Several deer that roam the city of Nara, in Japan, were found dead after swallowing plastic bags and food wrappers

Some Japanese boffins who fear
That plastic might be choking deer
Have invented a bag
That won’t make them gag
So let’s give these heroes a cheer.

John Moynes


1 thought on “A Limerick A Day

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    I have visited there twice.
    The first time a deer ate my free tourist map while I was holding it in my hands. Planning ahead the next time I had a smartphone instead but I picked up another tourist map to cover contingencies and stuck it the back pocket of my jeans. A deer approached from behind, grabbed it out of my pocket and then retreated to masticate the map in a particularly smug way. I realized there was a pattern here and ignoring the “Do not feed the deer” signs, I conducted some scientific research on how Nara deer react to maps. I don’t want to incriminate myself but – Those deer love to eat maps. The Japanese authorities should really just produce edible maps.

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