has been painted as right wing except SF are the elephant in that particular room because they are most definitely nationalist.

        1. E'Matty

          SOQ – This is true though, in my opinion, Nationalism is pretty stupid and not the answer to our ills. But, it’s been set up as the opposing force to Globalism. In truth, we will see a synergy of the two with centralised supranational global rule but with tightly controlled regions. Restricted movement and rights for the masses, central control of every living thing on the planet, deification for a transhumanist ruling class.

          The Right call out for a strongman to save them, the Left call out for strong global government to save them. Both are unwittingly calling for authoritarian rule. Of course, everybody is running around thinking in cartoonish terms of Left and Right and Nationalists and so on.

          In respect of Nationalists though, people have been very quick to forget that most “Freedom movements” of the last couple of centuries were ostensibly nationalist in character. Centralised global rule, nah, nothing fascistic about that at all….

      2. Nigel

        That’s odd. I doubt the global elite billionaire class care whether the pandemic kills you or not, but like these fine folks they would prefer the worker drones back at their gig economy jobs getting another day older and deeper in debt on their behalf rather than larking about safely at home with government support. Almost as if the real authoritarianism is forcing people back into the same vulnerable status quo before we’re sure whether it’s really safe yet or not.

        1. E'Matty

          Yeah Nige, the “pandemic” is really hurting the global billionaire class. You’re so brave helping them increase their wealth and reshaping our economies and societies to give them ever greater control. (From August) “According to the Institute for Policy Studies, the wealth of the top 12 billionaires in the U.S. recently exploded to more than one trillion dollars.

          Since the pandemic first blew up in the U.S. back in March, the “Oligarchic Dozen” has enjoyed a 40% surge in its combined wealth — or an increase of $283 billion.

          “This is a disturbing milestone in the U.S. history of concentrated wealth and power,” said Chuck Collins, a director for the Washington D.C.-based progressive think tank. “This is simply too much economic and political power in the hands of twelve people. From the point of view of a democratic self-governing society, this represents an Oligarchic Dozen.”

          Worker drones you say? Oddly prescient wording as we move to a digital economy soon to be dominated by robotics, automation, nano and biotech. The billionaires are gonna hate that alright. They can console themselves with their billions in extra wealth and added global power. Can anyone say global oligarchy or the most controlled global society in human history?

          1. E'Matty

            @Nigel “I prefer to prioritise lives and health, regardless.” Except you’re doing neither. All people like you are doing is handing the keys to the castle to the global ruling class. But hey, you think ultra ruthless monopolist technocrat billionaire Bill Gates is just trying to save you and all the poor of the world from this nasty virus. Jesus, the naivity levels amongst suppose adults here is alarming.

  2. Madam X

    Ah here Broadsheet. Promoting this crap nonsense which is what it is endangers us all if the HSE cannot cope with the rise in infections. You realise of course the hard right funded by Fascists in Europe and the USA is behind this ? If they ever get to power Broadsheet will be squashed like a fly along with every minority that they take a dislike to. They already hate LGBT Migrants etc.

    1. SOQ

      Infections do not stress the HSE only sickness, and that is remarkably low these days- at least for CoVid-19.

      Tell me something, if all of this is so right wing then why is there so many Blacks, Asians and gays in attendance? Are they really stupid or is it just the case they see something you don’t?

    2. E'Matty

      @Madame X – jaysus, they’re some real msm talking points you’re pushing there. Anyone who dares question governemnt policy and the approach to the “pandemic” is now a fascist, but those calling for extreme authoritarian State powers are the freedom loving “goodies”? Weird.

  3. Rob Gale

    I’ve had enough of this. Every time they meet, more people fall sick, and thusly more people potentially die or end up with life long ailments. The Guards need to go down and stop them gathering. Unfortunatley theyre too scared to engage with them. We need more Lugs Brannigans.

    1. E'Matty

      @Rob Gale – or maybe get the brownshirts out to beat up the protesters eh? Or you might prefer to send anyone questioning the government to a special camp? Didn’t take long for the authoritarian types to get into the swing of it, did it?

  4. Andy Pipkin

    It’s simple!
    Of those people who want too go to this or those who are organising these protests, if they were offered an injection of Co-vid at the protest, would you take it???? Or you can bring the needle home to your loved ones!

