Dances With Woulfe


Chief Justice Frank Clarke and Supreme Court Justice Séamus Woulfe

This morning.

Following two postponements, Chief Justice Frank Clarke will attempt to meet Supreme Court Justice Séamus Woulfe again today (hopefully over a splendid lunch) to discuss the Denham Report by former Chief Justice Susan Denham into Justice Woulfe’s attendance at the outing at the centre of Golfgate.

According to Ms Denham’s study of the scandal, Chief Justice Clarke was told by Justice Woulfe of his intention to attend the event.

More as we get it.


Last night.

Chief Justice to meet Seamus Woulfe to discuss Golfgate fallout (Irish Examiner)

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15 thoughts on “Dances With Woulfe

  1. Pip

    Airline pilots, some of them, have a way of describing the hierarchy / outcome of such meetings, typically held after a screwup of some sort.
    Tea and biscuits / tea no biscuits / no tea no biscuits.

  2. ian-oh

    Who’s the actor playing him, FFS I know him but can’t place him at all (and am pretty sure this specific episode of the Claire Byrne Show is not going to be up on IMDB for me to look him up????

    Driving me nuts here.

      1. ian-oh

        Yes! Jimmy from Cracker, fair play to you V, that has been doing my nut since the article above was posted!

          1. ian-oh

            Yeah, all coming back to me now, just looking it up on Wikipedia and it appears there are at least 4 episodes I haven’t seen! Will be watching them over the weekend, can’t believe I missed them. Goes to show you how much we take instant access for granted these days. I remember that was must see viewing at the time. And Cranitch was excellent and if I note that Liam Cunningham was also in an episode.

            Great programme altogether.

          2. Bertie Theodore Alphege Blenkinsop

            The Liam Cunningham one was the one where he was in love with John Simm.
            We watched it recently, the Hillsborough story with Robert Carlyle is phenomenal.

  3. Truth in the News

    What if Woulfe sought an injunction restraining any interference in his capacity
    to act in his capacity as Judge of the Supreme Court, which he has a constitutional
    right to do so

  4. The rock

    This will roll on and on untill boredom moves attention to other things and he stays in a job he should of been sacked from

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