5 thoughts on “Sure Where Would You Get it?

  1. Slightly Bemused

    Through sleep blurred eyes on a small screen I must admit I thought the picture was of a model battleship, and reminded me when I was small we would go down of a Sunday morning to Blackrock Park. The model enthusiasts would be out in force, and it was a great place to see where a speedboat was larger than a liner.
    One guy had a sub (though always on the surface – I think there were ‘Rules’) and some kind of torpedo system. His friend had a model destroyer, and they would chase themselves around the lake.
    One of my favourites, and what prompted this, was a model of a battleship (I do not remember which, but I do remember being told and being interested) and he had a system where he could turn the guns, and they would ‘fire’, spouting what I assume was steam.
    And all this was in the days before modern micro-electronics, digital whatnot, and commercially made parts. These were the results of a passion, and many hours sitting at a bench glueing things I know I can no longer see clearly together.

    I wonder now do they still gather at Blackrock park for miniaturised remote battle?

  2. Gabby

    On the outskirts of Dublin the Liffey looks gorgeous; but once it reaches Kingsbridge the water gets fouled up with all kinds of untreated effluent flowing into it.

    1. Slightly Bemused

      I used swim in it just down from an abbatoir. Occasionally the water would turn red, and we thought this was fun to swim in.
      I am surprised I survived to this day :-)


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