    Because it’s the same thing!

  5. Rob

    Maybe you don’t want it to be about left or right, but I’m still not going.

    Like if there’s a bar full of penile craniums , talking all sorts of nonsense, I’m not going to bring myself and my friends to try to steer an awful conversation to a better place. I’ll just go to another bar or stay home. You should too.

  6. Joe

    What do these people do in their spare time? Play hopscotch in minefields? Drive on the wrong side of the road against oncoming traffic on the M50?
    Hold their babies on their knee with no seat belts as passenger’s? They demonstrably have the scientific knowledge and the intellectual capacity of an amoeba. What I find the saddest is their extreme lack of humanity towards their fellow humans. There is so much wrong in Irish society that organized collective action could change for the better and they choose this to have a protest about… Still I suppose it’s good clickbait for Broadsheet.

        1. SOQ

          The biggest crisis in our life time does not need tolling.

          You above all should professionally know how serious this has become.

          1. V AKA Frilly Keane

            Excuse me ?
            Did you – the lad that introduced this
            So certain knuckle dragging lesbians should stay at home?

            Just accuse me of trolling

            Who the xxxx do you think you are ?

            You know what’s lads
            I think far too many of ye here forget just how two-faced some of ye are

          2. Charger Salmons

            Knuckle-dragging lesbians ?
            That is bang out of order.
            The fairer sex deserves better that approbrium such as this.
            Recant it at once you bounder.

  7. Micko

    I love the way everyone calls each other Fascists if they diss agree with someone.

    The reality is that the folks at the rallies are trying to do what they think is right for their children and their country.
    Not fascists

    The same is true of the folks against it. Just trying their best for children and country. Not fascists.

    We need to figure out a way of bringing people back together, coz what we’re doing clearly isn’t working.

    Right now, it’s like we speak different languages.

    Maybe we should all focus on the unbelievably crappy job the government is doing.

    Something we can all agree on.

    1. E'Matty

      get out of here with that sensible talk. No room for that these days. As my brother oftens says “Everyone is just trying their best to get through life, just often with a different perspective on the same events”.

    2. Cian

      The reality is that the folks at the rallies are trying to do what they think is right for their children and their country.

      You are right.

      And all the Italians, Spanish, and Germans back in the 1930s and 1940s were also doing what they thought was right for their children and their country too.

  8. Kdoc

    The good doctor believes it’s not about the Left or the Right. Is that why Farage’s pal, Hermann Kelly attends, along with Croft, Gilroy and the Donegal donkey who leads the colour party? They also bring along their foot soldiers (who wear masks!) and seem eager for confrontation – they are most likely the same toe rags who attend football matches for the same reason.

    1. Cui Bono?

      You’re only focusing on one tiny group of the protest.

      The vast majority are very nice people.

      This affects everyone so everyone should be there. Left, right, up, down, everyone!

  9. Daisy Chainsaw

    Go on donkeys, be knowingly led by the Brit backed bigots and fascists. The enemy of your enemy is not your friend in this case… unless you are a bigoted fascist happy to march with them

    1. Cui Bono?

      This will be a peaceful protest to try and bring some sanity back and stop the madness.

      It’s nothing to do with fascism.

      If there’s any other protests to stop the insanity then please do let me know.

  10. Zaccone

    I don’t entirely agree with the goal of the march but my god its scary to see all the people here calling for the right to assembly/protest to be taken away.

    One of the bedrocks of a free democracy is people’s right to organize, assemble, and protest. If you start taking it away from one group of people arbitrarily because they don’t agree with the government line then its not going to be long before its taken away from all people. This is literally how you end up with authoritarian societies, of either left or ring wing bent.

    If you don’t agree with these people then just don’t go to support them. If their views are as fringe as some of you are claiming then almost nobody will attend anyway.

    1. Micko


      Yup, what’s that quote?

      “I don’t agree with what you say but will defend your right to say it.”

      Something like that…

      1. Truth in the News

        Why has the epedemedec come back, are all the Government exhortations having
        the opposite effect there is also belief in certain circles that the pronouncements
        on the virus are ineffective and that a lot of the populace are unconcerned, there is
        a notion in official circle’s that they are infallable when speaking on virus matters
        Dr De Brun is entitled to his opinion and given what’s happening he may well
        be right

  11. Pee Pee

    Why are these people obsessed with the concept of ‘freedom’. Yet, are anti gay marriage, anti choice, and believe people should live and die in the country they were born in. Bunch of horrible dopes.

