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  1. Steph Pinker

    NPHETitesimal Mussolini Holohan has a lot to answer for, not that it’ll ever be measured or he’ll be held to account because the damage for him personally is nonexistent as he carries on with his life (cervical smear cases/ deaths included) while the rest of us suffer – I thought he’d resign a couple of weeks ago when MM and Varadkar tried to slide the Wellcome mat from under him, but it’s quite evident who’s (pun intended) tail is not wagging the mongrel dog anymore.

        1. millie

          Very nice, classy work, pal.

          This is assuming you’re her doctor and therefore amply qualified to talk about her health, as opposed to some nasty little scab who thinks that this woman is somehow deserving of an illness because of her husband’s shortcomings.

  2. GiggidyGoo

    So many ministers using the ‘I was only told on (pick a day)’ about this failure. The department of ill health along with its bastard child, the HSE, is playing a blinder.
    Is Reid still there?

  3. benblack

    When Trump/USA wants to purchase the NHS, the HSE is not far behind, if not ahead.

    What Plandemic?

    Rolling powers until 2021.

  4. ce

    Waiting for the headline next week – “Psycho Seagulls Steal 2K of needy Kids Chips and Ice cream”

    1. goldenbrown

      ah I’ll wait…
      v2.0 will probably have the built-in entertainment system, led lights + indicators
      and windscreen wipers

      1. V AKA Frilly Keane

        Tell yis what
        If we’re still effin’ around with masks on 1st Jan 2021

        While the permanent and benchmarked pensioned + sick pay + Flexi time still haven’t figured out how we live and work with this thing
        Without throwing more Billions into failed Committees, Depts and Quangos
        And their select few pals in the private sector
        While forcing the rest of us into a Lockdown that comes with fines so we stay at home in front of the telly
        And forget about them – take our eye off ’em like

        I’m starting the Revolution meself

        So can yis let Latter Day patriots crowd know I’ll be taking our flag back, ta, V

        1. MME

          Judging by some of the comments above, stopping the paytriots bandwagon-jumping and latching onto a more serious and genuine anti-lockdown movement will be a Herculean task.

  5. ce

    Although given Covid, Forest Fires near SF, and the fact that SF has some bang off it in many parts I can see just becoming part of the uniform for the Silicon Valley types… only a matter of time before it reaches everywhere else… does ig come in red is my main question?

  6. SOQ

    Interesting article in The Evening Standard 13 October on among others- Dr Sunetra Gupta.

    ‘I’ve had emails calling me evil’… Meet the Covid scientists at war

    Gupta finds the idea she’s libertarian “laughable” and insists she’s “even more Left than Labour”

    Dr David Nabarro from the World Health Organisation… praised Gupta’s “important” work, telling world leaders to stop “using lockdowns as your primary control method”.


    This lady is living proof that the lockdown debate is not a left / right issue at all.

    Those in Ireland trying to paint it as such should take a good hard look at themselves because it is way to serious to be dragged down into petty shade throwing.

    That it appears more right than left here is because of an absence of real left more than anything else.

      1. GiggidyGoo

        Ah sure your own GP will keep you updated with the current situation. What were his qualifications again?

          1. GiggidyGoo

            I don’t have one. But i find it funny that you’ll trust your own GP and don’t trust other qualified doctors. Why would that be? Maybe yours is a vet who treats donkeys?

  7. Janet, dreams of warm feet

    On a positive note, Big thanks to Yoga Dublin and Colm and the free class this morning nice shake up to groundhog day ! I’m so bendy

  8. Cian

    30 years today the psycho IRA murders deployed their “suicide” bombers. But with a twist. You dont need someone willing to die for the cause. No, you take a randomer, chain them to a van full of explosives, and force them to drive to a target where the bomb will be detonated killing the poor driver and the target.

    Can you imagine what level of threat (and the sure knowledge that it would be followed through with) would be needed to force someone to follow the commands to kill themselves. Total psychopathic murdering b@$t***s.

    The IRA were scum. This and the other atrocities they ccommitted might help explain why I couldn’t support them.


