Meanwhile, Back in Old Napoli


That’s amore

Last night.

Naples, Italy.

No idea what’s going but few are observing the Italian 3m social gesticulating distance.

6 thoughts on “Meanwhile, Back in Old Napoli

  1. goldenbrown

    all I know is that Naples has always been a proper kiphole and to be avoided (unless you enjoy a bit of danger in your life lol)

    1. Brother Barnabas

      could probably say that about most cities- including dublin

      i used to spend a lot of time in naples and loved it

      1. scottser

        the national archeological museum is particularly deadly. i imagine the Gabinetto Segreto would be a particular fave of yours, bb?

        1. Brother Barnabas

          never visited actually

          I used to know a fellow (who from the outset I quite disliked) who had a collection of pottery mickeys – modelled on his own in various stages of… emotion – on the mantelpiece of his house. it was a bit unsettling. he went on to be a FG councillor in dun laoghaire. and, after failing to get elected, got parachuted in as a senator.

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