‘Control And Restraint Techniques’

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Cloverhill Prison

This afternoon.

Three separate investigations were underway into a prisoner’s death at Cloverhill Prison, Clondalkin, Dublin 22 on Monday night.

Via The Irish Times:

The deceased was a 36-year-old Irish man who was on remand in Cloverhill Prison, Dublin.

The Irish Times understands he became engaged in a stand-off with staff on Monday after he declined to be relocated within the prison.

He was then tackled by a number of staff, who subjected him to control and restraint techniques to force him to move.

The man then became unwell and quickly became unresponsive.

Man’s death in prison after restraint by officers is investigated (Irish Times)


11 thoughts on “‘Control And Restraint Techniques’

    1. Termagant

      “bless the poor man’s soul”
      Well let’s not get carried away here, he was on remand for violating a barring order and became belligerent enough to be subdued by “a number of staff”, there’s a reasonably good chance he wasn’t a nice person

          1. Termagant

            Let’s take that for granted, that the original barring order was made out of spite. Regardless he wasn’t in prison because a barring order was taken out, he was in prison because he violated the barring order after the fact sufficiently that someone called the guards on him. And then correlate this with the fact that rather than be moved presumably from one cell to another he preferred to get in a scrap with a bunch of prison guards. It’s a lot harder to find a context in which he was a poor wee lad in the wrong place at the wrong time than it is to find one in which he was a violent gurrier.

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