U-Turn, Please


Former Fianna Fáil Minister and family GP Dr Jim McDaid


“I fully agree that we must pursue the current advice as given in September 2020 but based on all of the figures currently available, it is demonstrated clearly that despite large numbers of people contracting Covid-19, it is seen that the virus does not have a virulent an impact that it had in Phase 1….

…We have quite a large practice in Donegal but despite the figures a few days ago, we had only one person in hospital at the height of those figures and our advice and suggested treatment as doctors to our patients was to isolate yourselves, drink plenty of fluids and make sure you buy a box of paracetamol on the way home.”

One suggestion I put forward for discussion is that the proposed further lockdowns exclude younger people. People under 40, perhaps people under 50, who can prove that they are under a certain age and have no chronic illnesses.

“I have been informed by my patients, especially the elderly, that they are watching four to six versions of the news on a daily basis. They have become addicted but they are not being given all the facts. They are scared. They deserve better.”

Part an open letter to the Taoiseach Micheál Martin from former Fianna Fáil Minister Dr Jim McDaid, a family GP in Letterkenny, County Donegal.

Come in.

We’ve been expecting you.

Country on verge of a mental health crisis – Dr McDaid (Donegal News)


28 thoughts on “U-Turn, Please

  1. Tony

    not likely telling his mates in the Dail anything they don’t already know in fairness

    Still – superhero, truth to power speaker, fearless rebel etc

  2. Centerest Dad

    weird how you never see epidemiologists or public health specialists take the tack of Dr. McDaid and Dr. Pat Morrissey and Dr. Marcus de Brun.
    The three that I named are all GPs. While they are well entitled to their opinion (as am I, as are you, as are everyone) they’re not experts in this field. They’re all appealing to emotion rather than any scientific basis.

    1. V AKA Frilly Keane

      Fair point
      But GPs are the first call
      So are more aware and sensitive to what is actually happening on the ground
      They are all face to face – pretty much
      With this
      Patient by patient, day by day

      Epidemiologists don’t see patients on a one to one level

      So I would trust the observations of a local GP before anyone that sits in a lab all day before going in front of a camera/ microphone, or heading into a meeting with other lads who have been “in the office” all day

      Particularly on a local level

      1. Cian

        I think we should listen to both.

        You are right the GP sees patients at a one-to-one level. But they can;t see the wood for the trees. An individual GP may be lucky that none of her patients are badly affected by Covid – leading them to think it isn’t dangerous (based on direct, but incomplete data).

        You need the epidemiologist to look at the big picture and compile all the individual stories to see the bigger truths.

  3. frank

    Speaking as someone that had Covid19 all the way back in March. He is quite right, paracetamol works very well as does a couple of days in bed.

      1. frank

        No lingering side effects.
        Came down with it on Patricks day 17th March. Isolated myself as much as I could in a tiny house with 2 small kids.
        Sick for about 4 days. Felt like I was concussed. Then had a horrible headache in my eyes for a week afterwards that nothing would get rid of but it did eventually go away. In all I was sick for about 2 weeks. The wife go it then and was sick for about a week. Both of the kids were also sick but only a matter of days.
        I was very worried at the start of all this as one of the kids is immunocompromised (Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia) 3 years of chemotherapy but the truth of it is that it is not killing either normally fit and healthy people nor is it killing ‘cancer kids’ (for want of a better term!!). I’m on parents oncology Facebook pages etc. and I haven’t read a single story of Covid mortality.
        What’s really frightening is that after 3 years of excellent care in Crumlins Childrens hospital we now do phone appointments with the consultants and are left waiting for blood results for weeks. This is flipping crazy. Blood results use to be same day!!!!!!!! Let me elaborate this insanity further. We use to go to the HOOPS clinic (brilliant name aways made me smile but sadly it stands for Haematology / oncology outpatients clinic) this is a separate clinic inside the hospital which only deals with haematology & oncology patients (obviously) bloods would be done here etc. Now with Covid we can no longer go to HOOPS for bloods we have to go to the public phlebotomy department in the general hospital. This is frankly insane but there you are.
        Insanity reigns

        1. Bob

          Thanks for the insight Frank. I only know one ex co-worker who had it and said it was bad for a week and then went with no lasting consequences. Best to your family.

          The world is slowly but surely heading towards natural herd immunity untill a vacinne is found, manufactured and distributed.

          Think the WHO estimated 750 mill current infections, so another 3 billion and we’re there but with a lot more lives lost in that upper age bracket.

        2. SOQ

          Thanks Frank- just one question.

          Have you every had the flu and if so- how would you rate it against ?

          1. frank

            @SOQ I’ve never had flu so can’t benchmark against it personally. My wife has had flu and as mentioned also had Covid. She reckoned the flu was far worse but in saying that she wan’t as sick as I was (as I have to keep reminding her). So I think I just got it worse than she did. Who knows??

        3. italia'90

          Thanks for sharing that Frank.
          I hope your kid gets back to normal and full health ASAP.
          Can I ask about upper respiratory issues re breathing and coughing
          as that would also be informative.

          1. frank

            @italia’90 no coughing but a very sore throat. I wasn’t wildly out of breath but I wasn’t at 100%. I felt very dizzy and as I said I felt like a had a concussion.

            We carried on as normal all the way through treatment so theres no ‘normal’ to get back to but I appreciate what your saying. Thanks

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