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KN writes:

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Ivor Cummins writes:

People keep asking #WhyAreTheyDoingThis?, and rightly so. Well here (above) is just one reason (in simplified form) – in a sense they have no choice, politically.

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    1. E'Matty

      a “conspiracy” requires it be “a secret plan by a group to do something unlawful or harmful.” This is not a secret. The information is public and available for all to read. People like you are just waiting for mainstream media to present it to you, which they won’t. Your world comes through the filter of establishment information sources.

        1. E'Matty

          If I were a robot, would I not be real? Interested to find out how you hear sounds from screen text as well. Are you perhaps a robot? This rabbit hole could dive deep….

  1. Daisy Chainsaw

    The comments in that hashtag are a heady mix of brexiteer and conspiraloon which sums up the Irish antimask organisers too.

  2. Dell

    Read about 10 and basically very mentally fragile people who want to blame something, anything, for their current predicament, with a good dollop of attention seeking conspiracy loving nuts.

    1. ian-oh

      Why is this trending?

      Because it appears that some people have watched one too many episodes of the x files.

      There are all sorts of horrible things going on the world over, openly but when something hits people like this directly they presume that they are the Most Oppressed People EVER (MOPEs) because they are being forced to wear some cloth over their bloody gob.

      Essentially, we now live in a world of idiots despite having access to a sizable proporation of humanities knowledge and wisdom. No, a youtube video of events taken out of context, mixed with other stuff is now presented as ‘proof’ FFS.

  3. Eoin

    Ivor Cummings dropped that hashtag the other day. I guess people are watching his material if that is trending. Good.

  4. kerryview

    if all this deceipt is being organised or led by governments ot lizards, what is the point of it? Why would governments destroy their own economies? I’m still waiting for someone to explicity state the reason…

    1. SOQ

      The started off on a virus with little details although what they had should have been enough to know what groups it was targeting.

      They then introduced masks at a time when it was glaringly obvious that the thing was well on the wane.

      Now they are re-introducing restrictions which are in no way proportionate to the level of hospitalisations or ICU admittance- while a growing number of eminent scientists are voicing their objections.

      Why? Because the messed up big time and are now doubling down in the hope that they can claim success when it burns out- as it will, because this is seasonal and has already done one round.

      That they are ruining people’s lives in the process is merely collateral damage because they are career civil servants and politicians so they ALWAYS come first- no big conspiracy there now is there?

      Problem is- the legal jungle drums are warming up and it is going to end up in quite a number of courts.

        1. Cian

          If there is a second wave which kills as many people as the first – can we have a tort case against these lawyers and all the anti-maskers and anti-lockdowners for discouraging people from following health advice? For reckless endangerment?

      1. Commenter #1

        Career civil servants and politicians deliberately torpedoing national economies worldwide to save face isn’t a big conspiracy?

        1. SOQ

          Not really giving the flip up they have just created. I understand that people have difficulty accepting because of scale but if you are looking for culprits- then start with the political interference in WHO.

          Geopolitics is not a conspiracy theory- it is fact.

      2. Nigel

        The conspiracy is a scientific board made a recommendation and a government responded with a half measure.

      3. DaithiF

        So, your answer to ‘Why would a government willfully torpedo their economy and enrage almost every sector of society?’ is ‘They messed up, so they’re destroying things on an even bigger scale to cover it up.’

        I’ll be honest: it’s not *much* of a theory.

  5. Nigel

    Happy Pizzanniversary
    “Four years ago today, Pizzagate was born when Wikileaks dropped John Podesta’s hacked emails. Users on 4chan and Reddit said if you replaced the words “pizza” with “little girl” in his emails, suddenly they were eating children. A year and three weeks later, QAnon was born.”

    ‘This is important to note: The reason 4chan users were so ready to accept “pizza” meant “little girls” in creating Pizzagate? In 4chan speak, “cheese pizza” was a backronym for “CP,” or child porn, which saturated the site for years.’

    1. Micko


      No one with any sense believes that rubbish.

      Stop trying to equate people with genuine concerns about the governments handling of Covid with that absolute pants.

      It makes you look very silly and unable to construct an intelligent argument

      1. Commenter #1

        lol the irony of declaring a distinction between anti-mask positions and Pizzagate belief on Broadsheet of all places.

        1. Micko


          If you want to talk about the efficacy of them then there’s plenty of people here to discuss that with you.

          I said I don’t wear one because I don’t want to – end of story.

          1. Commenter #1

            lol are you a person with genuine concerns about the governments handling of Covid, or do you not wear masks because you don’t want to?

