What The Cuffe?



Before: ugly.

After: hideous.

Good times.

Greenside Building promises ‘pandemic proofed’ office solution (Irish Times)

11 thoughts on “What The Cuffe?

  1. Ringo Maher

    When it comes to architecture Ireland have always been in the 4th division. Looks like we’re about to be relegated.

  2. Kate.

    I hope the engineer looks at Curtin University in Western Australia past couple of days. Collapse and tragic accident.
    This is an eyesore anyway.

  3. H

    I often think that whoever has been granting planning permission in Dublin for the last 100 years needs shooting, or if they have already passed, then digging and and shooting, however, this is an improvement on what was there before, and I like it.
    I would probably weep if someone posted a picture of what was there originally though…..

    1. RT

      Young Fine Gaeler cheerleads vaguely “dynamic” looking office blocks ahead of affordable housing in Dublin. This is news?

      Will the gym and local community services in the old block be maintained in the new build? I don’t think so….

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