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  1. f_lawless

    Interesting recent clip of Canadian Parliament. Seems like a very similar story is playing out in Canada with regards to PCR testing.


    Canadian politician Randy Hillier:

    “The government wants to only listen to experts that are telling them what they want to hear.

    I provided a number of examples of highly qualified and revered experts in the field calling into question the government’s current PCR testing regime, with many noting methodical issues which are leading to high rates of false positive testing.

    Once again, The Premier is AWOL and the Minister of Health either didn’t want to hear it or didn’t understand the question.

    We continue to see numerous COVID contradictions coming from this and other governments and instead of addressing these issues they just want you to stay afraid, stay silent, trust their authority blindly and without evidence. The Government is engaged in Bad testing practices and they know it.”

      1. Charger Salmons

        Downward spiral ?
        The polls have remained unchanged since the beginning of the summer.
        To repeat, Starmer has made no headway despite four months of overwhelmingly negative coverage of Boris in the media.
        Just one poll this year, a single one, has put Labour on equal pegging with the Tories.
        A decent pandemic winter, a Brexit deal which is beginning to look likely and a vaccine in the Spring will work wonders in the polls for the Tories.
        Labour, meanwhile, struggle to shake off their militant activists and they have a front bench sorely lacking in political experience and quality.
        Starmer needs to get his Red Wall back on side if he has any hope of forming a coalition government in 2024.

        1. bisted

          …what…a Brexit deal…you slipped that one in Charger…I thought you were a strictly no dealer…have you gone soft…no deal is closest to what was voted for in UK…are you going to deny and bemoan democracy?

          1. Charger Salmons

            You thought wrong.
            I’m quite happy for Blighty and the EU to reach a mutually beneficial trade deal – that after all is the whole purpose of Brexit.
            But if the terms demanded by the EU are too onerous I would be perfectly happy with a No Deal Brexit.
            It’s almost like you’ve paid no attention to what’s been going on for the past four years.

          2. bisted

            …phew…for a minute there I thought you were backsliding…so it’s still a case of the EU needs UK more than UK needing the EU…rollover EU or else no roll on/roll off…so no deal…

          3. Charger Salmons

            I think there’ll be a deal.
            Precisely because Blighty has publicly stated it is planning for a No Deal.
            It’s the difference between negotiating with the EU and capitulating to them which is the Irish default position.

  2. Joe F

    For a country with such an allegedly high level of IT expertise, I find it amazing that we have to use other countries for writing computer programs. The Return to Play app used by the GAA was created by an English company, here we have a Canadian company behind this fiasco, and there are many more examples.

    1. Q Celt

      Because the IT expertise is imported to the big firms Google, Facebook, etc, and wouldn’t do this type of work. The Irish ‘IT’ professional is a Microsoft Windows 10 cloud implementation drone with little coding expertise. Ireland has really drunk the Microsoft koolaid

    2. GiggidyGoo

      The IDA stopped publishing the list of companies set up here on their website. It used to be downloadable in excel.
      They were caught out though when, upon trawling through their figures, it emerged that many of these new IT companies didn’t if fact set up, and many who did stopped employing here – yet kept the brass plate.

      What showed up as well was double counting of ‘new’ jobs, which came to light when the IDA proclaimed a few years ago that Coca were creating three lots of 200 jobs. Drogheda, Wexford and Waterford. Waterford? Not only was waterford incorrect, the jobs had been announced in the previous years figures as well.

  3. GiggidyGoo

    Aine Lawlor just short of losing the rag with Peig on morning ireland. Not one question answered. Great to have the radio news televised for the presenters body language.

    1. Vanessanelle

      (ノへ ̄、)
      Had her Hollywood Star on me list there earlier in the year, when I thought I’d be about
      before it all went spit

      Even though she had that special voice and loads of other hits, I love that she’s remembered for I am Woman, cause it kinda was her anyway, but also because she actually co wrote it, with another wallaby, so actually got to enjoy everything there was from it.

      Interesting fact, it was Helen that talked Olivia Newton John to come to LA and stay with her while she gave it ago, and it was in Reddy’s gaff that Allen Carr first met ONJ;
      and the rest is history

      Pity she didn’t do more acting, and she did win something, Emmy Bafta one of those
      if ye’re in the humour – its a kinda rainy day, duvet, with comfort food sort
      Pete’s Dragon – even just for Jim Dale as the travelling snake oil salesmen

      Dementia in the end for someone who worked since she could walk, and was far more prolific – not just as a singer, than she’ll be remembered for

      Still, I am Woman
      fair fluics

      RIP girl


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