            Anyway the point remains; the crossover between anti-maskers and weirdo conspiracy theorists is a lot bigger than you’d like to accept.

      2. Nigel

        Stop trying to pretend that everyone opposing lockdown and masks is doing so solely out of genuine concern about the government’s handling of covid, which is not something reserved solely for lockdown opponents.

        You know there are floods of Covid misinformation and propaganda pouring out of Facebook and other sources, you know that Irish right wing fringe groups are promoting wild conspiracies and trying to hide behind people who may have genuine concerns.

        You may resent being lumped in with them, and I certanly think critics of anti-lockdown types could take more care in distinguishing the genuine from the fringe, but honestly they, we, are not worried that people with genuine concerns about the government’s handling of the pandemic will speak up, they’re worried that the far right will use them to get a toe-hold into the body politic, get normalised, accepted, move to the mainstream. That would be catastrophic – look at Trump, look at Brexit, look at Poland. You want people to understand your genuine concerns? Maybe you should try to understand ours.

        Most people are concerned not because they know what’s going to happen with covid, but because they don’t, and nobody trusts anyone who speaks with the kind of utter certaintly the anti-lockdowners do.

        Absolute certaintly is the place where pizzagaters and Qanon live, and they’ve sucked in a lot of people, not just dumb hicks, ruined a lot of lives, made lives hell for families and friends, and provided a rock-solid base of support for an utter monster who has a non-trivial chance of stripping democratic representation from the USA.

        We don’t want that to happen here.

        1. Nigel

          Oh, and as for the substance of your concerns that I do not share, wearing masks and wrecking the economy? I actually don’t care. Wear masks, don’t wear masks, that’s on you. I’ll wear mine, thank you very much, and if this Frankengovernment flails around in its efforts to enforce, well, it’s no better than I expect from them.

          Nbody ever paid much attention to my opnion of what the government was doing to the economy, when despite all the warnings we literally drove it off a cliff out of sheer arrogant stupidity and no other reason, then put it back together exactly as it was before. Yeah, I spit on the government’s management of the economy. Risking it to save lives in a pandemic is a much more acceptable project to me, but the rush to again put it back the way it was when we have so many more shocks coming is, again, sheer arrogant stupidity, and the nursing homes, DP centres, meat packing factories and the mismanagement and neglect of the health service – WHEN WE KNEW A SECOND WAVE WAS A REAL POSSIBILITY are all just signs that they haven’t learned a thing.

        2. Micko


          First off thanks for taking the time to write a detailed reply. I feel that sometimes we just post here to get a sense of oneupmanship on each other. Genuinely appreciate it

          I absolutely do resent being lumped in with people who believe crazy things like pizzagate, QAnon and I even see friends of mine on Facebook sharing crazy stuff sometimes, it’s disturbing – so agreed there.

          With regards to the Irish right wing groups, I’ve looked at some of the links you guys have sent on to these groups and while I find them delusional in their demands, I don’t see any malice in any of their officially listed demands.

          I’m sure that there are radical elements in those groups (even amongst their leaders), but until I see concrete evidence of an organisation officially promoting that kind of crazy racist right wing stance I can’t justify “lumping them all in together”. And I feel we have to let them say what they want to say – to not do that would be abhorrent to me. Even if we don’t agree with them, they have free speech once it’s peaceful. Again – concrete evidence. I’ll change my mind.

          As regards the certainty of “anti-lockdowners”, I very much feel that it is the proponents of said lockdowns that seem to be completely certain. Certain of a second wave, certain of deaths, certain that the inevitable will happen and certain that we will be locked down harder than before.

          Of course, none of us want that to happen. But, I do feel that there has been an ignoring of the latest data and scientists that propose it. Cases have been rising all over Europe sine the end of July, but yet we’re not seeing the deaths that we saw in March and April. Maybe we’re getting better at treating it, maybe the virus has killed people who were mostly going to die in the regular flu, maybe the virus is getting weaker.

          I don’t know – but we have had months to figure it out and the government has done nothing. We need to try something new, coz we’re facing into a hell of winter with no plan and shag all ICU beds.

          On the issue of masks. I do feel that they were brought in only to allow nervous people to return to a sense of normality, shopping etc. Maybe I’m wrong – who knows.

          And, honestly I don’t like them. Something about them seems wrong to me – especially since it became mandatory. Not giving people the choice to not wear something over their face – I dunno. It’s just wrong to me. Especially when I see kids wearing them. So yeah – I guess I’m taking a stand for myself.

          Anyway, I’m sure we’ll have the usual cohorts of muppets on here calling me a murderer / science denier in a min.

          Good luck to ya man – genuinely.


