Lockdown 2: Electric Boogaloo


Dr Tony Holohan, Chief Medical Officer, Department of Health

This evening.

Some reaction to the decision to discard NPHET advice on bringing the country to Level 5…


A senior Government source said we are “in a very dangerous place” as decision is being represented as “politicians versus doctors” when it “never ever should have been allowed to get to this point of showdown”.

The source added that there are “serious questions and [a] major fallout”.

RTÉ also understands that while ministers took NPHET’s concern about the exponential growth of the virus “very seriously”, there was “resistance” to moving to Level 5 “at this time.”

Now Cabinet is set to decide on a proposal to put the entire country on Level 3, with additional enforcement.

A real fallout?

Or bait and switch?

We may never know.

Govt set to veto NPHET advice, adopt Level 3 nationwide (RTÉ)

Earlier: ‘You Were Elected To Lead’


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44 thoughts on “Lockdown 2: Electric Boogaloo

  1. GiggidyGoo

    “politicians versus doctors”

    What % of NPHET are doctors?

    Handy that this kicked off to fit in with the deliveries of the leaflet today all the same.

    1. Clampers Outside

      Member / Role
      Tony Holohan / Chief Medical Officer, Chair of NPHET

      Ronan Glynn / Deputy Chief Medical Officer

      Eibhlin Connolly / Deputy Chief Medical Officer of the Department of Health

      Alan Smith / Deputy Chief Medical Officer of the Department of Health

      Paul Bolger / Director of the Department of Health Resources Division

      Colm Bergin / Consultant Infectious Diseases, St. James’s Hospital and Professor of Medicine, Trinity College Dublin

      Tracey Conroy / Acute Hospitals Division of the Department of Health

      John Cuddihy / Interim Director of the Health Protection Surveillance Centre (HPSC)

      Cillian de Gascun / Director of the National Virus Reference Laboratory, Chair of the Coronavirus Expert Advisory Group

      Colm Desmond / Corporate Legislation, Mental Health, Drugs Policy and Food Safety Division of the Department of Health

      Colm Henry / Chief Clinical Officer of the Health Service Executive (HSE)

      Lorraine Doherty / National Clinical Director for Health Protection of the HPSC and HSE

      Mary Favier / President of the Irish College of General Practitioners (ICGP)

      Fergal Goodman / Primary Care Division of the Department of Health

      Kevin Kelleher / Assistant National Director of the HSE

      Marita Kinsella / Director of the National Patient Safety Office at the Department of Health

      Kathleen Mac Lellan / Social Care Division of the Department of Health

      Jeanette Mc Callion / Medical Assessor of the Health Products Regulatory Authority (HPRA)

      Tom McGuinness / Assistant National Director at the Office of Emergency Planning at the HSE

      Siobhán Ní Bhrian / Lead for Integrated Care of the HSE

      Philip Nolan / President of Maynooth University

      Kate O’Flaherty / Head of Health and Wellbeing at the Department of Health

      Darina O’Flanagan / Special Advisor to NPHET and the Department of Health

      Siobhan O’Sullivan / Chief Bioethics Officer of the Department of Health

      Michael Power / National Clinical Lead, Critical Care Programme, HSE Consultant in Anaesthetics and Intensive Care Medicine at Beaumont Hospital, Dublin

      Phelim Quinn / Chief Executive Officer of the Health Information and Quality Authority (HIQA)

      Máirín Ryan / Deputy Chief Executive and Director of Health Technology Assessment of HIQA

      Breda Smyth / Director of Public Health Medicine of the HSE

      Deirdre Watters / Head of Communications of the Department of Health

      Liam Woods / National Director of Acute Operations of the HSE

      David Walsh / National Director of Community Operations of the HSE

      David Leach / Deputy National Director of Communications of the HSE


      I’m sure finding which are Dr’s or relevant experts wouldn’t be difficult.

      1. GiggidyGoo

        Work away there Clampers, and suss out the 60+ and their sub-committee ‘members’, and see who are the doctors (and incidentally, what they’re qualified in).

