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  1. Charger Salmons

    Two children among four people who died when a migrant boat capsized off the coast of Dunkirk.
    Well done France, this is entirely on you.
    The French have been facilitating illegal channel crossings all summer instead of going after the people smugglers and clamping down on migrant movement along the French coastline.

  2. Charger Salmons

    More spiffing news on the #despitebrexit front.
    The UK is expected to grow its digital exports to £31.45billion in the next five years as high-growth tech start-ups flourish post-pandemic and post-Brexit.

    The country is now the fifth-biggest digital exporter in the world behind India, the US, China and Germany. It is also third in the world for the number of UK tech unicorns, and number one in Europe.

    According to Tech Nation’s Unlocking Global Tech report, the UK contributed £23.3billion in digital tech exports in 2019 – and could grow this by more than £8billion by 2025.

    UK digital tech services, which includes software services, telecoms, online retail, tech consultancy, e-commerce sales and cyber security, currently export a much greater value of goods than they import.

    In 2019, the sector generated a surplus of 55 per cent – compared to 48 per cent globally.

    And, over the last four years Britain’s digital tech trade surplus increased by 68 per cent – from £8.7billion in 2015 to £12.8billion in 2019.

    This fast-growing sector is now only behind the insurance industry (£16.9billion) and financial services (£43.4billion).

    Tech Nation’s Chief Executive Gerard Grech said by doubling exports, UK tech could contribute an additional £23billion to the economy a year by 2025.


    Take that Project Fear.


    1. Joe F

      What are you on about now you clown? Just ignore all the chaos going on and carry on regardless!! You wondered a while back what all the concern over the virus was, and headed over to Blighty for some pints. What are the numbers out of Blighty today old boy? Still, all that matters is Bozo is .001% ahead in the polls, doesn’t matter if children are going hungry, crime is way up, cases and deaths are shooting up (even though you laughably suggested something about the September figures earlier). As you say yourself Krusty, marvellous.
      Oh and you’re predicting a Trump win? Actually I think that is maybe 40% possible, but having you heard predict that now Mr Nostradamus Salmons, it won’t happen. Mystic Meg you ain’t.

      1. Eoin

        Salmons got the stats though. Joe got slurs and a rant. And there’s no way Biden has a snowballs chance of winning if the size of his rallys are anything to go by. Even Obama is only drawign a hundred people at his speeches. Polls are way off and the democrats may never recover from the beating that’s coming. You got more in common with Mystic Meg yourself. Predicting the future with tea leaves and the alignment of the stars.

        1. Johnny

          Playing out all over the Midwest.
          In Wisconsin this month, nearly 75 percent of cases — and 80 percent of deaths — are attributed to counties that supported Mr. Trump in 2016.
          Hospitals are overrun,with patients gasping for their last breath in parking lots in tents,not a great look when running for president and your campaign is broke.
          Most Americans are normal and dont go political rallys or watch cable,which are no indication of results,mysterious meg:)

      1. Charger Salmons

        I certainly hope not.
        Get rid of Scotland and NI and the English powerhouse grows exponentially.
        Those two regions are a huge drain on the most populous and productive part of the Union.

          1. Charger Salmons

            Not much British oil left now and with Brent crude at 40 bucks a barrel compared to the $100+ it was at the time of the original Scottish IndyRef it’s barely worth extracting.
            Fish is miniscule to the economy – its current importance is only really as a bargaining chip.
            Closing Faslane would be a massive loss to the Scottish economy – 19,000 jobs depend on it.
            Portsmouth would be very happy with them.
            My biggest fear would be sharing a land border with a banana republic ( Scotland that is ).

        1. MME

          The English powerhouse aka London.

          Rest of England and notably the northern swathe is simply a land of low-level squalor and grim malaise. Some of the poorest areas of the EU are in England.

          But you know, Brexit innit.

          1. Charger Salmons

            It’s actually the South-East not just the City that is the beating heart of Blighty.
            The North lags behind which is why Boris’ programme for government centres around levelling the playing field – it has been knocked off balance by Covid but he knows the key to retaining those Red Wall seats he won in December is massive investment ‘oop North.
            Dom has already scoped out the area on his trip to Durham …

  3. benblack


    England 1 : Rest of the World Doesn’t Care.

    You realise the latest figures in that report are from 2019 – pre-pandemic and pre-Brexit – and the projections are also based on outdated data.

    Also, £23billion is not a lot these days.

      1. benblack

        Is there anything more crazy(treacherous) than the proposition that a country would even consider selling its National Health Service?

          1. benblack

            Aha, you seem to have me confused.

            There’s only one BB and that’s Brother Barnabas.

            Alliteration at this hour of the night.

            My, my.

          2. Charger Salmons

            Never crossed my mind tbh old sport.
            But I can see why you were so quickly offended by the association – the fellow’s a dunderhead.
            With apologies to all the other dunderheads on here obvs.

    1. Joe F

      Doesn’t bother you Krusty that 367 more of your fellow people were added to the virus death number today? Or that 22,885 tested positive in the last 24 hours? I realize that you’re not the sharpest knife in the drawer, old sport, so if you want me to explain to you that the numbers are going up (ALOT as your pal Donald might put it) I can do. Breathe in gently, breathe out gently. Marvellous.

