33 thoughts on “Motorway Avoidance

  1. Panty Christ

    I remember the good old days when it would take you 5 hours to drive from Dublin to Galway, first bottle neck was Leixlip, then, Kilcock, Enfield, kinnegad, tyrellspass, moate, kilbeggan then athlone. Good times, slow times. Some great chippers along the way.

  2. Fred

    Just goes to show how successful this lockdown is
    Just a matter of time before the whole freak show of coalition ends with the greens pulling the plug and an election

    Unlike March the people are not coming along with the green jersey

    76 flights arriving tomorrow into Ireland and no one checked

  3. Brother Barnabas

    bodger, you just made me watch 22 seconds of cars driving past. the only good bit was the one with the trailer. you owe me.

    1. benblack

      I’ve a serious question.

      Is it conceivable that my posting, or anybody else for that matter, on public sites such as this could be regarded as graffiti and thus prosecutable in the not too distant future?

      Digital property rights… etc.

  4. johnnykeenan

    Call this a tailback?
    You were never caught bumper to bumper in Kilbeggan for 4 hours in the mid 90’s, on a Friday.
    The killing thing was you only wanted to take a left for Clara, to avoid n6 gridlock.

      1. GiggidyGoo

        Oh Jayzus. Fermoy was something else alright. Nowadays, I go through there to avoid paying the toll.

  5. GiggidyGoo

    Ah, Kilcullen. Even back in the 80s it was gridlock. Eventually when you got out from the Curragh side heading for Carlow, a quick nip into the Bar was called for (can’t remember the name) which had a glass case with Dan Donnelly’s mummified arm in it. Then you’d head out again heading slowly down towards carlow, and very few chances to overtake. Always a good stop off was The Oasis In The Desert for chips and a burger. (Anyone remember where that was?)

    1. benblack

      I’m guessing here now, please bear with me;

      Could it have been – Murder-Me-Quick.

      As opposed to all the killing and culling.

      Plandemic, what plandemic?

        1. benblack

          Never mind the non-existent bear – what about the etymology of place names – Kilcullen, for example?
          I will only accept an explanation that satisfies my present personal opinion.

          1. Gabby

            etymology of Kilcullen is:
            cill = church
            cuilinn = holly tree or bush
            thus Cill Cuilinn = the church beside a holly bush
            Kildare = Cill Dara, the church beside an oak tree

    2. Paulus

      Ah that’s when you knew you were on a journey; not like the sterile multi-bypassing jaunt we go on now.

      (Polishes rose-tinted specs and puts them back in case).

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