      1. Johnny

        -are the polling numbers that bad,any day now some “new” leads in old missing child cases,new developments on Mary Lou’s revolutionary Dublin boring normal suburban childhood….when was she radicalized by who
        -so the plan is lock them up like animals
        -till they break
        -then what
        -only those injected with vaccines can……

      2. Cian

        Them or Sinn Fein, the political arm of the IRA.
        You know, the party controlled by the army council, the one with ex-bomb makers as TDs, the one where TDs shout out “Up the ‘RA!’. The one that sells IRA paraphernalia on it’s website.

        1. Johnny

          In comparison to say oh Ukraine,Finn Gael played Russian roulette for Ireland, by sending Noel – Forrest Gump – Rock to interfere and influence the last election,many observers attribute,trumps embrace of the uk and threats to the peace in Ireland,to that grinning idiot,holding Clinton’s handbag like a b**ch-payback in trump world.
          Not everyone is brainwashed and burdened with shame and guilt,many younger irish,are proud of Ireland’s old,back in the day,revolutions and fighters.


          Sure it’s all controlled by bunch mobbed up plastic paddles in back smoke filled rooms,in southie and yonkers.

        2. GiggidyGoo

          Simple equation for you Cian, which you run away from each time.

          UVF = DUP = FG
          UVF = FG, their political wing in the Republic.
          Frankie Feighan – “Lets rejoin the Commonwealth”
          Jeffrey Donaldson suggests Ireland rejoin the Commonwealth, to wild applause at the FG Ard Fheis.

    1. GiggidyGoo

      From your link.
      “The proxy bomb was used by Ulster loyalists on a number of occasions in 1974 in the Republic of Ireland.[1] In July, an armed group kidnapped an off-duty Garda and forced him to drive a car bomb to the village of Magheraveely, on the border between County Cavan and Fermanagh. The proxy-bombers target was a Catholic-owned pub. The Garda managed to abandon the vehicle on an open field. In another incident, a man was forced to drive a car bomb which eventually failed to explode into Clones, County Monaghan. The IRA claimed that they defused the device.[1] On 11 September 1974, masked gunmen in British Army uniform hijacked a car in Northern Ireland, placed a time bomb inside and forced the owner to drive it into the village of Blacklion, County Cavan. They claimed to be from the Ulster Volunteer Force and threatened to attack his family if he did not comply. The village was evacuated, and the Irish Army carried out a controlled explosion on the car. It estimated that the bomb would have destroyed most of the village.[8][1]”

      And another anniversary yesterday.
      50 years ago yesterday, Charlie Haughey was acquitted in the arms trial. The government of the day were well aware of the importation, but they had to keep it quiet as they didn’t want to be seen as arming Catholics in the North. £100,000 was set aside by Government, it is claimed, to purchase the arms off a belgian arms dealer – Albert Lukyx. FF eh?

      1. GiggidyGoo

        Maybe Jeffrey Donaldson, Ulster Unionist (DUP) will fill FG in on that period of time, the next time he addresses the FG ard fheis? Be sure to report back.

        1. Cian

          You do understand.

          Jeffrey Donaldson is tainted by his association to a terrorist group. Just like Mary Lou is to a (different) terrorist group.

          Saying that, being in a room with Mary Lou doesn’t automatically taint you with the ‘RA.

          1. GiggidyGoo

            I think you’ve had a bit much of the soup Cian. Try again tomorrow when you’ve sobered up and in a fit state to post something intelligible.

          2. scottser

            Are you honestly suggesting that Mary Lou is a member of the IRA? Or just that she knows people who were in the IRA? Because association is not a crime. A cheap slur maybe, but its not a crime.

          3. Cian

            Is Mary Lou in the IRA? I dunno. Gerry consistently denied he was in the IRA. Does anyone believe that?

            The Army Council still pulls the strings in Sinn Fein.

            The same army council that approved and organised the proxy bombers 30 years ago. Some of those responsible may now be on the council.

        1. GiggidyGoo

          Odd then, that you have never dedicated an opening post to their atrocities, outlining your revulsion. Or do you find them revolting even? East not to support them. Same way as someone doesn’t support a football team, but would love with them winning all the same.?

          1. GiggidyGoo

            How to you make my reply out to be deflection… I’m quoting directly from the link you supplied?

        2. GiggidyGoo

          It ain’t deflection. It’s written in the article you linked to. The only deflection is you not referring to it. Typical FGDUPUVFbot

          1. Cian

            Nope. It is deflection from the 30th anniversary of a bunch of murdering psycho thugs forcing three men to drive bombs yo their deaths… which you support.

