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Protect Scotland app from Waterford-based firm NearForm

This morning/afternoon.

On September 10, Scotland released a Covid-19 contact tracing app called Protect Scotland from Irish firm NearForm, which had been launched with some fanfare by Scotland’s First Minister four months earlier….

Via The Times:

Nicola Sturgeon told the country “that your privacy will be respected at all times” when she launched Test and Protect on May 26.

The Times has now confirmed that data can be shared with Police Scotland to issue fines and other organisations that demonstrate an undefined “legitimate reason” to access the data.

The first minister also promised that the Protect Scotland app, which she has urged everyone in Scotland to download, will protect privacy.

However, the mobile numbers used to register on the app are retained by NHS National Services Scotland (NHS NSS), which can be compelled to hand them on to police.

…Despite repeated requests last night, the Scottish government declined to clarify its position, fuelling fears that police officers could be handed personal information given to contact tracers.


Coronavirus: Police could be given contact details from Test and Protect scheme (The Times)

Protect Scotland (NearForm)

12 thoughts on “It’s Good To Share

  1. scottser

    i got given a work phone there a few weeks ago with the app installed. did they ask my permission? nope. app duly removed, along with all the other crap i don’t use.

    1. Cú Chulainn

      The Scots were colonised by the English.. and when the English offered them their freedom, the Scots said NO. What else can you expect from that lowly race.

    1. Janet, dreams of warm feet

      and yet this is the kind of musing that gets you labeled as a conspiracy but, it sounds so far fetched, it makes me glad our lot couldn’t organise a quiet golf dinner , piss up/brewery

      1. Brother Barnabas

        the UK system uses a QR code so that if theres a confirmed case, anyone else who was there can be informed

        I’ve been told though that coffee shops etc in dublin require you to give your phone number for the same reason. maybe that’s not true ?

        1. Janet, dreams of warm feet

          do you know I haven’t actually eaten out somewhere that has asked, have to say I’d be happier contact deets than the app, call me old fashioned, it probably amounts to the same thing, just a bit of a slippery slope ?

        2. Micko

          To be honest BB, haven’t seen it and I’d frequent a few different coffee shops.

          I can see the issue, if you’re there for a period of time. So like pubs, meals, cinema etc contact tracing makes sense.

          Remember the guidelines from the HSE, 15 mins or more close contact to be in trouble. That’s what the app registers( or it used to) That’s gone out the window.

          I was in Dublin town doing the little one’s “Santa shopping” today and about 60-70% of people were wearing masks outdoors. Outdoors!

          We’ve gone mental.

      2. Micko

        Absolutely, I have my tin foil hat and underpants on right now.

        I saw a meme online the other day, it said

        “I have to some new conspiracy theories…
        all my old ones came true” :-)

        But, honestly I know that we’re in a bit of a mess at the moment, but Ireland’s ability to make a complete and utter disaster of everything we try to do is actually amazing and I love it.

        It’s like some sort of mad reverse superpower.

        No wonder the English couldn’t win by figuring out what we were up to during the war.

        We had no idea either!

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