      1. Pee Pee

        I think their ‘opinions’ become a problem when they have a negative impact on other people’s lives. Like what happened to that family in Dundalk. Yes, kill them all.

        1. E'Matty

          @Daisy, do you even know what that peepee story is alleged to be? Clearly not, as you seem to be under the misapprehension it is embarassing or compromising for Trump.

  12. Sham Bob

    Come on lefties, get a on a bus with your local headbangers and come to Dublin cause Marcus de Brun is a solid ‘1st preference for Labour’ man. And the whole thing’s being led by the brother of a prominent left-winger in the UK! And there’s some lefties involved in Germany. Just ignore the US though yeah? Don’t let anyone tell you you’re the Irish branch of the Trump re-election campaign.

      1. Pat Mustard

        I don’t attend Bob, but it does not bother me that people are protesting. I don’t mind anyone protesting anything.

        Unlike yourself.

  13. Charger Salmons

    Nothing to see here.
    Just the early stirrings of a Farage-style opposition freedom movement that will push back against open-ended migration, crushing of civil liberties and and widespread corruption,ineptitude and general gombeenism of the establishment.
    Ireland always follows Blighty about a decade later so this is tight on time.
    When you think about it it’s exactly the free spirit and rebellion which founded this State.
    And bizarrely the BS Nigels of this world have become exactly the intolerant fascists that drives every single protest movement.
    Bring it on.

  14. Charger Salmons

    Apologies for the typos but I’ve had an afternoon in the hammock mainlining margaritas and Long Island Ice Teas so I’m seeing everything double at the moment.

  15. Charger Salmons

    ” Brit-backed bigots and fascists.”
    You can see why the Irish government has no trouble pulling the strings of these pitchfork-wavers.

  16. Cui Bono?

    So many ignorant comments still it’s just shocking at this stage.

    It’s almost October now and we’ve known for many months that:

    1. PCR tests pick up old coronavirus and have high false positive rates.
    2. We counted many people who didn’t die from covid as covid deaths.
    3. We counted many people who were never tested as covid deaths.
    4. The IFR is around 0.3% or lower.
    5. Based on the IFR of 0.3% we’ve had about 600,000 cases or 12% of the population.
    6. Hospitalisation rate is only about 0.57%
    7. “Long covid” appears to be extremely low at only approx 0.02% so similar to flu
    8. T Cell immunity is looking to be huge all over Europe and we may only need to reach 10% to 20% infected to reach population immunity.
    9. Sweden has 3.2 times more vulnerable compared to Ireland and only had 3.3 times more deaths but has lower deaths from all other causes and will in the future too because they kept healthcare open to everyone.
    10. This is nowhere near as bad as we first thought back in March and should simply protect the old and vulnerable and everyone else gets back to normal once and for all.

    The madness has go to end. The mass brainwashing needs to stop. Everyone needs to cop on, wake up and we need to bring many evil and useful idiots to jail and throw away the key.

    Left and Right are wings of the same bird so show up on October 3rd!

      1. E'Matty

        @Truth in news- 80% of Irelands Covid “deaths” were in nursing and care homes. Most of these appear to have been very elderly people dying of chronic heart disease, neurological diseases, respoiratory diseases, cancer, diabtetes etc.. and they were deemed Covid deaths if it was believed they had contarcetd the virus (many were never tested). WE don’t have any strong evidence of large numbers deaths being caused by Covid. The only true impact from the virus appears to be these cytokine storms and yet nobody is examining the long well documented history of cornoviruses, vaccine interference and cytokine storms. Instead, the government wants to vaccinate the whole country for the flu this winter.

    1. Sham Bob

      ‘we need to bring many evil and useful idiots to jail and throw away the key’ – ye just can’t help yereselves can ye?

  17. NobleLocks

    All I see here are two groups of people who are so sure of themselves that they end up hurling abuse and calling one another ignorant. Left and Right extremists, why is it the only way that any of you people seem to be happy is when you “think” you’re proving someone else wrong?


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