Am I Essential?


Dav writes:

Was checking this to see if my job would be safe with the new restrictions (it is!) and couldn’t help but notice this list was only published last Wednesday!

At the risk of joining the tin-hat brigade, is there something to the fact it was only released two days before Holohan’s recommendations on Friday… and if it is just a coincidence, why did it take so long to be published in the first fuppin’ place?


Essential services for Level 4 (

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  1. Janet, I ate my avatar

    it doesn’t take a tinfoil hat or to be anti mask to realise that there is bugger all consistency, logic, attention to detail, care, pragmatism or efficiency in any of the handling of this absolute pooshow

  2. george

    The numbers are rising and NPHET already recommended level 5 so it was not a surprise that they did it again especially given that their last set of predictions were exceeded.

    Should the government be criticised for preparing for the likely possibility that additional restrictions would be required?

    1. Dav

      My point isn’t really to take swipes at the government when I can, but more why wasn’t this list published alongside their 5-level breakdown all those weeks ago? Up to now, I was looking at the level breakdown wondering at what point is my ability to work affect and it’s only now i get clarity… makes me wonder how seriously they’re thinking this through. Again, not trying to get digs in here, but it doesn’t inspire confidence either…

      1. John

        I would guess that the list was delayed due to intense lobbying by business and other interests to get their activities included on the list

  3. ReproBertie

    Could this have been republished? There was definitely a list of essential jobs published all those years ago in March 2020.

  4. JEH

    Just looking at the list of essential jobs and as far as I can tell the only jobs things excluded are musicians, actors, pubs, and day care. These categories are so broad and numerous as to give the impression that basically the entire economy has been flagged as essential (which, sure, in some ways it kind of is)

      1. ReproBertie

        It’s not the detail list. You have to click on each header to see the detail. For example, clicking on “6. Wholesale and Retail Trade” gets you:
        The following services relating to wholesale and retail trade:
        the operation of essential retail outlets
        wholesale and distribution services necessary for ensuring the availability for sale of food, beverages, fuel, medicinal products, medical devices or appliances, other medical or health supplies or products, essential items for the health and welfare of animals, or supplies for the essential upkeep and functioning of a place of residence
        the operation of automated teller machines and related services

          1. JEH

            Ah ok. Thanks for that! Ah sure, it’s a screen grab of a website! I was thinking it was a screen grab of a document. Makes way more sense now.

  5. John F

    It seems what were dealing with now is less of a pandemic and more of a casedemic. Politicians and officials are constantly regurgitating the same buzz messages like we have never seen new case numbers like this before or the numbers are rising way too fast.
    But the public are forgetting that a record amount of tests are being carried out every day and this number is only increasing. One would expect the number of detected infections to rise as a number of tests carried out rises. Remember the hype before the first lockdown. Tens of thousands will die, hospitals will be overflowing et cetera. None of which happened thankfully.
    This is happening throughout the Western world, it is going to bankrupt economically and socially all of the affected country’s. Then society will be more malleable and able to be changed in ways that the UN and globalists have wanted to do for decades.
    But if you talk about any of this. You are labelled and dismissed as a conspiracy nut. Although I think that the general public are starting to realise that something is up.

    1. Micko

      Dead right on the testing John F

      Dr Jack Lambert in the IT at the weekend said that we were only able to test 5k a week during the initial pandemic.

      We’re now at over 100k a week. Course we’re going to see asymptomatic cases being flagged

      But as you said, even if you ask questions you’re labelled as a nut.

      When has that every worked out well?

      1. Charlie

        Conspiracy theorists are largely people who need to blame and assert some sort of political propaganda to justify their paranoia. Smoking less week can sometimes be a cure.

        1. Micko

          So asking questions and using your own deductive reasoning to come to your own conclusions now makes you a conspiracy theorist.

          Very sad indeed. ;-)

    2. Jim

      Fair play. I agree. I ask everyone now, hardware store, in the shop. Repair men coming to the house. Everyone is suspicious of the government, things don’t add up. It’s quite erie when you start to realise the scale of this. Say day for the humans.

    3. E'Matty

      “I think that the general public are starting to realise that something is up.” If you want some insight into what’s up, check out the writings of Karl Schwab, the founder and executive chairman of the World Economic Forum. Two books of most interest – “Shaping the Fourth Industrial Revolution” and “COVID-19: The Great Reset”. You’re going to be hearing more and more about this “Great Reset” over the coming months.

      He sets out the radical transformation of the world economic, political and social order which is now advancing at a rapid pace.

      “The future will challenge our understanding of what it means to be human, from both a biological and a social standpoint” – Schwab

      Who wants to know what’s going to happen to their industry? Entertainment, travel, hospitality, sorry lads….

  6. Barry the Hatchet

    Presumably it was republished when Cavan, Donegal and Monaghan moved to Level 4 at midnight on the 15th?

  7. diddy

    there’s no point dancing around the head of a pin here. level 5. all but the food supply chain goes home for a month. same as April. half measures won’t put the fire out.

    1. Hank

      How exactly would a move to level 5 eradicate the virus? Or how can you possibly justify a move towards another lockdown? Anyone with any sense can see that obviously confirmed case numbers were always going to rise when testing increased from 5,000 tests per week (during lockdown) to 100,000+ tests per week now. The problem is the way we are being fed the “increased positive cases” data as if things are getting worse and worse all the time when, in fact, if you analyse the data the stats simply don’t back that theory up.
      And the added implication that it’s our own fault for not “behaving ourselves” when people for the most part are doing all they can to be responsible but also to have some modicum of normality while also trying to get through what is a very difficult year for many people is reprehensible.

      1. Micko

        Very true Hank – the fascination with cases and not deaths is perplexing.

        In fact for everyone of those thousand cases a day that we’re seeing now, they should be listed not as “victims” but as people who are more than likely now immune. *

        It’s a good thing. (If they don’t croak of course) ;-)

        *And I know immunity isn’t guaranteed, but sure look, what ya gonna do?
        We’re just gonna have to be brave.

        1. Charlie

          Lads. If the media have to feed you the positive aspects of the day, then they’ve got nothing to sensationalize about. After all, there’s phook all else going on in the world. Time for fresh air and exercise.

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