Last night.

Galway city.

In a statement to, Gardai said

‘Gardai attended the scene of a gathering of people that occurred in the Galway city area at approximately 10pm.

‘The crowd was dispersed without incident and Gardai advised people present of the relevant health guidelines in place.

‘Gardai are not investigating breaches of Public Health Regulations by those in attendance.

‘There are no penal regulations prohibiting [a] person/persons attending such gatherings. There are no penal regulations in respect of social distancing, wearing of masks in [a] public area.

‘An Garda Siochana has no statutory powers under “COVID Regulations” to prevent these gatherings taking place.’

Watch: Fury in Galway as large crowds of students congregate around the city (

Pics via Twitter

20 thoughts on “Looking Fresh

  1. broadbag

    The govt have made the Gardai into a chocolate fireguard, why would they bother, ”here, ye better move on and stop breathing all over each other or else…erm…bye!”

  2. Junkface

    Who can say they would not be doing something pretty similar to this at their age? First year of college, of course they want to socialise. Maybe the Taoiseach could communicate with them through the medium of dance on TikTok?

  3. E'Matty

    Great to see the young people of Ireland are not all falling prey to this fearmongering and Covid hysteria. They are having their futures sold down the Swanee by this grotesque overreaction to the virus, and who can blame them for wanting to enjoy some socialising on the streets? The young provide great hope that we can push back against this complete nonsense. Let the cowards and idiot class who swallow every hystertia fuelled headline like mindless herd animals cower in their basements for the winter. The rest of us will get on with life and rebuilding the economy.

    1. SOQ

      ICU admissions = 0, ICU discharges = 2 Nett reduction of 2
      Hospital admissions= 12, Hospital discharges 7 Nett increase of 5
      NO fatalities
      29/09/2020 as of 11:30 am

      Exactly the same as the rest of Europe, including Sweden where sanity prevails. And before we have the usual shouting that Sweden had an initial higher death rate AGAIN- i am talking about current silly restrictions- not from eight or nine months ago.

      1. Cian

        Confirmed Covid Cases in Hospital is 117 (+5). The highest since 8th June.

        1 week ago: 94
        2 weeks ago: 68
        3 weeks ago: 49
        4 weeks ago: 36
        5 weeks ago: 26

        ICU cases is at 17 (=).–testing
        *at 12.00

        The numbers in hospital continue the day-by-day rise.
        At what stage will you acknowledge that there is a second wave (or new season if you prefer) and something needs to be done? 200 people in hospital? 50 people in ICU?

        1. E'Matty

          the natural rise in elderly people being hospitalised at this time of year. They’re just labelling everything Covid now. The figures will continue to rise no matter what we do as this is what happens every year heading into the autumn as the weather changes and has sweet FA to do with Covid (as indeed have many of the deaths attributed to Covid).

          Why don’t the tell us what age these people being admited to hospital and ICU are? or what other life threatening illneesse they are suffering from?

          Case numbers only rising due to 2-3% false positives from PCR test, which correlates perfectly with the 2.1-2.2% Covid rate they were reporitng last week. The whole thing is a sham, a con job, a stinking pile of BS.

    2. Gabby

      These particular young are not combating anything ideologically. They are just having an alcohol-fueled night out. It’s an aspect of Irish culture – let’s have some drinks and let’s let off steam. The left and the right ‘analysts’ tend to overlook the booze angle when considering street behaviour.

      1. E'Matty

        I know, the mad feckers are just trying to go about living their lives. That is all we need to do to push back against the nonsense, live as normally as possible and reject the absolute cr@p coming from Leinster House and the NPHET fearmongers and authoritarians. They clearly are not too concerned by the virus, and rightly so. Keep on partying young people!

  4. Gabby

    You note: “…live as normally as possible and reject the absolute cr@p coming from Leinster House and the NPHET fearmongers.” Alas the alcohol-fueled roisterous street behaviour of students and twenty-somethings in Irish culture is a problem, regardless of ideology. Irish cultural and emotional life tends to lack depth.


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