          1. Nigel

            I think what most lockdowners are certain of is the need to be cautious in the face of uncertaintly and risk to life. It isn’t as if we’ll respond to the emergence of a scientific/medical consensus that the danger has passed and/or that masks are really ineffective by demanding the lockdown continue and keep wearing masks. I might keep wearing mine actually, I kind of like it. But most people want this to be done and not to have to wear masks, they just want to be sure loads of people won’t die when we do.


  6. Andrew

    It doesn’t take too many tweets to get anything ‘trending’ in Ireland. It can also be really easily manipulated.
    It mystifies me when it is then used as some kind of barometer of what the nation is thinking. It really is not.The individuals who tweet regularly, on politics in particular, are the same handful of wingnuts that are not an accurate barometer of anything.

    1. SOQ

      Its not just trending in Ireland- The Telegraph in Britain has endorsed it so while it is not by any means a representation of all people, it is what it is- a twitter trend.

  7. Cian

    More evidence to support lockdowns:

    Trends in COVID-19 Incidence After Implementation of Mitigation Measures — Arizona, January 22–August 7, 2020
    he number of COVID-19 cases in Arizona stabilized and then decreased after sustained implementation and enforcement of statewide and locally enhanced mitigation measures, beginning approximately 2 weeks after implementation and enforcement of mask mandates and enhanced sanitations practices began on June 17; further decreases were observed during July 13–August 7, after statewide limitations and closures of certain services and businesses.


  8. f_lawless

    I agree with what Cummins says in the video but I think there must be a further element to the situation to explain why the government have continued down this path despite it causing so much damage to the economy.

    Since initially being spooked into putting the country into lockdown, I think they’ve been swept up into a larger collective plan by the transnational capitalist elite class to use the pandemic to radically re-shape the world’s economies. They openly call it the “Great Reset” over on their Weforum website (although it’s of course portrayed as a wonderful solution to meet the current challenges faced by humanity)

    According to what I’ve read, part of the plan involves putting populations under hitherto-never-seen levels of surveillance. The end goal will be to digitally monitor all aspects of a person’s life, of entire populations, in order to predict future behavior and control outcomes. Huge profits will be extracted by trading on these future outcomes.

    I suspect at a certain point early on in the pandemic the government committed to getting the Irish population to opt in to “digital health passports” which is a fundamental first step in the wider “Great Reset” plan. In the early days,with fear levels at their highest, it may have seemed a readily attainable goal but as the pandemic waned things have become more complicated.

    Perhaps the government has been assured of continued access to loan funding as long as they stay on board with the program which now seems to have taken the form of grinding everyone down until, with a bit of nudging, a majority readily opt in to these “digital passports”. The passports will be increasingly touted as the way back to a sense of normality for society. I see in a Telegraph article from today:

    “The world’s first coronavirus passport is being launched on Wednesday to enable people to travel without having to quarantine. Passengers using two of the world’s biggest airlines – United Airlines and Cathay Pacific – and travelling through London Heathrow will be the first to test the technology, which is backed by the US government.”

    1. f_lawless

      I recommend the website of Alison McDowell who I think is an important voice in all of this

      A few relevant quotes I came across from various posts of hers:

      “Human capital data markets are arising for reasons of political economy. As the Fourth Industrial Revolution dawns, the elite must have a new mechanism to circulate their concentrated capital. The spending of poor and working class people will not be sufficient. Folks are carrying way too much debt as it is. This will become an even greater problem once automation and mass migrations make it impossible for millions of people to earn a stable living. Simply put, the financers need new plumbing. Real estate served that purpose for a time, but the weight of toxic mortgages ultimately collapsed the housing market. Now they need something even bigger, because over the past decade wealth has become even MORE concentrated…”

      “..What IS clear is that powerful global interests, including members of the World Economic Forum, are using this time of disruption and desperation to try and push through many elements needed to implement their Fourth Industrial Revolution program. This includes global digital currency, smart biometric surveillance, wearable technologies, online education, and tele-presence labor including tele-medicine and tele-therapy. All of this is happening against a back-drop of increased policing, diminished labor and environmental protections, and 5G infrastructure installation…”

      “..Public health is being weaponized as a tool of bio-surveillance and profit extraction. Profit will be created through human capital finance AND through the architecture of the surveillance it requires.”

      “..So here we are. Lots of folks are anxious to be tested. If proof of exposure / anti-bodies grants a “get-out-of-quarantine-free” card, I wager many would agree to sign up for a digital identity without giving it a second thought.