        (as an aside…. did you enquire about Alice’s shop at the park, NikNakNeorum and Jimmy DeLa Salle after?) Louis the Lip was another character in Waterford.

      2. GiggidyGoo

        Here’s a list from August.
        Ms Marita Kinsella, Director, NPSO, DOH
        Ms Sarah Treleaven, CMO Division, DOH
        Dr Matthew Robinson, Specialist Registrar in Public Health, DOH
        Ms Lyndsey Drea, Communications Unit, DOH
        Mr Gerry O’ Brien, Acting Director, Health Protection Division
        Dr Elaine Breslin, Clinical Assessment Manager, HPRA (alternate for Jeanette McCallion) Dr Trish Markham, HSE
        Ms Deirdre McNamara, HSE (alternate for Dr Colm Henry)
        Ms Aoife Gillivan, Communications Unit, DOH
        Dr Heather Burns, Deputy Chief Medical Officer, DOH
        Dr Desmond Hickey, Deputy Chief Medical Officer, DOH
        Ms Fidelma Browne, Communications Division, HSE (alternate for Mr David Leach)
        Mr Ronan O’Kelly, R&D and Health Analytics Division, DOH
        Ms Sheona Gilsenan, R&D and Health Analytics Division, DOH
        Ms Justyna Szewczyk, Policy and Strategy Division, DOH
        Dr Kevin Kelleher, Assistant National Director, Public Health, HSE
        Prof Philip Nolan, President, National University of Ireland, Maynooth and Chair of the Irish Epidemiological Modelling Advisory Group (IEMAG)
        Dr Cillian de Gascun, Laboratory Director, NVRL and Expert Advisory Group (EAG) Chair Dr Lorraine Doherty, National Clinical Director Health Protection, HSE
        Dr John Cuddihy, Interim Director, HSE HPSC
        Dr Michael Power, Consultant in Anaesthetics / Intensive Care Medicine, Beaumont Hospital Dr Siobhán Ní Bhriain, Lead for Integrated Care, HSE
        Dr Mary Favier, President, Irish College of General Practitioners (ICGP)
        Mr David Leach, Communications, HSE
        Dr Siobhán O’Sullivan, Chief Bioethics Officer, DOH
        Dr Colette Bonner, Deputy Chief Medical Officer, DOH
        Mr Colm Desmond, Assistant Secretary, Corporate Legislation, Mental Health, Drugs Policy and Food Safety Division, DOH
        Ms Yvonne O’Neill, National Director, Community Operations, HSE
        Dr Catherine Fleming, ID Physician UCHG (Alternative for Colm Bergin)
        Mr Fergal Goodman, Assistant Secretary, Primary Care Division, DOH
        Mr Liam Woods, National Director, Acute Operations, HSE
        Dr Kathleen MacLellan, Assistant Secretary, Social Care Division, DOH
        Ms Kate O’Flaherty, Head of Health and Wellbeing, DOH
        Ms Deirdre Watters, Communications Unit, DOH
        Mr Phelim Quinn, Chief Executive, HIQA
        Mr Tom McGuinness, Assistant National Director for Emergency Management, HSE
        Dr Keith Lyons,
        Mr Liam Robinson,
        Ms Ruth Brandon,
        Mr Ivan Murphy
        Ms Tracey Conroy, Assistant Secretary, Acute Hospitals Policy Division, DOH
        Mr David Keating, Communicable Diseases Policy Unit, DOH;
        Dr Colm Henry, Chief Clinical Officer (CCO), HSE; Prof Colm Bergin, Consultant in Infectious Diseases, St James’s Hospital;
        Dr Eibhlín Connolly, Deputy Chief Medical Officer, DOH;
        Mr David Leach, Communications, HSE;
        Dr Máirín Ryan, Deputy Chief Executive and Director of HTA, HIQA;
        Dr Darina O’Flanagan, Special Advisor to the NPHET.

        Ant that doesn’t even include the sub committees.

          1. GiggidyGoo

            Spread it out. No one becomes responsible.