      1. Cú Chulainn

        His fellow people..? He’s a langer from Cork.. likely living in an institution or bedsit. The sort of place where no other people go..!!

        1. Joe F

          I know Cú Chulainn, I use the word “allegedly” quite a bit about him! He’s obviously living in his own little fantasy world. Any “alleged” Lady Charger wouldn’t hang around too long with that clown.

  4. Steph Pinker

    Why is the Kanturk family tragedy being treated as newsworthy or in the human interest? Leave the family, friends and community alone to let them grieve in private without reliving the horror through public broadcasts or newspapers.

      1. Rob_G

        Rape is a serious incident, but I doubt many people would be in favour of salacious headlines promising a blow-by-blow account of the crime in lurid detail, with the victims named; why is murder any different?

        The crime has been duly reported already; ar dheis De go raibh a anam.

      1. Charger Salmons

        Yeah, you’re right.
        Healthcare officials really don’t care about the lives of the people they’re employed to save – they’re just in it for the moolah.
        And politicians ? Obviously they know the best way to get re-elected and stay in power is to treat the electorate with contempt, innit.
        This government may be guilty of making mistakes in dealing with the pandemic – show me one anywhere in the world that hasn’t – but the idea it and its medical advisors don’t give a damn is arrant nonsense.
        But not unexpected coming from you.

  5. Charger Salmons

    Ah, the Iron Lady.
    One of the most iconic world leaders of the 20th century.
    Transformed Blighty from an old-fashioned union-dominated industrial society where people still hacked coal out of the ground by hand into the financial and technological dynamic economy it is now.
    Saw off those pesky Argies as well and saved the country a fortune by hand-bagging massive rebates from the EU budget.
    She also had Haughey down as a wrong ‘un while Ireland was still too dumb to work out how someone could own a mansion, racehorses, a yacht and all the trappings of a very wealthy person on a Taoiseach’s comparatively meagre salary.
    Of course that was all a long time ago and the world has moved on.
    But poor old stuck-in-the-past Ireland, with the pungent odour of country cattle marts still pervading Leinster House,is still waiting to elect its first female premier while the UK has already had two.

  6. Charger Salmons

    Seven-day moving average of daily Covid deaths in Sweden:

    Sept 02: 2
    Sept 17: 2
    Sept 27: 2
    Oct 14: 2
    Oct 25: 2

    1. Joe F

      Yesterday you stated ONE month for UK deaths from the virus, here you’re showing a trend. Why the difference old boy? Are you going to show us the UK deaths in October when they come out shortly? Why did you pick September as the one month yesterday clown man? Strange you selected the month where the deaths were the lowest. You should be press secretary for Bozo. Well done Krusty. Marvellous.

  7. Vanessanelle

    Episode 100 of Bake off last night
    and only The Hollywood has featured in all 100 – and is still the Star attraction

    The Centenary was Japanese week

    Something new I suppose,
    Steamed Buns, lads, not sure, but I reckon they’re the kinda bake you have to grow up with to get into

    Loved the Technical, and Prue’s recipe is bullet proof, I’ll be giving it a go, I’ll update ye etc

    the Signature, was wide open, a Novelty Cake in the Japanese Harajuku novelty gimmicky style
    Loved that Lottie brought it with a shakey cake, recipe is available btw

    Should have got a handshake or two

    Anyway, my Star Baker picks from Week 1 Lottie, and Hermine and either Dave or Peter, still remain as you were, for the Final

    Lottie is up there with one of my favourites from all 11 seasons
    Hon’ Lottie

  8. johnny

    -Ronan is understood to have a shortlist of three banks to potentially refinance a €300m commercial property portfolio.
    -refinancing expensive loans from US fund Colony Capital that have been in place since Mr Ronan exited Nama


    he failed here,again,Ronan is in a whole heap trouble,argubly more so than when his loans were sold for pennies to NAMA by FG,in so much as his lenders these days will take the house.

    “US real estate investor Cortland has withdrawn from a planned €315 million investment in hundreds of apartments being developed by Johnny Ronan’s Ronan Group Real Estate (RGRE) in Dublin’s north docklands.”


    Colony is also a mess,two dump trucks crashing into each other.

  9. Charger Salmons

    Brexit update from Bloomberg

    ‘ European Union and U.K. negotiators made progress this week toward resolving some of the biggest disagreements that have long bedeviled the Brexit talks, raising hopes that a deal could be reached by early November, according to people familiar with the discussions. ‘

    The two sides have begun working on the text of an agreement on level playing field issues, and are close to finalising a joint document covering state aid. It’s also reported both sides are closer to deciding essential aspects of how any deal will be enforced. ‘

    Of course I told you all this yesterday.

    1. The Masked Raider

      The UK is like an abusive ex-partner from the past that you were never really in to from the beginning.
      She keeps telling you that you need her.

      You don’t.

      You can’t spell F*** without the UK

    2. Joe F

      Self praise is no praise clown man. You also predicted 2 months ago that all this lockdown business was nonsense and you were going to the North of England for some pints, Tommy, I mean Krusty. That was a good prediction old boy. What are the cases and deaths for the North of England now old sport? Anything you predict, the chances are the opposite will happen. You’re predicting a Trump win? Chat ya next week Nostradamus. Marvellous.


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