10 thoughts on “Town Is Dead

  1. Charlie

    Yep, that the way it usually works during a lockdown. However, if you fancy an occasional crowd, head on down to the GPO on the weekend and listen/watch the anti-mask/anti-everything knuckledraggers scream and curse their heads off at the world.

      1. Micko



        But they’re the right-wing ones

        Jesus Christ…

        You couldn’t make it up – a bit of peace and love lads yeah?

        1. Charlie

          Peace & Love!? Get yourself into O’Connell St and givvem some of your lovin Micko. Wear a mask and let’s know how you get on. I dare ye!

  2. Dhaughton99

    From being around town over the weekend, there’s seems to be a notable increase in begging and the homeless. Maybe it’s because during the first lockdown, they were being kept in hotels.

  3. Col

    On the plus side, there’s a nice atmosphere around Dublin’s towns and villages. The city centre will get its mojo back.

  4. D

    might go to that gig Absolutely Nothing in the Academy. heard they are good, the next big thing.

    the Cure touring with the Prevention
    the Coronas touring with the Vaccines

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