From top: Sinn Féin’s Pearse Doherty and Independent Roscommon–Galway TD Michael Fitzmaurice this afternoon

By 10pm on Tuesday night, when the results for all tests came back, 25 out of 27 residents were found to be Covid-19 positive.

The virus has also severely impacted on staff at the facility, with in the region of ten care staff and seven nurses infected.

All have gone into isolation to reduce the further spread of the virus.

As a result, the nursing home is operating with a massively reduced number of staff today.

At present, just one nurse and one health care worker are on duty, along with some ancillary staff at the premises.

Majority of residents and most staff at Galway nursing home have Covid (RTÉ)

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38 thoughts on “Never Again

    1. SOQ

      This is what kicked it off.

      A tweet from Dr Martin Daly @DrMartinDaly

      #COVID19ireland Just received a phone call from Nursing Home . 26 out 28 residents #COVID + . Only one Nurse and Carer available in last 72 hrs as all other staff positive . 1 person has died and another very ill. Nursing Home Say no help available from @HSELive

      Why should a doctor have to resort to social media to get them to do something? Some of the comments below that tweet are absolutely scathing.

      We’ve learnt absolutely nothing. The Resources of state are being employed making sure we don’t travel 5km from our home or visit a neighbour for a cup of coffee when they should be focused 100% on these highly vulnerable groups.

      Shocking. The one place we need to protect above all others and we are failing miserably.

      Why has it come to this that this Dr had to go to the media to get someone to listen?

      The Government cannot be allowed to get away with this negligence. Where is the urgency?? Have we learned nothing?

      There is no excuse for this !! It was known in MARCH that nursing homes were the most at risk. They should have been ring-fenced and managed by the HSE. Just because they are private & don’t fall under the HSE they were/are forgotten.

      Criminal. All preventable. Criminal investigations are required of those in charge of Ireland’s pandemic response in the same manner that is happening in France.

      This is appalling. The government have learned nothing. This isn’t a mistake from government, this is a choice.

      And we in Ireland accuse Sweden’s government of euthanasia? Yes Sweden screwed up at the start but learnt their lesson and it hasn’t happened again, Ireland though either are incompetent or are letting this happen.

      1. Daisy Chainsaw

        Great Barrington supported herd immunity at work, culling the old and vulnerable for the sake of the economy.

        1. SOQ

          The Great Barrington Deceleration states proper PPE and training in its use, no transfer of staff between nursing homes, regular testing of staff and, state support packages including food deliveries and welfare checks of the vulnerable living in their own homes.

          None of the above has been implemented- despite all being common sense measures. Just lock down the country and wreck the economy instead so.

        1. Ivorian

          Pretty curious that this comes out on the day our lockdown begins. You should watch Ivor Cummins.

  1. Dr.Fart

    the government are beyond useless. this LITERALLY happened already, as a big scandal of a mess-up. And they’ve just let it happen again. We are in the worst possible hands in the biggest public health threat in a century.

  2. Janet, dreams of warm feet

    what’s it going to take for people to understand there is no movement to protect you or the vunerable or this would logically not be happening …again

  3. NotHysterical

    Rather than focusing our resources on those who clearly need our help, we’re punishing the youth, small business and the economy to name a few.

    This is a massacre in the making.

    The madness has to stop.

    Lets look at alternatives before this escalates any further.

    1. Bob

      I agree but they have made their plan and now like most humans will take their mistakes to the grave.

      The one major failure of all humans. Admitting you were wrong.

      So like a cornered badger they will find some student party to blame.

      Open the economy to level two and use the taxes to shield those most at risk. Pay son’s and daughters to leave their job and protect their elderly. Send Vit D to everyone. Do something with a chance of working towards a better outcome.

    2. Ivorian

      It’s a flu, most of the nursing home will already have pre-existing T-cell immunity. If the tests were PCR tests done at 45 cycles then it’s likely that most of these cases were false positives.

      BS are damaging its readers mental health by posting this.

      1. Bob

        So the positive covid tests are as a result of those elderly having had covid months ago?

        And the hospitization are a result of flu as they have immunity from their previous covid exposure?

      2. NotHysterical

        I think BS are correct to post this. I want to see the impact of policy desicions.

        Most of the staff who are off due to covid, are probably fit enough/asymtomatic to look after the 26 with covid.

        I suspect the more we learn of our current policy descisions, the more likely we are to choose an alternative path.

        @Bob. I fear you are correct, the the authorities will double down.

        1. Ivorian

          Yes exactly. Give the staff enough morphine for those who need it. Keep our ICUs for the u65s. Open the gyms and build herd immunity!

          1. SOQ

            95% of those who passed- with or from but registered as- were too ill or frail to be admitted into ICU.

    1. Ivorian

      Disappointed in MM falling for this. Most of the people in nursing homes die with rather than from Covid. Unfortunately our mental health is more important than people dying who are over 80 with pre-existing conditions.

      Here he is wiping the floor with Gerry Killeen. Better times.

        1. Janet, dreams of warm feet

          he gets emotional over the Irish people being railroaded, how about you watch it there and see for yourself

          1. Ivorian

            He is a patriot and a hero, no question. He’s putting everything on the line to expose this casedemic.

          2. SOQ

            Ivorian- that you use the word ‘patriot’ means you are not of ‘The Broadsheet’, we will suck you in and blow you out in bubbles.

    2. GiggidyGoo

      And there’s Donnelly playing on his mobile phone (towards the end of the video). He just doesn’t give a buck. Disgraceful excuse for a Minister.

    3. Steph Pinker

      The more I see of McNamara, the more I admire him; he’s intelligent, passionate, genuine and he values his position as an elected representative, in fact, he’s the epitome of what a politician should be.

  4. Charger Salmons

    The good thing is we’re coping so much better than the UK.
    Said no-one recently on here.

    1. Janet, dreams of warm feet

      I watched a great program on Channel 4, Dispatches, explaining what the US trade deal is going to do to British agriculture and the food on your plates, hormone soaked beef, poo soaked meat , adrenaline pumped pork etc etc…check it out

      1. SOQ

        hormone soaked beef, poo soaked meat , adrenaline pumped pork

        A half decent gay club so- and don’t tell me you haven’t that particular wet t shirt.

  5. Ivorian

    “25 out of 27 residents were found to be Covid-19 positive.”

    Impossible. Because of pre-existing T-cell immunity, only about 20% of people can actually catch covid. Our consent is being manufactured.

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