Marty Mone – U Turn

Truck-driving YouTube country sensation Marty Mone (top) continues to top the streaming charts. And his latest video shows you the hard miles he has travelled around the world in his rig.

It was partly shot at Ireland’s first ever drive-in gig in Ballymena, County Antrim – a snapshot of our post-COVID society.

Nick says: Wheels of fortune.

Marty Mone

7 thoughts on “You May Like This

  1. goldenbrown

    er…where is he a sensation again exactly?

    jasus, even if I could somehow enjoy a C&W smokey and the bandit mashup assault complete with guitar errors this wouldn’t be in my top anything…it’s awful

    good luck to ya lad, we all know deep down what you really really want to do is to drive a Peterbilt 389 with a trailer full of coors from Texarkana to Atlanta and I hope one day your dream comes true. but stick to the day job.

      1. Paulus

        Ah Scottser, you’ve touched on a subject very dear to my heart, i.e. how dangerously broad a category “Country and Western” is.
        I say dangerously because of the reaction it often causes in people who associate all C&W with Irish “artists” most of whom are as manufactured as Westlife ever were.
        They purvey bland, homogenous three-chord-trick tat, (American accents from Midlands buckos): Stuff which doesn’t even need to be rehearsed. The band just confirm the key, nod, and away they go!
        “Come on now, let’s have you all clapping your hands”

        Contrast that with real American Folk/Bluegrass/Alt Country.
        There are some fantastic Country-tinged acts out there; many of whom, (especially instrumental acts), are reflecting our own traditional music back on us. And not just instrumentals;
        For example; Jake Xerxes Fussell credits this song to the singing of proud Birr man Thomas McCarthy – himself a great exponent of Irish Traveller stories and song:

        Lots of great stuff; just be careful not to lump it all under the same C&W banner eh!


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