You May Remember This


Blink – Going To Nepal

Continuing our series of underrated Irish music since 1960 (unearthed during a recent Golden Discs music competition), reader Muchacho Gordo-Delgado chooses lovable 1990s Dublin indie pop troopers Blink, who were led by Dermot Lambert (top).

Muchacho writes:

“Forget your 182s, this is the original Blink.”

Blink says:

“We spent an afternoon going around Dublin on the back of a 40-foot truck playing this song, setting off car alarms and, yes, frightening horses.”

Nick says: Kathmandu-be-du.


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2 thoughts on “You May Remember This

  1. Ronan

    I had a Blink £2 call card which I treated as a collectable and kept for ages.

    Collecting call cards, that takes me back …

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