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  1. One username per commenter please

    Single mothers on welfare haven’t had a visit since March 2020 or earlier.Does Roman think there is no Fraud?

    1. Janet, dreams of warm feet

      One parent families (around 96% of which are headed by women) make up about 1/4 of families in Ireland and are most likely to be impacted by deprivation all worsened by low pay and extortionate childcare.

      Lone parents are much more likely to have their claims inspected and least likely to have errors/“fraudulent” claims.

      This article indicates the enormous level of harassment, bullying and abuse of privacy that’s part of the norm when you are dealing with the state and it’s engrained misogyny. It amounts to the persecution of working class women in particular.

      “They opened my underwear drawer. They went through it with a fine-tooth comb.”

      “visit their homes unannounced, opening wardrobes looking for men’s clothes, and questioning them about cars parked outside”

      “Niamh, from Cork, told the Irish Examiner: “It was degrading. One fella used to park outside my house before the school run and follow me to the school, and in the evening if I went out to get coal or anything he’d be there too. I was so scared. I was out in the country on my own with three kids.”


      1. Junkface

        Jesus thats crazy harassment! They go through people’s underwear drawers? What are the qualifications need for this job? At least 2 years peeping Tom experience with a major in the underwear drawers. I’d say they attract a certain type for those jobs.

      2. Cian

        Iteland has the highest rates of single-parent family households in the EU. Where are all the fathers? Why does the taxpayer have to pay to support these feckless families? It’s no wonder there is a housing crisis when each ‘family’ needs two households.

        1. Janet, dreams of warm feet

          their in their own mammies playing FIFA on their xbox,
          in my brief excursion into the dating world when I first got back here I can tell you most men had kids, young kids that they didn’t live with and don’t get me started on their attitude to giving money to their ex, needless to say no second date.

      1. Charger Salmons

        ” Charger, why is it always about Brexit with you …”

        Just enjoy the moment when our fallen axe-man contemplates the utter futility of his life and then looks to blame somebone else.
        Actually you’re right.It is all about Brexit.
        Wahaay !

    1. Tarfton Clax

      fair play to him. he’s actually a pretty handy guitar player. and he has a cool shirt and a cooler guitar.

  2. BS

    What’s the point of having defined and structured levels to restrictions when they are just cherry picking bits from higher levels. People won’t understand what’s being brought in or is or isn’t allowed. Just stick to what was laid out in that stupid booklet we all got. If the medical experts say level 5 then go to it, not “4+”

    1. SOQ

      Because, if they go to level 5, meaning a full lockdown against WHO’s stated advice, they would be fully liable for any and all damage done- once the PCR test is proven to be not fit for purpose. But, that will be a moot point given that the impact is the same either way.

      Lockdown measures have already been successfully challenged in Berlin of course.

      1. BS

        What’s your solution to containing the virus outbreaks then soq?

        Just let every one do what they want? Get infected and for the lucky ones fight it off with only the risk of permanent lung damage or other complications?

        Or should everyone who doesn’t mind getting sick and possible complications be allowed do that while everyone else isolates so as not to be infected by them?

        1. dav

          @BS to ask an anti-masker for a solution is wrong as they would 1st have to accept there is a coronavirus in the 1st place. It’s only a bad cold/flu/ chemtrail for them..

          1. BS

            I’m not sure silly old queen is an anti masker. From what I gather his solution is the Sweden model which was essentially go about your daily life herd immunity and if you’re at risk or living with someone at risk you isolate.

            He says lockdowns are bad for mental health. I agree. But isolating at risk people or people living with at risk people is bad for their mental health too, especially when no one can 100% isolate. So in the Sweden scenario I’m expected to isolate but then run the gauntlet of people not wearing masks or staying at home if they feel sick. Not really a solution imo

          2. SOQ

            @ BS. I agree that this would be hard on at risk people too which is why below I say a social welfare package- not just food deliveries. The biggest issue for that group is actually loneliness so human contact is crucial.

            But to echo commentator Janet- that those people must also have a right to choose what level of protection they wish to avail of and, that their choices are respected.

            Sunetra Gupta makes an interesting point- that social distancing masks etc is actually individualistic behaviour rather than what it is presented as being- meaning communitarianism.

            And stop the name calling if you want a grown up conversation please.

        2. SOQ

          Ok BS, I assume you asked in good faith so I shall answer likewise.


          People need to step back from this all or nothing mindset and accept that just like other Corona Viruses, this thing will be around for along time. That means specific targeting of the vulnerable which has not happened to date.