            Google Nphet sub groups. There are quite a few.
            Here’s just one. https://assets.gov.ie/71812/ec280f23af4446e5b02a17790610c50e.pdf
            ‘Vulnerable people sub group’
            original Members
            Dr Kathleen Mac Lellan, Assistant Secretary, Social Care.
            Dr John Devlin, The Irish Prison Service Ms Carol Baxter, Assistant Secretary
            Mr Michael Kirrane, Assistant Secretary.
            Department of Children and Youth Affairs
            Albert O’Donoghue, Principal Officer
            Department of Housing, Planning and Local Government
            Mary Hurley, Assistant Secretary David Kelly (Alternate)
            Local Government Management Agency,
            Eileen Gleeson, Director of the Dublin Region Homeless Executive
            Mary Flynn (Alternate)
            Department of Education and Skills
            Daltan Tattan, Assistant Secretary
            Department of Defence
            David Buckley
            Department of Rural and Community Development
            Bairbre Nic Aonghusa, Assistant Secretary,
            Community Operations – Health Service Executive
            Jim Ryan, Head of Operations Mental Health.
            Public Health Specialist
            Dr Margaret Fitzgerald, National Public Health Lead Social inclusion and Vulnerable groups.
            Voluntary Sector
            Sean Moynihan, CEO Alone
            Public Representative
            Brigid Doherty
            Health Information and Quality Authority
            Mary Dunnion,
            Susan Cliffe (Alternate)
            National Cancer Control Programme
            Dr Caitriona Mc Carthy
            Chronic Disease (COPD) Representative
            Joan Johnston
            Department of Health
            Berneen Laycock, Chief Nurses Officer
            Department of Health
            Sarah Cooney, Principal Officer, Older Persons Projects
            Department of Health
            Andy Conlon, Principal Officer, Primary Care
            Department of Health
            Celeste O’Callaghan, Principal Officer. Acute Hospitals
            Department of Health
            Dave Maguire, Principal Officer, Mental Health Unit,
            Department of Health
            Clare Lewis, Deputy Chief Nursing Officer
            Department of Health
            Louise Carrigan, Accountant, Finance Unit
            Department of Health
            Malachy Corcoran, Governance and Performance

            Department of Public Expenditure and Reform
            Mairead Emerson, Civil Service HR
            Department of Finance
            Klare Havelin, Civil Service HR
            Disability Umbrella Groups Representative
            Dr Joanne Mc Carthy, Disability Federation of Ireland.
            Department of Health/HIQA
            Dr Máirín Ryan, Deputy Chief Executive and Director of Health Technology Assessment,
            Mental Health Commission
            Rosemary Smyth, Director Standards & Quality Assurance, Training & Development

          2. GiggidyGoo

            According to Varadkar, there are just 40 people in Nphet.
            “One thing that needs to be borne in mind is that these are very good people – 40 of them – but all coming from medical, scientific or civil service backgrounds.”
            Facts not high on his agenda.

      1. V AKA Frilly Keane

        Something is off anyway

        Just look at the list of NPHET Committee Members Clampers threw up there

        And count how many are Dept of Health Employees, and HSE Employees
        One relies on the other for its budget allocation – which we know is in the billions and beyond + top ups
        Likewise with oversight, which it has catastrophically failed at

        Combined those numbers of DoH and HSE people are significant and in the majority. They control this committee

        Ever think they are racking up the stay the fluic at home and don’t open the front door to anyone lads cause no matter where this virus is – contagion rate, numbers or stage of its virulence, they wouldn’t be able for it anyway

        Go back to last winter, everything in the news was numbers on trollies, and operational failures ie screening services, NCH overrun etc

        Look, all I’m saying is
        there is a risk that as the DoH/ HSE control NPHET the problems of dominant Influence need to be assessed

        Also worth remembering that the current Government have three former Health Ministers who know exactly what’s under the bonnet in the DoH/ HSE
        So maybe the lads called Their bluff

        1. Cian

          I’m not sure where you are going with this?

          You seem surprised that a Committee established by the Department of Health to provide advice across the health service and the wider public service, on the national response to COVID is full of DOH and HSE bodies? Why are you surprised? Who else could provide such advice?

