There’s Something Without Dairy

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This morning/afternoon.

Queen Street, Smithfield, Dublin 7.

Amid the gloom, Vegan Sandwich Co.celebrates its first day in business.

In fairness.

Do give them a visit should you be in the hood and in the market for a meatless sanger

Vegan Sandwich Co.

11 thoughts on “There’s Something Without Dairy

  1. Nicorigo

    The super hipster fish and chips at number 8 Queen street is gone then? And now has been replaced by a super hipster vegan sandwich shop.

  2. goldenbrown

    jeez Broadsheet

    I thought morkeshing of insta hipster crap in on-trend Farrow & Ball battleship grey was more Lovin’ Dublin’ territory, no?

    oh well, bills must be paid I suppose

    only slaggin ;)

  3. Charger Salmons

    I’m a meat man myself ( stop sniggering ) but good luck to anyone opening any new business at a time like this.
    It requires balls and an unshakeable optimism.
    Ireland needs people like this right now.

  4. Janet, dreams of big guns

    fair play guys and not to steal your thunder but it made me think of a similar business that has had to do a complete remodel to try and get through covid, Barry at Pang on Kevin Street is now Dash burgers , first smash burgers in Dublin and they are the business,
    if you feel like supporting decent innovative heads stick a visit on your list too :)


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