40 thoughts on “Wheel Gone Kid

  1. JEH

    Around Thomas Street. But also note that the van is going the wrong way down a one-way street. Dude on the bike is still a scumbag obviously.

  2. Rob

    taxi driver drove the wrong way down a one-way street.
    There is no left turn from Carmans Hall onto Meath Street

    1. Mr B

      I would hazard a guess this is why the lad on the bike was chancing his arm. The driver was in the wrong and without the cam footage would have been on the back leg arguing his case.

    1. James M.Chimney

      Do you live in a cave on Mars? Far from a typical cyclist. Cyclists typically don’t cycle into stopped cars and feign injury only to realise there’s a dash cam and change their plan to throw insults at the driver in a camp inner-city accent.

    2. george

      It was a young lad trying to pull a scam using a bike. Do you think that’s typical of people who cycle to work?

  3. Joe

    Typical cyclist scam artist. Happens all too frequently around Dublin now. Normally drivers just have to contend with cyclists peddling on the wrong side of the road through red lights at that corner. Even without a dash cam having a witness in the car would sort things out but what a waste of time and money the low life cyclist could cause.

  4. milk teeth

    Haha shes cracking!
    Do these scams ever work? I’ve seen a load of videos of people trying them but never hear of someone saying they got caught out because they didn’t have a dash cam

  5. broadbag

    Deacon Blue reference in the headline? I sense this isn’t the first time, someone’s a fan…

  6. Lilly

    Anyone remember Better Call Saul when he gets out of the car & kicks the guy in his ‘broken’ leg?!

  7. pooter

    The woman directed the driver down the one-way street. He was clearly waiting for the car. Are they together?

  8. Brughahaha

    Sums up our mental compo culture all the same . Another great invention by the irish legal profession …..who make far more from it than that little scut ever will

  9. Learphollach

    This was done to me in 1995, in a taxi I was riding in in London, but this was a pedestrian.

  10. JohnD

    Ah for gods sake. Can he make a claim for that? no injuries, no witnesses, just says a taxi hit him.

  11. Lilly

    I wonder if the driver turned the dash cam footage into the cops would this lad get a clip round the ears.

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