          2. GiggidyGoo

            Not at all. You rode in with a wikipedia page reference thinking you had something to post that was only anti IRA that you thought you’d have no come back on, but because you didn’t do your homework and read the entry, you inadvertently raised the one matter you didn’t want raised. That of the UVF/FG engaging in what you were complaining about.
            I’ve news for you. I don’t support the IRA.

            On the other hand, you and your fraperoom mateys on bank holiday overtime from your commonwealth cheerleaders have run out of ideas. Must be the gift of alcohol to acknowledge your persistence in diversion and distraction that has numbed your brains.

            Maybe next time you’ll finish reading what’s in the links you’re posting, and not be making a clown out of yourself.


    2. goldenbrown

      78 years ago the psycho SS decided to arrest all Jews in Norway over the age of 15 and seize their property; the arrests were to be carried out beginning 26 Oct 1942. But with a twist. They ordered the Norwegian police to do it on their behalf. You don’t need to do the dirty work yourself. No, you force the local police to find and detain Jews, many of who were probably known personally to those officers, strip them of any dignity and prepare these poor people guilty of nothing except their birth and heritage for deportation to concentration camps and eventual certain death.

      Can you imagine what level of threat (and the sure knowledge that it would be followed through with) would be needed to force these local Norwegian police to follow the commands to do this? Total psychopathic murdering b@$t***s.

      The SS were scum. This and the other atrocities they committed might help explain why I couldn’t support them.


  9. Johnny

    …..while I loath O’Brien as a human,his hustle hubris and lack of shame is jaw dropping,chutzpah.
    Digi would like you to store your personal info so that he can ….
    “Billo offers a personal cloud storage for backing up photos, videos, documents and telephone contacts safely in the cloud. Billo also utilizes customers lives by using smart Technologies such as “Face and Image Recognition” for automatically grouping photos, “PhotoPick” for scoring photos using AI technology to get more Instagram likes, “

    -where do I sign up,the quicker Dennis is out at Digicel,I mean cmon this half baked rival to g suite ffs,or they finally goes out business the better off the poorest people on the planet will be.
    -these poor illiterate people have little or no protection from usurious predatory telcos with targeted sophisticated marketing campaigns,it will end badly it’s just will he’s a horrible human,bad karma all around him,he stinks of loss and over eating,gluttony,I believe in a just world,in truth.
    -facial recognition / ai on your pictures – welcome to the future controlled by likes O’Brien.

    1. Johnny

      Finn Gaels biggest supporter and surprise winner of too many to count irish semi state highly lucrative no bid inside jobs,currently under investigation over Ireland’s biggest media company,violating the privacy rights of leading journalists / critics while living outside the country,for tax reasons he doesn’t want pay it is the reason.
      Dennis starved and hobbiled,handicapped his own company in a extremely fast,intense and competitive space by stripping or mortgaging,leveraging,everything that wasn’t nailed down,he took all its cash.This weakness has attracted competition and acts as a disincentive to high quality candidates for the c suite,who wants a dodgy telco run by a big fat sweaty man,on their resume-it’s like a good graham green page turner the shenanigans and going on in dome these places.

      Most the best and brightest had stock,the ipo was to allow them,many who had had more than enough of the x pat bs colonial lifestyle,the bugs and other biting inspects,the humidity,the tedium the low intelligence of locals,the poverty.With the failed ipo most left empty handed and bitter,its a awful place work,you end up there only as a alcoholic,pill popping junkie or at tail end of a mediocre career,from a third world / Easter European telco with english as your second language,yeah sure boss yeah I got it….google translate please.

      Dennis needs wants too big a big for a decent yank firm to team up,so he gets the slice he wants the customers pay either way.but ends up with a Turkish telco,who have used deep packed inspection and are close to the country’s leadership to run in.

      -In an important step forward towards becoming a Digital Operator, Digicel launched the life and communication platform BiP, TV platform PlayGO (TV+), the personal cloud storage platform Billo (lifebox) and Fast Login in 32 countries, in partnership with Lifecell Ventures, subsidiary of the digital operator Turkcell (NYSE: TKC) (BIST: TCELL). Increasing its user base globally-


      1. Johnny

        Dennis wants a big piece the potential future profit here or vig,too big for reputable firms,so he has team up with a Turkish outfit,only ones that do these types dodgy deals,offering crap services to trapped customers,or the Chinese-bit unpopular at mo.
        Typos everywhere,ok caffeine and fresh air.
        Probably go for long drive,brunch with friends,hit the beach,what’s the exit strategy-over 350 million people in USA,yes lots deaths yeah,but still mostly fat old and sick.