          1. Vanessanelle

            I am not surprised there is a large number of DoH/ HSE people there
            but it is dangerously lopsided
            But why not consultants from the Private Sector or even the Central Bank and Revenue
            Community Care and Local Authority Groups
            Sporting Bodies
            The Courts and the Prison Services
            Other Sector Specific Lobby Groups, like Airlines, Private Transport, Haulage, Retail, Farming

            If there is ever a risk of another Health Care related cover up or even an attempt
            All the ingredients are there in the current NPHET profile/ member composition

            At the very least, the conflict of interest that we call Fee Influence is all over it
            Point out one independent member of NPHET

    2. dylad

      You should be asking what % of Politicians are Doctors or even have a third level Science degree. Or have you had enough of experts, like Michael Gove?

    1. Micko

      Man, Paul really is just a “everything the government do is bad” kinda guy

      I’ve no love for this government, but man – today’s decision not to go to level 5 was 100% correct.

      In fairness.

    1. GiggidyGoo

      Not the way it would work though. A resistance has to be built up to it. Curfew for the elderly and party time for the young is the long term solution. (If you shield the teenagers from it now, ) you’re only putting off the inevitable that they’ll catch is in their 20’s, 30’s etc. and today’s middle aged folk will then be…. the elderly.

  2. Daisy Chainsaw

    Profit before people. Your dead relatives are acceptable collateral damage for maskhole donkeys, landlords, publicans and politicians

        1. GiggidyGoo

          Paul Murphys statement? Did you even read it?
          “If it’s accurate that govt is rejecting public health advice, this will be the decision that encapsulates how private profits come before public health and lives for FF/FG”
          So there he is commenting about government not heeding health advice, and you’re calling him a donkey. Press ‘reset’ there Daisy. Youre all over the place now.

          1. Daisy Chainsaw

            That’s a tweet, not a statement. And there’s more than the tweet quoted. You need to calm down in your zeal to come across as clever cos it’s cringeworthy how you keep self owning. Even I’m feeling sorry for you.

          2. GiggidyGoo

            He made a statement in a tweet. You’re coming across more and more as lacking education.

          3. SOQ

            Paul feels that the only damage to poor people will be because of a no lock down- how many non nationals does he actually know?

            They clearly don’t vote- at least for him.

  3. Kim The Cardassian

    I’d bet what’s left of my life savings that had the government approved level 5, Paul Murphy and Richard Boyd Barrett would have opposed it and said it’s going to impact society far greater than covid

    1. Micko

      I’m afraid that you are correct.

      As this stuff goes on, it’s becoming more apparent that the any opposition is just unwarranted criticising.

      They should have said that it was the right decision.

      Honestly, the more I listen to this fellah makes me think he’s the only one making sense

  4. E'Matty

    I thought this was interesting –
    WHO believes 10% of world has had Covid-19 –

    “To date, more than 35 million cases of Covid-19 have been registered worldwide, including some 1.04 million who have died, according to an AFP tally based on official sources.

    But the WHO now estimates that around a tenth of the planet’s 7.8 billion or so people have already been infected since the virus first surfaced in China late last year – more than 20 times the official count.”

    So, based on my maths, that leaves us with a fatality rate of 0.13% (0.128%) and survival rate of 99.87%?

    Added to this, we already know that the Covid numbers have been exaggerated to give us that 1.04 million number and in Ireland, 95% of those who died had a known underlying condition. How deadly is this virus that sees us destroy more and more livelihoods and childhoods by the day?

  5. wearnicehats

    Absolutely the correct decision made. Good to see Holohan and co knocked down a peg or two

    1. Otis Blue

      It’s really odd to see the fetishisation and cult of personality that’s grown up around this guy.

    1. SOQ

      That McClonkey spanner is on RTE 1.

      Now Richard Boyd Barrett saying that poor people should become poorer- which he will never be of course.

      1. Brother Barnabas

        RBB said “poor people should become poorer”?

        I didnt see it but am pretty sure he never said such a thing

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