19 thoughts on “The Old New Normal

  1. Andrew

    Recommendations are being ignored by a significant cohort.Now you might be fine with that and take the attitude that we will never eliminate this and we should just open up society and shield the vulnerable. The problem with that, is that our health service is one of the worst if not the worst in Europe!
    So combine our lax attitude to rules in general and our dreadful health service we may well top the charts eventually with Covid deaths in Europe maybe even the world.
    Remember we topped the tree with our property bubble.

    1. SOQ

      Was the health service over stretched in April?

      Either way, I really don’t understand why people assume it is going to be like that again. That a corona virus is suddenly going to decide it is not a corona virus and behave so differently.

      1. Andrew

        For what it’s worth I think society should be opened but with the caveat that the vulnerable are to shield and everyone else does their best to take steps to reduce the spread by washing hands and being sensible. My point is, that such is the culture in Ireland basic adherence to any rule is wishful thinking.
        We can’t even do recycling properly.
        If you ever lived in a mainland european country you would know the cultural difference to regulations and general civic responsibility is night and day.

        1. BS

          So everyone else is allowed go to gaa matches and not socially distance or wear a mask
          Or go to the pub or have a lovely big party in their house

          But my elderly mother, and by extension me, and the rest of the family who want to see her need to avoid other people just so they can have some fun? Fupp off

          Close all bars and off sales. If you can’t live without alcohol for a few weeks you have a problem.
          Stop all amateur sports. The gaa have shown their fans and team cannot be trusted to adhere to any guidelines.

          1. SOQ

            But shielding the vulnerable is what you do anyways?

            I had a number of family members with serious illnesses over the years and we all took precautions when visiting- or not as would be the case when feeling unwell. At no point did I, we or they ask anyone else to look after their welfare so what is so different now?

            And besides, people really need to getting head out of the clouds when it comes to lock downs- what happens after the next one eh? Right back to square one.

          2. Andrew

            @BS No, your Mother should make the decision herself what she wants to do. If she wants to take risk, then that decision should be entirely up to her.
            My own Mother is elderly and she would have no issue with resuming her activities and going to the pub as she would rather do that than live the life she is living now.
            All of the above is qualified by the fact that our health service is so far behind the rest of Europe and our pretensions of being a grown up, modern country.

          3. E'Matty

            “But my elderly mother, and by extension me, and the rest of the family who want to see her need to avoid other people just so they can have some fun?” eh, you and your mother would still have to isolate to protect her. You would still have to take these precautions no matter what anyone else is doing. So, instead of accepting this, you expect the whole of society to engage in isolating measures and society destroying policies. Why is this? Protect the vulnerable (which this country failed completely to do despite locking everyone healthy up) and get everyone else back to living some semblance of normality. This hysteria driven nonsense is destroying this country and the futures of everyone in it.

          4. BS

            It’s everyone’s responsibility to ensure the spread of the virus is under control so that vulnerable people and those caring for them do not have to isolate 24/7.

            People haven’t been doing this. There have been house parties. Sports events with no social distancing. There are outbreaks due to these things happening.

            So yes, it is up to everyone to forgo the pub or off sales because some people are being wreckless. Some people might like a quiet drink at home and they will be affected, but that’s the price they’ll need to pay to keep other people safe.

  2. Charlie

    Isn’t it both amazing and pathetic that the main stumbling block to making this work is our nations obsession with alcohol.

    1. E'Matty

      What evidence have you that pubs are playing any signifcant role in the rise in cases? What is it with your kind and the desire to kill off all drinking culture in this country? The pub is the centre of Irish social life, whether you like it or not. People like you are killing communities and societal bonds with your zealous anti drink obsession.

      1. Charlie

        Not anti drinking here Matty. I enjoy a drink. However, I couldn’t give a flyin fupp about the pub culture. You’ve also totally missed my point too. Nice one.

  3. Cian

    Wow. looking at those pictures of Dublin reminds me of the video of Sweden that SOQ posted – showing how normal everything is….

      1. Cian

        Yeah, but the video “proof” that Sweden was normal…. looks just like this.

        Perhaps the Swedes are wearing masks indoors?

  4. BS

    SOQ I’m beginning to lose what little respect i had from you with your anti-mask conspiracy crap.

    sauna’s being closed getting to you hun?

    1. SOQ

      With a comment like that you clearly had none to begin with- and no as far as I am aware the saunas are open- so go figure that one.

      As for “conspiracy crap”- lets see what happens in the German courts eh?


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