Golfgate 2: Electric Boogaloo.


Name that course (top), anyone?



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  1. Clampers Outside

    Yep, sounds ridiculous to me.
    Booked t-times and a closed club bar, job done, no issue.

    It’s a proper me-hole in one!

    1. SOQ

      None of it makes sense- 5k limit in south, none in north- who knew the north would the only part of Ireland you could go to mass?

      1. Hank

        You forgot the last few words – here, I’ll finish it for you: “is an extremely stupid comment..”

        1. topsy

          It’s not a stupid comment. I’m an avid golfer and I know most people who were playing in my club travelled more than 5k to get there.

        1. Cian

          Golf Ireland need to get their act together and declare that golf is okay in Level 5. And bobs yer uncle.

        2. Barry the Hatchet

          Tennis Ireland interpreting the rules in a way that suits them does not actually mean that tennis is allowed.

  2. Junkface

    It makes no sense at all. All outdoor sports seem very, very safe to me. All of the wind blowing and maybe sunshine, small groups of people. What do they think Golfers are doing on the course? Secretly going dogging on the 5th hole?
    This is not how you build trust with the public.

    1. George

      Golfers travel from different areas to meet up. Stand together at tee boxes, congregate together at greens and walk together between holes. All of this happens over a protracted period of time. If the course is busy you can end up with groups catching other groups still on the tee.

      We are supposed to be reduced our social contacts to a minimum. There are far too many exceptions being allowed to creep in which will undermine the effectiveness of the measures while also still doing the economic damage.

      1. Happy

        That kind of risk can be managed, and anecdotally i believe was, by having spaced out tee times and only 9 hole allotments. But it is very hard for the guidelines to go into that level of detail of course, they are necessarily a blunt instrument

      2. Junkface

        But George, being outdoors is the key here. If you are staying 1.5 metres apart, even in a group of 6 you should be safe. You are 19 times more likely to catch the virus from the air indoors. That said, if Golfers decide to sneak off indoors somewhere for a drink afterwards without social distance precautions then they will spread it.

      3. GiggidyGoo

        They also have to meet afterwards in large groups to discuss things like ‘The front nine’, ‘The Back nine’, ‘Dog Leg’ etc. and have a bit of a session of tame jokes.

  3. baz

    there is type of person that of late likes to describe themselves as policy wonks and I increasingly think these appendages are simply fornicating with the sensible goodwill of the people.

  4. Harry

    I think golf should be allowed, non contact and outdoors.

    I don’t know about tennis but gaa isn’t allowed, I can’t play and no one can play that isn’t senior inter county. And the reasons they can play, I believe, is that it can be televised for the masses which was seen as valuable (same for the garrison games)

    1. Cian

      “I think golf should be allowed, non contact and outdoors.”
      Wait? Is there anothe4 golf? Indoors and full contact ? I’d watch the heck out of that!

  5. gallantman

    If there is one trump card this country holds at this time surely it is our relatively easy access to uncrowded outdoor spaces and all their related physical and mental health benefits.

    Instead many outdoor sports facilities have been closed. Golf courses have been closed. Today our Government saw fit to put out the message that Gardai will be specifically patrolling beaches, parks and other outdoor beauty spots. So the message seems to be stay at home. Stay indoors. Stay indoors and put on another Covid stone then.
    Does this really seem a well thought out , hoilistic health policy especially in the context of a virus where obesity is a major underlying co-morbidity.

    1. Johnnythree

      Thats all very sensible. However most of our Govt or Civil servants are not critical thinkers and lots did not even go to college so don’t set your expectations too high.

    2. E'Matty

      given Vitamin D (sunlight), fresh air and exercise all help build up the natural immune system, this government approach is counter to the health of the nation, even based on the nonsensical narrative they are trying to sell. Widespread civil disobedience against these regulations is called for.

  6. Formerly known as

    The premier of Victoria (Aus) banned golf at a similar stage — sharing of gear and standing too close were the main issues. He always mentions that the goal is to reduce the amount of interactions. Whatever it takes to do that.

    1. Johnnythree

      Ban supermarkets then. & GAA championships. & Dentists. etc.
      There are a whole slew of factors that guide infection being successful by covid but you cannot close everything down. Everyone i know is just going to continue doing what they are doing. Nobody will observe the rules unless made. Good luck with the next 6 weeks for the Gardai – they have lost a lot of people with heavy handed tactics.

      1. Barry the Hatchet

        Well no Johnny, obviously you can’t close EVERYTHING down. You try to close as much down as possible and you make choices about what is essential. Supermarkets and dentists are essential. Golf and tennis are not. Whether you agree with the strategy or not, it is a relatively straightforward concept.

        1. Johnnythree

          Oh but it’s not simple Barry. A cursory glance at the regulations will tell you that I hope. Schools open but no golf? Eh does that not put a little light on in the dashboard in your head? I hope so.

          1. Barry the Hatchet

            As I said, you make choices about what is essential. Children’s education is essential. Golf is not. The concept is simple.

          2. Stephen

            How can you not get this.

            We have to close as much as we can and decisions have to be made on the priority of various activities.
            So supermarkets where we buy food – very essential
            Hardware stores -less essential but certain items are needed to fix problems and helps keep some movement in economy
            Schools not necessarily essential but our children’s education is pretty important
            Golf a recreational activity not very essential at all.

            Choices have to be made around what we can and can’t keep open and there will be losers in that. In the greater scheme of things 6 weeks without golf (in a season when a lot wouldn’t play anyway) is a pretty small issue

  7. wearnicehats

    It’s a complete joke. Allowing GAA to continue was a massive error just guaranteed to get everyone’s back up. They want you to exercise and then tell you that you can’t, unless you’re jumping all over each other. They ask you to walk around with a friend and then go, ah but we didn’t mean on a golf course. They ask you to exercise and then go ah but we didn’t mean at opposite ends of a tennis court. I’ve never actually set foot in a gym but I’m really glad to see that some gyms have decided to stay open. I think I might have played tennis once but I’m glad that Tennis Ireland are taking their own stance. They tell you to stay at home and wait for your kids to bring the Rona back home from school or the sports that they’re allowed to do. The country is going down the toilet, everyone is going barmy. Good to see a bit of civil disobedience at last – let’s see just how much power (and heart to enforce) the Gardai really have.

  8. d

    the 5k rule would stop 90% of golf players. who in dublin lives within 5k of their course.

    golf is played by older people who are more at risk.

    though i think golf should be allowed, vit d, exercise, mental health, GUI really caved in very early. must be some really conservative views held there

    1. Johnnythree

      hahaha! Its golf – the most conservative sport there is. All slacks and no fumble. Anyone I know who plays golf votes FG and is a dope that will comply with everything or is desperate to climb the social ranks.

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