For Our Own Safety

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The U.K. was expecting the letter and the European Commission sends dozens of such notices to member states each month over various instances of alleged breaches of EU law. An exchange of letters and explanations follow, before some of these cases reach the EU’s courts.

It’s not unusual for the EU to take legal action against countries and as soon as the U.K. acknowledged that its plan was in breach of the Withdrawal Agreement, such a move became inevitable.

But officials on both sides say privately that they don’t want it to overshadow negotiations on a future trade deal. They hope that if they get an agreement on that, fuss over the legal action will quietly fade into the background.

EU to Start Legal Action Against U.K. on Internal Market (Bloomberg)


9 thoughts on “For Our Own Safety

        1. Pat Mustard

          Putin doesn’t give a toss about the EU.

          Sure, he has them over a barrel for natural gas, why should he care whether its member states he deals with or the EU group?

    1. Formerly known as

      The sooner the so called “UK” is ripped apart and dead the better. I fixed that for you. You might understand that Ireland never voted to be partitioned and Scotland wants out. Wales will get fed up with being dragged down by little Englanders, then they will be out.

    1. Nigel

      It’ll only get nasty if the Tories decide they need to exploit the nastiness for domestic political gain. So, yeah, probably.

  1. Charger Salmons

    Here’s the EU’s own graph on pending infringement proceedings.
    Spain, Italy, Germany, Greece, Poland, Hungary, Romania, Austria and France all have more active ones than the UK.
    Let’s not forget that von der Leyen was a catastrophically-bad German defence minister which obviously made her perfect material for the top EU job.

    German, defence … no,mustn’t go there … no,can’t help it … here’s von der Leyen’s defence forces in action…


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