Meanwhile, At The High Court [Updated]



The High Court has granted an injunction to the provisional liquidators of the Irish arm of retailer, Debenhams, preventing unlawful actions and any interference with efforts to remove stock from its former stores.

The injunction applies to anyone with knowledge of the order. Copies will be put at the entrances of the stores and shopping centres.

Debenhams liquidators granted injunction in High Court (RTÉ)


This afternoon.

The Four Courts, Dublin 1.

Former Debenhams workers protest while the store’s liqudators, KPMG, seek a High Court injunction to stop picketing at branches. Ex-staff have striked since March and stopped stock being removed from stores without their agreed redundancy being paid.




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4 thoughts on “Meanwhile, At The High Court [Updated]

  1. Vanessanelle

    Where are all the Trade Union members for a start
    Plenty out in RTE too – It must be said

    Why aren’t they all out in support there down on the quays
    if not in sympathy on the picket lines

    Where is the Trade Union Movement and all their own talking heads
    Remember this folks
    Dublin Bus, Irish Rail, Aer Lingus, Ryan Air, Nurses, Dunnes, ESB, Tesco, Teachers, Prison Officers and all the other workers engaged in official and non official industrial disputes in recent years
    Ye were all thin on the ground standing by the Debenham workers
    what ever happened to One Out All Out
    Solidarity amongst workers

    Trade Union Movement my a55

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