      But as they say, beware of beginnings. Antibody passports throw open the door to a much bigger program of data-mining linked to self-sovereign or decentralized identity. Digital identity structures enable the vast accumulation of interoperable data…”

      “..In this people-portfolio future, one’s worth will be measured in competencies and demonstrated skills represented by collections of badges and stackable credentials..”

      “..Against a rapidly changing backdrop of Covid-19, many find themselves adrift, anxious, frantically flipping through dog-eared rulebooks for the game they thought they were playing. In fact the switch has flipped, and we’re in a NEW game. We’ve gone over the cliff, and it’s vital that we truly understand our field of operations before biometric identity Covid-19 certificates come online.

      Those of us who can see what is coming are kind of like Wile E. Coyotes scrambling in mid air before we drop likes stones. I’d say we have a year tops to educate and organize the masses to stop the rise of digital biocapitalism, the intended fallout of this pandemic.”

      Article from back in April:

      1. E'Matty

        Great comment. This is a long planned restructuring of the global economy and societies in the way you have described. The move to the Digital Age or Fourth Industrial Revolution. Consumer spending has peaked and no longer provides the demand levels to sustain the economy, and debt cannot solve a debt crisis for ever, so we will move to a centralised managed global economy based on energy credits, digital energy credits, rather than cash. With the 5G (or already in the works 6G) infrastructure, which will include a satellite network blanketing every inch of the globe (currently 2.218 artificial satellites circling earth, this is expected to rise to over 45,000 by the mid 2020’s and more beyond after that), linking into an internet of things (everything will be embedded with sensors, software, and other technologies for the purpose of connecting and exchanging data with other devices and systems over the Internet), it will be possible to assert total control over all living things on the planet. Every aspect of human life will be controlled and dictated to the individual by a technocratic manager class.

        Every indivudal will have a digital biometric identity, which crosses over with the digital Covid free passport mentioned above. In this regard people should research the Mastercard Wellness Pass. From the GAVI website “Under the banner of “efficiently delivering vaccines to millions of children, tracking identity and immunisation records in a digitised manner and incentivising the delivery of vaccines,” Gavi the Vaccine Alliance – leading partner and catalyst, and Mastercard acting in the capacity of technology partner – have embarked on a Public Private Partnership aiming to deploy the Mastercard Wellness Pass”, “This partnership aims to leverage state of the art technology by bringing the Smart into traditional immunisation programs for optimal impact in terms of reach, adherence, efficiency and centralised record keeping of childhood immunisation.”

        There is just so much information to be absorbed in this area but for anyone genuinely interested in learning about their world and the direction it is heading, start researching The Great Reset (https://www.weforum.org/great-reset/), and UN Agenda 2030, following Agenda 21 (https://sustainabledevelopment.un.org/post2015/transformingourworld).

        I’ve posted this quote from Zbigniew Brzezinski and his book “Between two ages: America’s Role in the Technetronic Era” before but it warrants repeating. “The technotronic era involves the gradual appearance of a more controlled society. Such a society would be dominated by an elite, unrestrained by traditional values. Soon it will be possible to assert almost continuous surveillance over every citizen and maintain up-to-date complete files containing even the most personal information about the citizen. These files will be subject to instantaneous retrieval by the authorities.”

        People can also check out Klaus Schwab and his book “Covid-19: The Great Reset”. Schwab also wrote the oft referenced book “The Fourth Industrial Revolution”. It’s a Brave New World or a New World Order, whatever people wish to call it, but it’s coming and coming fast, and it will be nothing like the world we’re moving from. People need to wake up to the fact that global power is far more sophisticated and calculating than they perceive. The “New Normal” is not supposed to ever return to the Old Normal. The sooner people realise this, the better.

          1. E'Matty

            Interesting. No doubt they will now seek to normalise these terms and concepts. That “What we pause today” poster looks weirdly Twin Towers-like. The Dualistic world transforming to the unified world or One World. Buzzword of the day “Sustainable Development”.

  9. D'oh

    UN Agenda 2030:
    We resolve, between now and 2030, to end poverty and hunger everywhere; to combat inequalities within and among countries; to build peaceful, just and inclusive societies; to protect human rights and promote gender equality and the empowerment of women and girls;

    ooh so sinister !

    1. E'Matty

      oh yeah, because such a lovely sounding mission statement couldn’t possibly conceal any alterior motives and plans? Marketing speak seems to be workig quite effectviely on you anyway. “They said they’re good, so there you go, they must be good” seems to be as far as you go in your analysis. Tell us about the “Human Settlements” they have planned for us. I suppose, at least we can be grateful you’re not one of those who just denies that Agenda 2030 even exists or was just a conspiracy theory until now.

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