          In nursing home settings- proper state funded PPE and training in its use, no transfer of staff between homes, regular testing of staff and for those living in their own homes- a social package to include food deliveries and welfare checks.

          And- let the fit and healthy continue with their lives because community immunity is going to happen one way or another- just like the other corona viruses.

          1. BS

            But this isn’t just another corona virus. It is, for whatever reason much more infectious and appears from studies of early infections to leave long lasting physical affects. This isn’t just another seasonal flu variant.

            People need social interaction yes, and people in need should have support from family or support services where needed. I agree that the nursing home situation was shambolic and shameful. Far too many people died and homes were left to fend for themselves.

            I still need to go out for essential shopping etc and I shouldn’t need to run a gauntlet of “community immunity” where people are just looking out for themselves and their own situation.

          2. bisted

            …I’m afraid, BS…you already have been running the gauntlet of the people you describe…I do believe that their numbers are small despite the example shown by politicians and quacks…solidarity is the only thing that seems to work against the spread of this virus so far…

  3. Shayna

    Perhaps it’s the constant chirping of the smoke detector since early Sunday morning in my kitchen that’s made me a tad contemplative? Despite resetting the button, well quite a few times, without result – did the Basil Fawlty thing – shouting at it – no avail. I could do a Phoebe from ‘Friends’, pull it from the ceiling and go at it with a baseball bat – my house insurance would be invalid – Sod’s Law this would be the night my house would burn down. I’ve just got to wait it out until @9am to call a registered electrician. My contemplative(ness) {I know it’s not an accepted word, but should be – whatwith the chirping..} – anyhoos Lock-down was relaxed way too soon, in my opinion. Globally it was accepted that drastic measures needed to be put into place – majorly people respected the rules, not then law. I currently live in Belfast, in the North – I can’t cross the border into Donegal and Sligo – I’m a surfer and it’s, well, not so great. When the guidelines were relaxed, it appeared that everything was great again – clearly not so! The Examiner coming up with a story that we’d sacrifice the elderly – what? Also, The Dubs U20s beat Tyrone at Breffni Park – congrats. In the words that Dame Vera Lynn sang, “We’ll meet again!”. Also – the goddamned chirping continues…

    1. Rosette of Sirius

      As it’s wired to the mains, it will also have a 9v ( rectangular shape) battery for backup. Pop the cover off and replace it. Very simple and safe for you to do and lots cheaper than getting an electrician out.

      1. Shayna

        The smoke detector was brand new and was in fact faulty. It was replaced without charge. A lesson learned, sometimes you’ve got to wait it out, rather than opt for the baseball bat technique. Thanks to all the BS commenters who supported and empathized with my plight.

  4. Gerry

    Anyone thinking what I’m thinking about the teaser for Terry Prone’s opinion piece in the Examiner?

      1. SOQ

        Just wondering Lilly- if in the longer term it is proved that the deaths caused by lockdowns are the same as those temporarily saved- would you feel comfortable with that trade off?

        But realistically, given that the CoVid fatality rate is actually still very low, that is already likely so- what is the ratio to change your mind?



        At what point in your mind does the “sacrifice” become those who die of cancer or suicide or unemployment?

        1. Lilly

          I was commenting on Terry Prone writing about ‘our elders’ as if she were 21, SOQ, not about the pros or cons of lockdown. But, come to think of it, she wouldn’t have written the headline so maybe the actual piece is more forthright.

    1. GiggidyGoo

      Notice the way she is standing – Varadkaresque. Hands joined in front of her willie. Varadkar must have learned that from her. Money well spent.

      The Examiner giving her the life blood of publicity after her ‘nothing to see here’ lies with regard to Tuam doesn’t sit well with me.

  5. SOQ

    Interesting opinion piece in the Irish Times by Chris Evans.

    ‘Lockdown lobby’ needs to explain why this time would be different

    Even the WHO is sounding cautious about the net benefits of national lockdowns


    The main issue I would have is his faith in track and trace which is based on a false assumption of how the SARS-Cov-2 is transmitted. It has already been identified in sewage systems of cites months before the outbreaks of CoVid-19 began.

    One of the most interesting questions raised in all of this is about shop workers- how can they have only average rates of sickness while being at high risk in environments where they were near certain to have come into contact with it?

    While track and trace may be effective in a viral green field site- meaning very few people have been infected- it is a waste of time where it has already down a full sweep of the country, particularly with a PCR which is probably not fit for purpose.

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