    1. V AKA Frilly Keane

      The Drama…..

      Gimme the dark smoke filled shady back room sneaky meetings anyday than these displays of hashtag gobpoopery

      What went first
      Confirming the email was read by the “To” bar
      Or the tweet?

      Seriously these young Greens are more about getting their outrage trending
      Than the actual work of Politics
      Grow up

      1. GiggidyGoo

        Id say you’re near enough 100% in that.
        I’d say, additionally, that many of the younger greens who joined in the 18 months have lapsed their membership once they saw the carry-on with the leadership election.
        The record in government already now will result in more lapses. These are young people (a lot of students mind you) who were attracted by green issues.
        What they got was representation of the party leader sleeping during the a debate on worker’s rights, who can’t have heard what was being spoken while asleep, but who could vote instantly when awoken. Not great considering most students would have parents working, and struggling.
        Then they were treated to this weeks railroading by Roderick O’Gorman where they will have heard their parents and grandparents views, along with forming their own. I’d think most views were against what O’Gorman did.
        And that’s not even counting the sell outs of green party policies.

        As long as you have Ryan at the helm, there will be very few green shoots.

          1. GiggidyGoo

            @Cian. The couple of hours kip didn’t do much good. Cheerleading the Greens. Hardly in the FG manual now is it?

            @Nigel – How about posting something we can understand!

  10. Charger Salmons

    Breaking News – an Irish national team could actually win something today.
    Ireland v Italy 3.30pm.

    Surely even they can beat Italy …?

  11. goldenbrown


    I’ve been on the road since 8am today as part of my essential work

    Blackrock // mostly everywhere inbetween // Roundwood

    roads currently christmas day empty, not a Guard in sight

    enjoy your day :)

    1. Micko

      Yup, I’ve been out too, on my completely essential “living my life as normal and not following stupid regulations” non work.

      I have been to Skerries, Malahide, Coolock, Santry and yep the roads are fairly empty but not as much as the Southside I guess.

      But I did get stopped by a single Guard checkpoint outside IKEA, to which I promptly lied to him and went about my merry way. :)

      “Yes guard I am local, I live around the corner”

      “Right you are sir. Bye now”

      That was it The guards know this is ridiculous.

    2. Lilly

      Garda checkpoint on the southbound N11 near Donnybrook. Roads much quieter than usual but not deserted by any means. I saw a guy out jogging wearing a mask. WT actual F??!!!

  12. SOQ

    COVID-19 Sceptics Rally in London to Denounce Restrictions. YouTube censored the sound of all posts then removed which kind of reminds me of SF back in the day except this time around- it is private company doing the censoring,

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lCkG-gJ4tUY This will probably stay up as it is a show of force’ etc.

    Interesting that police are wearing face nappies- in the open air.

  13. SOQ

    COVID-19 Sceptics Rally in London to Denounce Restrictions. YouTube censored the sound of all posts then removed which kind of reminds me of SF back in the day except this time around- it is private company doing the censoring.

    This bit is up- for now. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lCkG-gJ4tUY

    Interesting that police are wearing face nappies- in the open air.

    This post does not contrive the guidelines of broadsheet.ie so either let it through or I will post it on the hour, every waking hour, for the next week.

    Where has https://www.broadsheet.ie/2020/10/24/saturdays-papers-56/#comment-2257645 gone?

  14. GiggidyGoo

    I see Michéal Martins 2020 speech at the Magoo Summer school was posted earlier on a number of sites, and has now been removed.
    Bloopy McBlooper.

    NAAM. Need another agriculture minister. That Virapro was being used at health service locations. And at Circle K.

    Still being advertised. https://www.maxxcare.global/virapro

  15. Lilly

    ‘Are you there, God? It’s me, Ellen.’ I’m on a Zoom call with Mary McAleese and Katie Taylor is banging on the gate. Be with you after Eastenders, ‘kay?

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